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Lady Su’s Revenge (Web Novel)






Xian Xian, 鲜仙



Orginal Language:



Su Li has never expected that those she met in her first life would follow her to a new life in a new family.

Everything in this life is new and seems easy, but she knows that’s not what she wants.

She wants a revenge. Those who have done terrible things to her, those who have separated her from her husband, and those who have let her brother fail the royal examination in last life, she will let them pay in her way.

But how can a 14-year-old girl, innocent and elegant, take a revenge? How can she fight against her family on her own? How can she deal with her weak-kneed father and heartless mother? Just read and find it out now!

199 • 2019-10-23 18:52:11


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 220 Actions of Forces2020-03-29
Chapter 219 Mysterious Senior Fellow Apprentice2020-03-28
Chapter 218 The Brother and Sister of the Wei Family2020-03-27
Chapter 217 Foreign Princes Came to Dahan Country2020-03-26
Chapter 216 Sounding Out Cruelly2020-03-25
Chapter 215 A Good Farewell2020-03-24
Chapter 214 The Secret of the Wanjian Sect2020-03-23
Chapter 213 Su Yue’s Arrival2020-03-22
Chapter 212 Xuan Jingzhou in Detention2020-03-21
Chapter 211 Challenge2020-03-20
Chapter 210 Information about the Pending Case2020-03-19
Chapter 209 Apology2020-03-18
Chapter 208 Torture2020-03-17
Chapter 207 An Old Friend2020-03-16
Chapter 206 Getting on Board2020-03-15
Chapter 205 Not the Way You Think2020-03-14
Chapter 204 Unusual Feeling2020-03-13
Chapter 203 Killing Someone2020-03-12
Chapter 202 Fake Death?!2020-03-11
Chapter 201 The Morning Audience2020-03-10
Chapter 200 An Unexpected Situation2020-03-09
Chapter 199 Night Attack!2020-03-08
Chapter 198 The Murderer2020-03-07
Chapter 197 Elder Dao2020-03-06
Chapter 196 Emperor’s Mind2020-03-05
Chapter 195 All Efforts Collapsed2020-03-04
Chapter 194 A Nostalgic Person2020-03-03
Chapter 193 The Secret of Those Days2020-03-02
Chapter 192 Chance Encounter2020-03-01
Chapter 191 Su Zipei’s Father2020-02-29
Chapter 190 Sounding out the Su Family2020-02-28
Chapter 189 Su Li’s First Acquaintance with Her Biological Father?2020-02-27
Chapter 188 Lord Rui2020-02-27
Chapter 187 Baishou Feast2020-02-25
Chapter 186 Moyin2020-02-24
Chapter 185 Buried the Hatchet2020-02-23
Chapter 184 Lijue Pill2020-02-22
Chapter 183 Days Left to Him to Live2020-02-21
Chapter 182 Winner!2020-02-20
Chapter 181 An Overwhelming Victory2020-02-19
Chapter 180 Eight Seniors in the Inborn Realm2020-02-18
Chapter 179 Sudden Appearance of Kurong Branch2020-02-17
Chapter 178 The Hatred2020-02-16
Chapter 177 Nervousness and Indiscreet Remarks2020-02-15
Chapter 176 Autumn Hunting Contest2020-02-14
Chapter 175 Mr. Li was a Man?2020-02-13
Chapter 174 Temperament Changed2020-02-12
Chapter 173 Calculating Xuan Jingzhou2020-02-11
Chapter 172 Opening a Business2020-02-10
Chapter 171 Reaction2020-02-09
Chapter 170 Settling a Case in Uproar2020-02-08
Chapter 169 Cui Ziliang’s Confusion2020-02-07
Chapter 168 Joint Trial of Three Divisions!2020-02-06
Chapter 167 Seven Days2020-02-05
Chapter 166 Let Out the Secret2020-02-04
Chapter 165 Childe Ma2020-02-04
Chapter 164 The Girl Around Him2020-02-02
Chapter 163 The Deadly Powder2020-02-01
Chapter 162 Poisoning Oneself?2020-01-31
Chapter 161 An Eventful Period2020-01-30
Chapter 160 Moodiness2020-01-29
Chapter 159 Joining the Yinmo Cult?2020-01-28
Chapter 158 The Death of Ma Ling2020-01-27
Chapter 157 Two Lovebirds in the River2020-01-26
Chapter 156 Attending a Feast2020-01-25
Chapter 155 Black Mark2020-01-24
Chapter 154 The Old Beggar2020-01-23
Chapter 153 Qu Lu2020-01-22
Chapter 152 The Unsettled Law Case of The Yi Family2020-01-21
Chapter 151 No Luck to Enjoy2020-01-20
Chapter 150 Coming Back2020-01-19
Chapter 149 Chen Gong2020-01-18
Chapter 148 Coffin2020-01-17
Chapter 147 Invitation of the Emperor2020-01-16
Chapter 146 Ling Ping Came Back2020-01-15
Chapter 145 Situation2020-01-14
Chapter 144 An Outstanding Lecturer2020-01-13
Chapter 143 The Affiliated School of the National Academy2020-01-12
Chapter 142 Arriving in Yunjing2020-01-11
Chapter 141 Choice2020-01-10
Chapter 140 A Half Part of the Ghost Valley Meditation Direction2020-01-09
Chapter 139 Hehuan Sect2020-01-08
Chapter 138 Exile2020-01-07
Chapter 137 Fear2020-01-05
Chapter 136 All Settled2020-01-05
Chapter 135 There Is Qinghu2020-01-04
Chapter 134 Ling Qinglan and Su Qingtan2020-01-03
Chapter 133 Arrangement2020-01-02
Chapter 132 Little Baby, Don’t Be Afraid2020-01-01
Chapter 131 Making up For Regrets2019-12-31
Chapter 130 Out of Control2019-12-30
Chapter 129 Huge Trouble2019-12-29
Chapter 128 Fifth Brother or Fifth Sister?2019-12-28
Chapter 127 New Baiwei Building2019-12-27
Chapter 126 Bitterness2019-12-26
Chapter 125 Members of the Su Family Came2019-12-25
Chapter 124 Returning to the Qinghe Town2019-12-24
Chapter 123 Ending2019-12-23
Chapter 122 Blood Refining Hall2019-12-21
Chapter 121 Strange Cave2019-12-21