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Lady Su’s Revenge (Web Novel) - Chapter 81 Identity of Su Li

Chapter 81 Identity of Su Li

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After coming back to the courtyard, Su Li immediately let Mammy Li pack up.

Mammy Li heard it and flustered instantly. She said quickly, “Miss, where are we going? Today’s test…”

Su Li saw the appearance of Mammy Li and instantly smiled to nod, “Pack up quickly. We will move to a lecturer courtyard today.”

The miss passed it!

Mammy Li was overjoyed in her heart and immediately answered. She went to the room and packed up deftly.

Because they had known the room was temporary, Mammy Li didn’t take everything out. Now it was easy to pack up. After a short time, two young manservants who looked clever from the school pushed a small cart and stopped outside.

“Lecturer Su, my name is Xiaowu, and he is called Datian. We are both your footmen and responsible for cleaning your courtyard. The mammy only needs to take care of your daily life.”

The juvenile named Xiaowu looked at Su Li, who seemed to have the same age with them. His feelings were complicated. But he didn’t dare to reveal disrespect. It was not easy for them to enter the school and get the position which was the envy of everyone in their village. They couldn’t lose it.

Su Li smiled and nodded, “Mammy, have you packed up already?”


Mammy Li laboriously carried lots of bags and went out. When she saw the two juveniles wearing cloth gowns at the door, she was stunned but immediately reacted. She softly said, “Thank you for helping. Otherwise, I have to carry these with the miss.”

“Never mind.”

Xiaowu and Datian were fearful in their hearts. They took over the bags quickly and placed them on the cart carefully. They were the lowest servants of the school staff. No one would say thank you to them.

Mammy Li was not surprised to see it. The Qinghe Girls’ School was the same as before. Many years ago, she was a maid here.

They went up the hill soon. Su Li walked in front. They walked along a flat stone path turning left or right. When they walked deeper, the air was fresher. Besides, the housing building was more luxurious. It made Mammy Li shake with fear. She could not help but pull Su Li’s sleeve.

“Miss, are we going wrong? Only special-class lecturers can be qualified to live here. You have just come as a third-class lecturer at most, and the residence is at the foot of the hill…”

Su Li heard it and shinned her eyes. Xiaowu and Datian were also in panic. They had never been here and suspected in hearts… The lecturer who looked too young might go a wrong path.

Su Li did not answer Mammy Li and pointed to a distant place. She said, “Come with me. Just over there.”

Then she went first.

Mammy Li was worried in her heart and could only keep up quickly.

In the end, Su Li stopped at a moderate courtyard in terms of the area. The entire walls of the courtyard were all sculptured using entire steel grey rocks and had reliefs of grotesque monsters.

Tall trees were green and luxuriant. They poked their branches out of the walls, with dotted sunlight projected on the walls. They could vaguely smell late season osmanthus’ fragrance.

Su Li looked around. Other courtyards were rarely seen with naked eyes. It was very quiet.

“It’s here!”

Su Li directly opened the heavy wooden door and went inside.

“Miss, we can’t live here!” Mammy Li whined and immediately caught up with her. Xiaowu and Datian were helpless and only could keep up with them.

The interior of the courtyard was more exquisite. The entire loft in the second floor was built with red sandalwood. The furniture was made of camphorwood and sent forth a refreshing fragrance. Su Li walked to the second floor and opened the window. She could see the downstairs rockery and flowerbeds. The branches were orderly.

There were some withered lotus leaves on the surface of a pool. If it was summer, lotuses would all bloom, and the house was full of fragrance.

Of course, these was only an appearance for Su Li. More importantly, there was full of magic energy. She observed along the way and found that many good positions had been occupied. Thus, she chose the second-rate one.

“If I can find the most primitive lycopod, I will reconstruct it slightly. However, I just need enough elixirs for the practice. As for the geographical advantage, let it be.”

Su Li thought of it and went downstairs.

At the moment, Mammy Li was antsy downstairs, for fear that someone would come in and punish them. Xiaowu and Datian both were pale, and their legs were shaking.

Seeing the scene, Su Li shook her head. She didn’t say the reason before because she didn’t want to leak out the news in advance.

Although she knew the news that she became a special-class lecturer would spread over sooner or later, she still hoped that the present tranquility could last for some time.

Of course, Su Li thought that the trouble was less important than taking one lesson for seven days.

“Mammy, clean up the house.”

Su Li gently took out a golden badge on a table. Then she said to Xiaowu and Datian, “Go to clean the courtyard. Although the courtyard is cleaned regularly, weeds grow too much.”

When Mammy Li saw the golden badge, she was puzzled first. Then she suddenly remembered something, and extreme shock and terror flashed in her eyes.

“Miss, you… How did you get it? Give it back soon!”

Mammy Li pointed at the badge as if she had seen a ghost. She recognized what it was.

Su Li saw Mammy Li’s reaction, and her eyes became deeper. She opened the back of the badge and said, “How could I steal it? Do you think that your miss is stupid and takes you here caring about nothing?”

Seeing the words “Su Li” on the back of the badge, Mammy Li was completely dull. At the moment, the two words seemed to be a current coming into her head. It flowed through her body and slipped away from her soles. Half of her body was numb.

Why had the miss become a special-class lecturer after she didn’t see her a day?

That was a special-class lecturer. There were less than ten in total in the entire Qinghe School! How many lecturers were in the Qinghe School? There were nearly eighty female students in the Girls’ College of Literature, not to mention the other four colleges.

