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Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality (Web Novel)


Fantasy Josei Xuanhuan

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Lin Luoran is a 27-year-old girl from a rural family. She doesn’t have a college degree, let alone any money.

After cheated by her boyfriend, Lin Luoran accidently finds a mysterious space in her heirloom. At first, she only tries to use the magical spring water in that space to grow medicines like ginseng to help out her family. However, Lin Luoran never thought that she would become the last female cultivator in the world.

The family of cultivators have not been seen on earth for thousands of years. Lin Luoran strives to cultivate herself in the metropolis, to complete her first-ever journey to immortality.

As for love… What will happen to Lin Luoran, a girl that is so different? Let’s open the book and find out.

539 • 2019-09-07 15:03:44


The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 480 Small Realm and Big World2020-10-27
Chapter 479 Gathering Vitality2020-10-24
Chapter 478 Broken Elixirs2020-10-21
Chapter 477 Handling Trouble2020-10-18
Chapter 476 You Pieces of Garbage2020-10-15
Chapter 475 Shijia Rift Valley2020-10-12
Chapter 474 Thunder in Midsummer (II)2020-10-09
Chapter 473 Thunder in Midsummer (I)2020-10-06
Chapter 472 Set Things Right2020-10-06
Chapter 471 Bring Order Out of Chaos2020-10-06
Chapter 470 Can She Still Fight?2020-10-06
Chapter 469 Duke Chiao’s Backer2020-10-06
Chapter 468 Even If You Forget Me, We Can Still Become Friends Again2020-10-06
Chapter 467 New Life2020-10-06
Chapter 466 The Reunion After Hundreds of Years2020-10-06
Chapter 465 A Free Riding But Meeting a Crazy Dog (III)2020-10-06
Chapter 464 A Free Riding But Meeting a Crazy Dog (II)2020-10-06
Chapter 463 A Free Riding But Meeting a Crazy Dog (I)2020-10-06
Chapter 462 “Hot Pot” Diplomacy2020-10-06
Chapter 461 Dear, How About Restaurant Chains?2020-10-06
Chapter 460 The Meat Aroma from the Jennifer Avenue2020-10-06
Chapter 459 Starting from the Grass Roots2020-10-06
Chapter 458: Reaching Nami2020-10-06
Chapter 457 She Will Light Up Nami2020-10-06
Chapter 456 The Consequences Can Be Really Serious2020-10-06
Chapter 455 Linny Is Angry2020-09-27
Chapter 454 Seeing Diliu Syrup and Hearing the Voice2020-09-27
Chapter 453 Divine Inspiration (II)2020-09-27
Chapter 452 Divine Inspiration (Ⅰ)2020-09-24
Chapter 451 The Book Named Tao2020-09-24
Chapter 450 A Thing of the Lin Family2020-09-24
Chapter 449 Chilies and Variety Store2020-09-24
Chapter 448 Familiar Jewelry Design2020-09-24
Chapter 447 Colin Is Business-savvy2020-09-21
Chapter 446 Pooh, Gigolo and Profiteer!2020-09-21
Chapter 445 Six of One, Half a Dozen the Other2020-09-18
Chapter 444 Leisurely Days Are Over2020-09-18
Chapter 443 The Goblin2020-09-18
Chapter 442 The Danling Legacy2020-09-15
Chapter 441 Landing and Discovery2020-09-15
Chapter 440 Discovering a Terrestrial Planet2020-09-12
Chapter 439 Getting Lost2020-09-12
Chapter 438 Jump!2020-09-12
Chapter 437 In the Name of Cultivators2020-09-12
Chapter 436 Findings2020-09-12
Chapter 435 Another World2020-09-09
Chapter 434 Immortal Descending on Dongting2020-09-09
Chapter 433 Holy Spell: Listening2020-09-09
Chapter 432 The Intelligent Brain Program2020-09-09
Chapter 431 Captain, the Enemy is Too Cunning!2020-09-06
Chapter 430 The Second Request of White Fairy2020-09-06
Chapter 429 Yes, I am Lin Luoran2020-09-06
Chapter 428 Keeping Cultivators’ stuff is a Felony?2020-09-06
Chapter 427 Qingdai is Here and the Believer Remains the Same2020-09-06
Chapter 426 A Dramatic Dinner2020-09-03
Chapter 425 Invitation from the City Hall2020-09-03
Chapter 424 Leaving the Message2020-09-03
Chapter 423 Two Concubines2020-09-03
Chapter 422 Treatment2020-09-03
Chapter 421 Throwing out!2020-07-15
Chapter 420 Moving House2020-07-14
Chapter 419 Life and Battles are Endless!2020-07-13
Chapter 418 The Monster Tide2020-07-12
Chapter 417 Call White Black2020-07-11
Chapter 416 Descendants of Old Friend?2020-07-11
Chapter 415 Living in the New Era2020-07-10
Chapter 414 One Hundred Years of Solitude2020-07-09
Chapter 413 Upheaval!2020-07-08
Chapter 412 Advancing Triumphantly!2020-07-07
Chapter 411 Congratulations on Passing the Test2020-07-06
Chapter 410 Waking Up2020-07-06
Chapter 409 Crossing a Thousand Mountains, Immortals are Still Hard to Find2020-06-22
Chapter 408 Spirit Mountain is in Sight and Time is Changed2020-06-21
Chapter 407 The Faith is Condensed and the Cyan Phoenix Appears2020-06-20
Chapter 406 The Last Moment2020-06-19
Chapter 405 Serving Porridge2020-06-18
Chapter 404 Give Me Three Days2020-06-17
Chapter 403 Being Soft2020-06-16
Chapter 402 The Plague2020-06-15
Chapter 401 Emerging Clues2020-06-14
Chapter 400 On the Sea2020-06-14
Chapter 399 Well, It’s Your Choice2020-06-14
Chapter 398 FightBack2020-06-14
Chapter 397 Kill All Witnesses2020-06-14
Chapter 396 Den of Thieves2020-06-14
Chapter 395 An Eye-Catching Captain2020-06-14
Chapter 394 The Mu Caravan2020-06-14
Chapter 393 Beating People and Getting Paid2020-06-14
Chapter 392 Selling the Fox Down the Mountain2020-06-05
Chapter 391 People Found2020-06-04
Chapter 390 She Shouldn’t Know Some Secrets2020-06-03
Chapter 389 All Monsters Come to Congratulate on the2020-06-02
Chapter 388 Time Elapses Without Traces in the Mountain (II)2020-06-01
Chapter 387 Time Elapses Without Traces in the Mountain (I)2020-05-31
Chapter 386 Human, What Can You Do?2020-05-30
Chapter 385 The Rank Eight Monster!2020-05-29
Chapter 384 Escape2020-05-29
Chapter 383 Ants of Gold2020-05-27
Chapter 382 A Mixed Blessing2020-05-26
Chapter 381 The Dead Should all be Dead!2020-05-25
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