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Lady Su’s Revenge (Web Novel) - Chapter 82 Class Special One!

Chapter 82 Class Special One!

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“Class Special One, Embroidery. Lecturer, Su Li!”

Wu Shuqin’s smile stiffened on her face instantly. The bright red characters became larger and larger in her eyes as a nightmare. How could Su Li become a special-class lecturer?

There was only one class called Class Special One, and was always in charge by Dean Gong. Was this Su Li just a person with the same name as that Su Li?

Wu Shuqin constantly convinced herself, but her face became paler and paler.

Just a few days ago, Wen Ruomin took Su Li’s embroidery to the school. Today, the lecturer of the Class Special One was changed. This Su Li couldn’t be anyone else at all!

“She…she is only 15. Is there a mistake?”

Wu Shuqin’s lips trembled violently. She felt that she had already severely offended Su Li in the test that day. Now with her right, if Su Li gave her a negative vote on the examination, then…

Thinking of that, Wu Shuqin couldn’t see things clear and was almost anxious to faint.

“Su Li is coming!”

“It’s Su Li!”

At this moment, the crowd burst into a roar and then it was neatly separated to leave a road. The girl in a plain white dress came calmly with an ancient and simple file. She had arched eyebrows, and a pair of pure black pupils reflected by curled and thick eyelashes. Her eyes were so beautiful just like the sky without moon and stars. Her nose was small and tall, which perfected her profile.

Her hair was freely loosened on her back, just like a splash of ink. There was only one simple green hairpin inserted in the little bun. The simple haircut made her so amazing, just like a girl who came out from a painting. She was infinitely beautiful.

“What a beautiful girl!” Many lecturers who saw Su Li for the first time were amazed, “If I had such a beautiful daughter, even if she was an idiot, I wouldn’t regret!”

“Is she Su Li? Does she become the special-class lecturer of the Girls’ School at the age of 15 with such a beautiful look?” For a while, many people who thought Su Li was a talented but ugly girl were shocked. Was she a fairy?

Su Li went to the front of the lesson board and bore her lesson schedule in mind. She glanced back and saw dozens of eyes. She couldn’t help frowning. Xiaowu told her that today she had a class, so she came over to have a look. But she didn’t expect so many people to wait for her here.

“Su Li, where have you been these days? I didn’t find you.” Feng Qingru came over and said with admiration, “Congratulations! I’ve heard about it from the teacher.”

Su Li slightly bit her lips and showed a kind expression. She said in a low voice, “There are too many people here. Let’s talk about it later in my place.”

Feng Qingru’s eyes brightened and she nodded repeatedly.

“Su Li, congratulations!”

Ning Qing came over with surprise. Her attitude was completely different from that of seven days ago. She didn’t know that the girl her father had guaranteed with all efforts was so talented, and even Dean Gong willingly gave her position to Su Li.

She was also a little scared, because if her father did not insist before, she could never agree with him. Now she had thought about it. If Su Li really stayed in Dasu Town all her life, it would be a pearl under dust. Now, she came to a bigger stage, the pearl finally shined with the brilliance she deserved

Qinghe Girls’ School never had a 15-year-old special-class lecturer since its establishment. Ning Qing now even believed that some of Daddy’s drivel may be true…

Seeing Ning Qing, Su Li showed deep gratitude, “Thanks to the help of you and the old master. I have been busy with getting familiar with the school affairs these days. After class tomorrow, I will come to thank you personally.”

Ning Qing felt even better about Su Li when hearing what she said. She nodded with a smile and said, “Okay, I’ll make a pot of this year’s new tea for you to have a taste.”

Many people came and wanted to have a chat with Su Li, but they couldn’t find the chance. They could only watch Su Li and Feng Qingru leave.

From the beginning to the end, Su Li did not look at Wu Shuqin at all. Wu Shuqin stood aside like a puppet. Her face was pale, but she was relieved.

Yes, she was already the special-class lecturer, and how could she deal with such a small potato again. She might disdain to embarrass her even on the second-class lecturer’s examination. And embarrassing her was too incompatible with her identity and self-cultivation.

While feeling that she had escaped a disaster, Wu Shuqin was not happy at all. Her hatred towards Su Li was even stronger.

“Su Li, don’t think that being the special-class lecturer will be comfortable forever. Those students in the Class Special One are not so easy to get along with!”

Wu Shuqin murmured resentfully and left with her face stiffened. The lecturers who congratulated her before was standing far away from her like avoiding plagues. It was well known that she had offended Su Li.

Su Li wouldn’t do anything, but it didn’t mean that other people would not…

Su Li led Feng Qingru to her courtyard. Feng Qingru could not help envying Su Li for living in such a quiet and delicate courtyard. The treatment of the special-class lecturer was really good.

“By the way, Su Li, when are you going to the embroidery workshop?”

Feng Qingru couldn’t help but ask after looking around.

Su Li didn’t stop pouring tea and she said in a low voice, “What am I going to do there? I’m not a worker in the embroidery workshop.”

Even in the previous life, Su Li was not a formal worker in the embroidery workshop of the Qinghe Town. Although she had good embroidery skills, she failed to get the corresponding title at last due to various obstructions. And her salary was much lower than other embroidery artificers.

Feng Qingru was shocked when hearing what she said. She asked strangely, “Won’t you? You take over the position of the teacher and become the only special-class embroidery lecturer in the Qinghe Girls’ School. Naturally, you are the owner of the embroidery workshop! Didn’t the teacher tell you?”

