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Lady Su’s Revenge (Web Novel)






Xian Xian, 鲜仙



Orginal Language:



Su Li has never expected that those she met in her first life would follow her to a new life in a new family.

Everything in this life is new and seems easy, but she knows that’s not what she wants.

She wants a revenge. Those who have done terrible things to her, those who have separated her from her husband, and those who have let her brother fail the royal examination in last life, she will let them pay in her way.

But how can a 14-year-old girl, innocent and elegant, take a revenge? How can she fight against her family on her own? How can she deal with her weak-kneed father and heartless mother? Just read and find it out now!

346 • 2019-10-23 18:52:11


The chapter Addition Time
Chapter 276 The Feast2020-05-24
Chapter 275 Leaving Together2020-05-23
Chapter 274 Jing Xin2020-05-22
Chapter 273 Rules2020-05-21
Chapter 272 Being Fooled2020-05-20
Chapter 271 Spiritual Realm2020-05-19
Chapter 270 Wedding night2020-05-18
Chapter 269 Sounding Out2020-05-17
Chapter 268 Performing the Formal Wedding Ceremony2020-05-16
Chapter 267 Take the Bride2020-05-15
Chapter 266 Disobeyed the Imperial Edict?2020-05-14
Chapter 265 A Dangerous Man2020-05-13
Chapter 264 A Granted Marriage?2020-05-13
Chapter 263 Reunited2020-05-11
Chapter 262 Compensation2020-05-11
Chapter 261 Discovery2020-05-09
Chapter 260 The End of Mam. Su-Cui2020-05-08
Chapter 259 Su Qingtan Was Back2020-05-07
Chapter 258 10,000 Years!2020-05-06
Chapter 257 How Many Years?2020-05-05
Chapter 256 Senior Sister Apprentice, Long Time No See2020-05-04
Chapter 255 Waiting for Me!2020-05-03
Chapter 254 Love Being Over2020-05-03
Chapter 253 Aunt!2020-05-01
Chapter 252 Irritation2020-04-30
Chapter 251 Relationship2020-04-29
Chapter 250 Unique Refining2020-04-28
Chapter 249 Fighting Back2020-04-27
Chapter 248 Surrendered2020-04-27
Chapter 247 Interrogation2020-04-27
Chapter 246 Like Holding Other Women’s Hands2020-04-24
Chapter 245 16 Words2020-04-23
Chapter 244 Worshipping the Ancestors in the New Year2020-04-22
Chapter 243 Bewitched2020-04-21
Chapter 242 Cheeky Hierarch Ling2020-04-20
Chapter 241 Enemy2020-04-19
Chapter 240 Wandering Ghosts2020-04-18
Chapter 239 Popping the Question2020-04-17
Chapter 238 Fright of Yun Yi2020-04-16
Chapter 237 Standing up!2020-04-16
Chapter 236 Similar People2020-04-16
Chapter 235 I Don’t Want to Run Away2020-04-16
Chapter 234 How to Please Girls?2020-04-12
Chapter 233 A Necessary Purge2020-04-11
Chapter 232 Change2020-04-10
Chapter 231 Qu Lu’s Plan2020-04-09
Chapter 230 Wei Youran Died2020-04-08
Chapter 229 Honesty2020-04-07
Chapter 228 Changing the Glass Bottle2020-04-06
Chapter 227 Tangled Fight2020-04-05
Chapter 226 Sounding out2020-04-04
Chapter 225 Whopping Price2020-04-03
Chapter 224 Qishan Lotus2020-04-02
Chapter 223 Auction2020-04-01
Chapter 222 Kicking Over2020-03-31
Chapter 221 Daring to Kill Me?2020-03-30
Chapter 220 Actions of Forces2020-03-29
Chapter 219 Mysterious Senior Fellow Apprentice2020-03-28
Chapter 218 The Brother and Sister of the Wei Family2020-03-27
Chapter 217 Foreign Princes Came to Dahan Country2020-03-26
Chapter 216 Sounding Out Cruelly2020-03-25
Chapter 215 A Good Farewell2020-03-24
Chapter 214 The Secret of the Wanjian Sect2020-03-23
Chapter 213 Su Yue’s Arrival2020-03-22
Chapter 212 Xuan Jingzhou in Detention2020-03-21
Chapter 211 Challenge2020-03-20
Chapter 210 Information about the Pending Case2020-03-19
Chapter 209 Apology2020-03-18
Chapter 208 Torture2020-03-17
Chapter 207 An Old Friend2020-03-16
Chapter 206 Getting on Board2020-03-15
Chapter 205 Not the Way You Think2020-03-14
Chapter 204 Unusual Feeling2020-03-13
Chapter 203 Killing Someone2020-03-12
Chapter 202 Fake Death?!2020-03-11
Chapter 201 The Morning Audience2020-03-10
Chapter 200 An Unexpected Situation2020-03-09
Chapter 199 Night Attack!2020-03-08
Chapter 198 The Murderer2020-03-07
Chapter 197 Elder Dao2020-03-06
Chapter 196 Emperor’s Mind2020-03-05
Chapter 195 All Efforts Collapsed2020-03-04
Chapter 194 A Nostalgic Person2020-03-03
Chapter 193 The Secret of Those Days2020-03-02
Chapter 192 Chance Encounter2020-03-01
Chapter 191 Su Zipei’s Father2020-02-29
Chapter 190 Sounding out the Su Family2020-02-28
Chapter 189 Su Li’s First Acquaintance with Her Biological Father?2020-02-27
Chapter 188 Lord Rui2020-02-27
Chapter 187 Baishou Feast2020-02-25
Chapter 186 Moyin2020-02-24
Chapter 185 Buried the Hatchet2020-02-23
Chapter 184 Lijue Pill2020-02-22
Chapter 183 Days Left to Him to Live2020-02-21
Chapter 182 Winner!2020-02-20
Chapter 181 An Overwhelming Victory2020-02-19
Chapter 180 Eight Seniors in the Inborn Realm2020-02-18
Chapter 179 Sudden Appearance of Kurong Branch2020-02-17
Chapter 178 The Hatred2020-02-16
Chapter 177 Nervousness and Indiscreet Remarks2020-02-15