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Lady Su’s Revenge (Web Novel) - Chapter 103 Relationship Exposed

Chapter 103 Relationship Exposed

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When Su Li returned to the Linli Building, the news that Jin Cheng’ao fled to escape punishment had been spread out in the town. It not only made the Yan Family angry but also hit the Jin Family by surprise.

They had never imagined that Jin Cheng’ao would despise the law of the Dahan Country and flee from the dungeon. What’s more, he beat the third master of the Yan Family into serious injuries. People heard that the third master was close to death.

Such changes made Jin Zhentian realized that the Jin Family and the Yan Family had completely gone into two opposite directions and that there was no chance to return.

“Chengao’s martial arts talent is great. It’s okay for him to escape!”

Jin Zhentian looked at the sky and sighed. It was uncertain for him to deal with the offensive of the Yan Family. Although he was shocked and surprised that Jin Cheng’ao could escape from the dungeon, he was more delighted and gratified.

He knew that his son had secrets which were not told to him. And the secrets were related to the martial arts circle. He could break the dungeon of the Provincial Office bare-handed. It proved that he had the cultivation at the peak of the acquired realm. If he could go further…

“An inborn senior will be respected in every country. At that time, my son’s mistake will be reduced into a small one. No one can control him!”

The more Jin Zhentian thought, the more excited he was. But he didn’t know that Jin Cheng’ao had been killed by Su Li.

At the same time, the Provincial Office was filled with a touch of anxiety.

Yan Shixun stood gloomily outside the door. He saw maids go out of the room with basins of blood, but there wasn’t the doctor. Madam Yan and Yan Hongxiu stood in the other side and were red-eyed.

“This bastard, why did he provoke Jin Cheng’ao? Now he puts his life on the line!”

Yan Shixun couldn’t help but scold. Madam Yan wiped her tears and said sadly, “Master, why do you still blame the third son at this moment? God bless my son. He will be fine.”

“Jin! Cheng! Ao!”

There was the fire of hatred in Yan Hongxiu’s eyes. “If I had known that he would hurt my Third Brother, I should have killed him directly!”

After experiencing two consecutive shocks, Yan Hongxiu’s resentment against Jin Cheng’ao reached her limit. If Jin Cheng’ao had not disappeared, she would have rushed into the dungeon with a knife.

The three people were anxiously waiting. Then a sweaty doctor finally went out of the room, and they immediately walked to him.

“Dr. Lin, how is my son?”

Although Dr. Lin saw that their eyes were filled with eager anticipation, he could not help but sigh, “The master is not as lucky as Workshop Owner Su. His ribs were broken by a big stone, and one of them was inserted into the lung. I am afraid…”


After the three people heard his words, their faces were pale. It seemed that they had been struck by lightning.


Madam Yan sighed with sorrow. Her eyes turned over and she fainted. The maids were in a flurry. Dr. Lin quickly stepped forward to pinch the philtrum. After a long time, Madam Yan woke up, but she burst into tears and couldn’t say a word.

“Lord Yan, I am helpless. You’d better prepare the master’s funeral early.”

Dr. Lin sighed. He seemed to feel embarrassed here and hurriedly left with the medical kit.

Walking into the room and standing in front of the window, Yan Shixun saw Ziye, whose face was yellowish, lying on the bed and slightly closed his lips. He only felt that his hands and feet were cold. He had experienced all kinds of despair in his life, but this one was the most unforgettable.

“It all happened so suddenly that even Qingni and others couldn’t come back to see Ziye for the last time… Is there no other way?”

Yan Shixun clenched his fists which squeaked.

“Crunch… crunch… crunch…”

Yan Hongxiu walked to her brother step by step. She leaned against the bed and stared at him. Her tears couldn’t stop flowing from her red and swollen eyes.

She carefully held the cold hand of Yan Ziye, and her lips trembled. She said with a low voice, “Third Brother, you like me best. Just open your eyes and look at me. Thanks to your help, I have recently made great progress in archery…”


Yan Hongxiu seemed to think of something. She was slightly stunned and immediately released the hand of Ziye. She turned back and seized Yan Shixun’s sleeves. She said, “Dad! I have an idea! Find the immortal master! She must have the method to save the Third Brother! Dad, come with me to find the immortal master quickly!”

Yan Shixun was shocked by Yan Hongxiu’s words. Hearing what his daughter said, he was even more confused.

Who was the… immortal master?

Was she the master of Hongxiu outside? It was ridiculous!

Why did she never mention this matter to him?

“Dad, don’t hesitate anymore!”

Seeing that her father was motionless, Yan Hongxiu immediately collapsed, “The immortal master also knows the Third Brother. She is powerful and she will definitely save the Third Brother!”

Yan Shixun was awakened by Hongxiu and immediately grabbed her hand. “Good! We can’t put it off. Lead the way. Let’s find the master immediately.”

He could imagine that the master of Hongxiu was bound to be an elderly sage-like senior. She may have some methods.

“No, no, she is in the Linli Building! She is the owner of the Linli Building!”

Yan Hongxiu was so anxious that she cried, “The immortal master said that I couldn’t tell our relationship to others. Now I have already reneged. I can’t take more people there. Dad, let’s go!”