Was she dreaming?

Mammy Li severely pinched her face and let out a joyous shout in the next moment.

“Ouch, it hurts! Miss, I’ll pack up right now!”

After accepting the message, Mammy Li immediately became ruddy and walked rapidly. Xiaowu and Datian look distracted.

“Brother, you have seen the world. What is the badge?” Datian couldn’t help but ask.

Xiaowu was tongue-tied instantly. He didn’t know it as well. However, in order to show off in the presence of his younger brother, he immediately said, “Stupid! You don’t know it actually. Lecturer Su lives in such a luxurious place, so she is a first-class lecturer certainly!”

“I feel that she is not like that.”

Before Datian finished his words, his head was knocked by Xiaowu. Xiaowu said, “Not like? Bullshit! Can we inquire about it? Hasten to clean up the courtyard with me!”

In the next few days, the Qinghe Girls’ School was extremely calm.

Relying on her ability, Mei Ruohan became a third-class student at the Qinghe Girls’ School successfully. At her age, she was outstanding in the Muyang Town. However, when she arrived in the Qinghe Province, she found that she was just one of the ordinary peers and wasn’t outstanding at all.

It was the first time she had harbored the feeling. Mei Ruohan felt not only lost but also more motivated in her heart. It was a good thing to have a goal. When she was in the Muyang Town, she lost her direction, so the speed of progress slowed down.

“How is Su Li now? I have not heard about her course these days. I would like to listen to her course.”

Mei Ruohan held the Dictionary of Dahan with a black cover and couldn’t help but whisper.

In addition to Mei Ruohan, Ning Qing, Feng Qingru and Wu Shuqin also secretly inquired about the outcome. However, no matter how they inquired, Su Li seemed to have disappeared. There weren’t her courses scheduled in the college, and no one knew her specific residence.

“What happened? No one can find her. Doesn’t she need to give a class?”

Wu Shuqin felt oppressed. However, she did not dare to ask Wen Ruomin, so she could only continue to inquire.

“Dad, why don’t you ask where Su Li is now?”

In the courtyard, Ning Qing could not help but complain. She had searched the entire third-class and second-class courtyards these days, but didn’t find Su Li. As a second-class lecturer, she couldn’t get in the first-class courtyard. It’s uncomfortable really.

Ning Yunzhi laughed and said, “You don’t need to find her. She is all right now. She goes to the library every day. Thus, you can’t find her.”

“What kind of lecturer is she? There aren’t her classes scheduled in the college, are there?”

Ning Qing was a little afraid. It had been three days. Three days without a class… Had she become a first-class lecturer really? After all, a second-class lecturer should give at least two classes within three days. Su Li did not give a class, which had proven her guess.

However, Ning Yunzhi shook his head and said, “You will know it in the future. Do not ask now so as not to make trouble for Su Li.”

Ning Qing felt her scalp tingle instantly. Her dad’s attitude meant she was not a first-class… So…?!

She didn’t dare to think any more and then she walked away. If her guess was true, Su Li must set off a great disturbance at school after the news had spread. No wonder that her dad hadn’t told her any word.

On the other side, Feng Qingru found Gong Xiangjun and then left with a look of shock and joy. She did not expect that Su Li’s embroidery level was even more outstanding than what she had observed.

On the sixth day, all the embroidery lecturers of the Girls’ School were beginning to be restless. That’s because they didn’t see Su Li in the past six days.

“Su Li… Maybe because of that embroidery, she was severely criticized by Dean Gong who thought it was worthless and then evicted from the school directly. Is that right?”

“I have even searched the courtyard of the first-class lecturer but have never seen her!”

“In the past two days, there wasn’t her name on the class schedule. As expected, she does not live up to her reputation. It is too fake to be called the top embroidery artificer at the age of fifteen!”

The last sentence was uttered confidently by Wu Shuqin. In the past few days, she was agitated. It seemed as if she had experienced a roller coaster. Fortunately, she still won!

When Feng Qingru and Ning Qing heard Wu Shuqin’s words, they happened to slightly curl up their mouths and choose not to tell her the truth. They looked forward to the expression of Wu Shuqin tomorrow.

In the evening of the seventh day, Wu Shuqin and her colleagues came to the class schedule to wait after the class.

In the Qinghe Girls’ School, there was very close collaboration. Every lecturer’s time was not fixed. Therefore, daily courses were temporarily scheduled and released in the evening. Wu Shuqin and others were waiting to look at tomorrow’s class schedule.

“Shuqin, you are going to pass the second-class lecturer test. You will not have to give a class hard every day. I really envy you.”

“Congratulations, Shuqin!”

Listening to the compliments of the lecturers around, Wu Shuqin smiled and thanked them. Her qualifications for the age were enough. It was a reward for her to become a second-class lecturer. There was no doubt. She was almost forty years old and couldn’t stand the tiredness of giving a class every day.

The group of people walked in front of the class schedule. When Wu Shuqin appeared, she was immediately scanned by many people. In addition to her experience in the course test, it was the second time for her to have experienced such a scene.

“Has my second-class lecturer’s assessment result come out?!”

Wu Shuqin was happy. She walked quickly and squeezed to the front of crowd.

In fact, she didn’t need to squeeze. When she went to see the class schedule, everyone automatically kept off her. Those expressions were full of indescribable eccentricity. Unfortunately, Wu Shuqin was full of joy and did not notice them.

When she squeezed to the front, she immediately saw the courses marked on the class schedule with the vermeil font.

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