Su Li was really dumfounded. She raised her head and looked confused. She remembered that day when she was distracted in front of Gong Xiangjun. It seemed that she had heard such words.

Feng Qingru saw Su Li’s expression and instantly burst into laughter, “You have been the workshop owner for seven days, and you have never seen it. The embroidery artificers in the embroidery workshop are all scared to shiver. I thought they did something that made you unhappy. Unexpectedly, you don’t know. Ha-ha-ha-ha, you are making me laugh to death…”

Su Li was awkward. Gong Xiangjun had done really thoroughly. She gave her not only the position of the special-class lecturer, but also the embroidery workshop.

The special-class lecturer was quite leisurely, but the things of the embroidery workshop were hard to say. For a while she did not know that if she had benefit or she was set up.

“What? Are you unwilling to be the workshop owner?”

Feng Qingru looked at Su Li who was depressed and she instantly said angrily, “If the other embroidery artificers in the embroidery workshop see your expression now, they’re sure to be furious at you! Do you know what the workshop owner of the embroidery workshop stands for?”

Su Li gave her a cup of tea and said with a sigh, “It represents the first embroidery artificer in the Qinghe Province. The status is even comparable to the satrap if we don’t mention the right! Senior Gong really thinks highly of me.”

“You know it.” Feng Qingru opened her eyes slightly, “So are you still unwilling to be the owner?”

Su Li smiled and shook her head slightly, “I’m not unwilling, but I am not qualified. There are so many people from aristocratic family in the whole embroidery workshop. I am afraid it will be troublesome if I become the workshop owner with my family background.”

“That’s ok!”

Feng Qingru said firmly, “With your embroidery skills, you are qualified as the workshop owner, which is convincing enough. The teacher will also support you behind your back, and no one will say anything about it. I didn’t notice that the teacher usually did many things. Only when the embroidery workshop receives an order that is difficult to handle, will it be handled by the workshop owner. You also can have ten percent of revenues of the embroidery workshop. Every year, you can go to Yunjing to attend the Provincial Embroidery Conference. You can gain so many benefits. Don’t be silly to avoid it!”

Feng Qingru told Su Li so many rights that the workshop owner had. Su Li was much more surprised. Why was Gong Xiangjun handed over such an important position to her so playfully?

What exactly was her purpose?

Or…she knew she was not going to live long enough, so she bet on her?

Su Li was lost in meditation. Looking at Feng Qingru, who was open-minded and not the same person as the one in her previous life. She had a vague feeling that something extraordinary might happen to her in recent years. That would lead to a great change in Feng Qingru’s temperament. Then she would become the owner of the embroidery workshop.

“Ok, before that, let me clear some obstacles for her.”

The idea flashed in her mind and completely calmed her down, “I’ll go and see it the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow I will visit an elder senior and I don’t know how long it will take.

Feng Qingru was surprised at Su Li for her sudden calm. But when she heard that Su Li didn’t hesitate, she was also happy for her. She repeatedly urged Su Li to keep the embroidery board for class before leaving.

Whirr ~~

“Miss, it’s windy. Come into the room and don’t get cold…”

Su Li stepped up to the second floor without saying anything. She looked at the wildly swinging trees in the courtyard and sighed slightly in her heart.

It was clear…that the wind and rain were coming.

The news spread through the network of lecturers. At that night, the news that “A 15-year-old girl became the special-class lecturer of the Girls’ School” had spread throughout the Qinghe Girls’ School, and even the people in the Boys’ School heard it.

In the Satrap’s Mansion, the girl in red dress was in sweat. She picked up a big dark steel bow beside her and easily drew the string back as far back as possible.


An arrow broke out and hit the red heart of the target!


The little maid standing on the side held the quiver and suddenly applauded, “Miss, you are so marvelous and it hit the red heart again!”

The girl in red looked at the little maid speechlessly and put down her bow. She unconsciously looked at the silver bow and hesitated for a long time, but finally she dared not to take it.

Her father said that only when she could pull the bow apart and shoot the target 200 meters away, could she be set free.

And now she couldn’t even pick up the bow, it was too hard. Her father obviously constrained her to do things beyond her power!

“Miss, you should go to school to have class tomorrow. It is embroidery.”

The little maid came to remind her. The girl in red casually nodded her head and muttered, “I don’t know why I should learn embroidery. Mrs. Gu never learned embroidery, and she became a female general. That old woman said that I was wrong…”

The little maid heard her words and instantly smiled. Then she said, “Miss, you are wrong. I heard that the lecturer of the Class Special One has been changed. It’s not Nanny Gong”


The girl in red was amazed and immediately became nervous, “Is the old woman all right? Does she have a physical problem? Why didn’t my father tell me?”

The little maid burst into laughter at once. The miss spoke harshly, but in fact, she still concerned about Nanny Gong very much.

“No! It is because Nanny Gong think that she is old, so she personally pick up a lecturer. I heard that the lecturer is only 15. She is at the same age as you.”

The girl in red opened her eyes slightly when she heard that, “A 15-year-old lecturer! Is that old woman kidding me?”

The little maid spit out her tongue, “I don’t understand, miss, you will know tomorrow when you go to school.”

“All right!” The girl in red throwed her chest out, “Although I mainly concentrate on the martial arts, I cannot be defeated in my embroidery skills by peers! I’d like to see what the lecturer have got.”

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