The owner of the Linli Building?

Yan Shixun was even more shocked. If he remembered correctly, the owner of the Linli Building was obviously a girl. Although she never showed up, he could see that the girl was younger than him from her figure.

Could she play a role in curing Ziye’s injury?

Yan Shixun deeply suspected it. But there were no other ways at this moment, so he did not hesitate and immediately took Hongxiu to the Linli Building.

But before he left the yard, a person came and reported, “Master, the owner of the Linli Building comes here. She said that she has something important to discuss with you.”

Coming by herself?

Yan Shixun’s face looked slightly hurried and then he was stunned. He immediately said, “Let her in.”

“The immortal master is here!”

Yan Hongxiu immediately changed from sadness to happiness. After she knew the magic method of Su Li, she was confident about Su Li.

After a short while, Su Li with the “Ms. Li” appearance came to the yard. When she saw Yan Shixun, she slightly stooped down and immediately said, “Satrap Yan, I am sorry that I take the liberty to visit you. Forgive me. I heard that the third master was seriously injured and the doctor didn’t have any method. I am a friend of your third master. Can I have a try?”

Su Li directly told them the purpose. Yan Shixun was happy and quickly said, “Quickly! Ms. Li, come in. My son’s life is at stake. So I will not give polite greetings. If you can save my son, I will repay you!”

A hint of surprise flickered in Su Li’s eyes. When she saw Yan Hongxiu who tried to hide her sight, she immediately understood that the relationship between her and the Yan Family’s brother and sister was exposed. She immediately did not say anything and stepped into the room. Yan Shixun immediately followed her.

Seeing that Yan Ziye was lying on the bed at death’s door, Su Li sighed inside. She just asked Yan Ziye to stimulate the last efficacy of medicine in Jin Cheng’ao’s body in order to let him break the chains to escape. But she didn’t expect that Jin Cheng’ao broke the peak of the acquired realm, which almost killed Yan Ziye.

Although she was reborn and she was excellent in the medical circle and poison circle, she was not the God. She couldn’t consider all the possibilities in the world. Fortunately, Yan Ziye’s injury was not too serious for her, and this mistake could be smoothed over.

“Ms. Li, how about my son? Can you save him?”

Seeing that Su Li didn’t speak for a long time, Yan Shixun was nervous and he could not help but ask.

Su Li woke up and nodded slightly. She said gently, “Lord Yan, rest assured. His three ribs were broken but they didn’t injure the lungs. Other people would have died. But your son practiced some Xuangong before, so he can survive. I know a little medical knowledge. Your son still can be saved.”

“That’s good…” Yan Shixun sighed and immediately thought of something. He exclaimed, “Xuangong? Ziye practiced Xuangong? I obviously did not…”

“If you are convenient, please leave. I have to stab the needles and I can’t be bothered by others.”

Su Li lightly interrupted Yan Shixun. The latter woke up and felt sorry. He left without a word. He was afraid that he would make his son in danger.

When Yan Shixun was back to the outside of the door, he still frowned and he couldn’t understand how his son studied the Xuangong secretly. He clearly did not leave any record, and he did not teach it to anyone.

The book about Xuangong was a secret which could not be mentioned to anyone…

“The ‘Ms. Li’ also knows Xuangong. She…”

Yan Shixun had many speculations. He suddenly saw Hongxiu peeking over the window. He immediately covered the mouth of Hongxiu and took her from the window. He walked a long way and asked,

“Xiu, do you know where your master comes from?”

Yan Hongxiu was put down by her father and she suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. She turned her eyes and said, “Dad, you just scared me. I don’t know where she comes from and she only promised to teach me archery. She didn’t let me worship her as a master…”

“It’s good for you to not worship her as a master.”

Yan Shixun breathed a sigh of relief. There were lots of rules in the martial arts circle. A teacher for a day was a father for a life. If Hongxiu really worshiped her as the master, then the relationship between the Yan Family and the “Ms. Li” was too close.

“However, I heard from my Third Brother that the immortal master is a senior.” Yan Hongxiu smugly counted her fingers and said, “I remembered she was called the ‘inborn senior’. Although I don’t know what it means, the immortal master is really powerful. She can shoot through the target in one fell swoop!”

“Well, the shot is very excellent…”

Yan Shixun was still distracted. He gradually recalled the whole sentence of Hongxiu. His heart couldn’t stop jumping. He couldn’t help but catch the shoulder of Hongxiu and stared at her to confirm again, “Xiu, what do you say? Inborn senior? Are you sure that what you heard is right?!”

“Dad, you are hurting me!” Yan Hongxiu struggled and said angrily, “I am not deaf and the Third Brother told me many times. How could I be wrong?”

Yan Shixun was puzzled. His position was not far from Su Li. Maybe what he said before had been heard by her. Thinking of it, he immediately became angry.

“The brat dares to rebel. He not only studies the Xuangong secretly, but also acquaints with an inborn senior!”

“He didn’t even tell me all these things.”

“When he gets well, I must beat him heavily! He is really intractable!”

Yan Shixun crazily abused his son and his face showed a smile of relief. He no longer suspected that Su Li couldn’t cure Yan Ziye’s injury.

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