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Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality (Web Novel) - Chapter 184 Monster? Fall into the Ground!

Chapter 184 Monster? Fall into the Ground!

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The reason why the scorpions stop attacking them is that they want to welcome their king.

It is obviously the Scorpion King. Lin Luoran cannot tell whether it has become a spirit or not. She clenches her sword tightly and asks Wen Guanjing, “Do we still have monsters today?”

Wen Guanjing shows an unhappy face, “Sister Lin, today the world is in chaos and Reiki is unstable. Human cultivators have means to suppress Reiki, but beast cultivators can only absorb Reiki in and they cannot transfer Reiki. How can they survive after taking in large amount of unstable Reiki?” By answering the question, he tells her that they are “beast cultivators” rather than “monsters”.

Lin Luoran looks at the huge “king”. If it is not a beast cultivator, it must be a spirit creature. Some species of creatures are strong and they are living safe and sound in this world where Reiki is unstable, such as Goldie, the giant turtle deep in the sea at Bermuda and this giant scorpion in front of them!

The Scorpion King is looking at the three people in the inhibition with its lantern-like red eyes. In Lin Luoran’s hands, the Sword of Bright is ready to attack the scorpion if it makes any threatening movements.

To Lin Luoran’s surprise, when the Scorpion King appears, it doesn’t attack them and it stops the troop of scorpions as well.

Lin Luoran doesn’t relax down. After thinking for a while, she feels stressed.

It seems that this Scorpion King has got intelligence. It is confronting them. With the troop of scorpions outside and Wen Guanjing’s firewall burning, it is only a matter of time before they run out of Reiki… It is smart! Lin Luoran snorts. The scorpions can wait, but they cannot wait anymore. She has to take down the king first.

She throws a jade to Wen Guanjing. We Guanjing is curious at first, but when he knows what she tries to do, he becomes happy. Lin Luoran has enough blouses and jade for them!

Lin Luoran puts the Sword of Bright aside away. She knits print with her right hand and casts spells.

If the scorpions are not afraid of fire… She’ll try something else!

In the desert, spells of water and wood nature are all useless. But apart from fire nature, there is earth! Looking at the brown light in Lin Luoran’s hand, the Scorpion King gets worried and asks the scorpions to retreat. However, it is late already! With the guide of Reiki, brown light of earth nature in shining—

“Spell completed!”

The yellow sand is rolling. The Scorpion King waves its pincers and raises its tail. It attacks Lin Luoran with a black light — at the same time, Lin Luoran’s spell comes into force. A swirl appears on the dune. As it is rolling, a lot of scorpions are dragged down under the sand and are killed by this force!

This spell is called “Hurricane Spell” and it can only be used by cultivators at the level of Laying Foundation. The spell is cast with mostly earth Reiki and the support of gold Reiki. It can make the ground fall and trigger disastrous hurricane with the power of earth and gold Reiki. The advantage is that it is extremely powerful. It not only kills a lot of scorpions but also hurts the Scorpion King. At least half of its body is buried under the sand.

The disadvantage is that… Lin Luoran avoids the attack of the black light and she feels weaker. Even she, a cultivator at the level of Laying Foundation, has run out of Reiki. She pays a lot to cast the spell that can hurt a group of targets.

Barney and Yakee are looking at her, in a way they look at the giant scorpion — both of them can make earthshaking movements and both of them are demons.

However, Wen Guanjing is looking at her with admiration. It is not usual to see a cultivator at the level of Laying Foundation do something like that — the movement made by Lin Luoran has deeply shocked him.

Seeing that his scorpions are mostly killed by Lin Luoran and that its attack has been avoided, the Scorpion King struggles out of the sand. It is indeed hurt on one leg and it cannot move smoothly.

After a few seconds, it reaches the firewall. Now the Scorpion King doesn’t care about the other three anymore. It looks at Lin Luoran as if it wants to eat her.

Lin Luoran is not afraid of it. When she captured Goldie, she was on way before laying foundation. This one just has an iron skin and a terrifying look. If they are not trapped here, if they have enough space to hide and fight, they don’t need to be afraid at all.

Lin Luoran wonders if there is a ranking system for these creatures… When she is confronted with an enemy, she always fights with her intuition of whether she can defeat it or not. She cannot tell the rank of the enemy. The related information is not mentioned in what White Fairy gave her…

The Scorpion King waves its tail again. This time, it doesn’t just attack her with a black light. It whips Lin Luoran with its tail through the firewall — whipping seems to be inaccurate and it is more like a giant python-like thing pressing upon her.

The Sword of Bright appears in her hand. Lin Luoran tries her best to chop the tail. She hears the sound of metals smashing together and sees sparks flying… The Scorpion King feels pain and takes back its tail. Lin Luoran looks at the tail and sees a white trace on it. The tail is not broken after being chopped by the Sword of Bright! It has a good armor!

It is not the only thing that surprises them. When the tail went through the fire, it was not hurt at all… Wen Guanjing is doubting the power of his firewall while absorbing Reiki from the jade.

Fire cannot resist the scorpion. What should she do? Lin Luoran is sweating. She has the final chance to attack. If she misses again and the scorpion comes into the range of the firewall, they will be the live targets as they are trapped here. Maybe she and Wen Guanjing can keep alive, but they cannot protect the two guides.

What can be used to break its shell? Lin Luoran narrows her eyes and thinks about every spell she knows. However, there are only a few spells more powerful than the Sword of Bright and their position is at disadvantage.

Looking at the pincers held by the Scorpion King, Lin Luoran suddenly realizes that she doesn’t need to break the shell. The joint is the weakest point!

Wen Guanjing is controlling the firewall to resist the remaining scorpions and he figures out this weak point as well, “Sister, attack its joint!’

The joint… Lin Luoran smiles. There is a better option! With fire flickering, the Void Bow appears in front of her. Lin Luoran puts her right hand on the bowstring and a red arrow appears — indeed, it is easy for a cultivator at the level of Laying Foundation to cast spells at the level of Training Qi.

Seeing the pincers smashing down, Lin Luoran shoots the arrow and she jumps down the pillar at the same time, shouting “Get down!”

Barney and Yakee have already been frightened and they are all squatting together. Wen Guanjing, however, is still standing and casting spells. Lin Luoran drags him down and they are almost hit by the pincers.

That was close!

The risk Lin Luoran took brings high return! That arrow of Lin Luoran was shot into its filthy mouth. The arrow goes down into its body and causes a lot of damage.

The Scorpion King is shaking severely with its pincers waving in the sky. Lin Luoran has a bad feeling about this. She just finishes making a shield by sand and dust when the huge pincers fall on the stone pillars and bumps the stones on her shield.

If it is just the stones, she can take it. However, the pincers fall down as well. The shield made by Lin Luoran is too big so it is thin. Lin Luoran takes most of the impact. She spits blood, making Wen Guanjing’s clothes red.

“Sister Lin!” Wen Guanjing doesn’t know how badly she is hurt, so he asks anxiously.

Lin Luoran wipes off the blood and tries to smile at him. Suddenly the relic they are staying in starts shaking…

“This is bad…” Bad how? Wen Guanjing doesn’t need to explain as everyone feels it soon.

The stones under them are falling into the ground. A swirl appears and takes the four of them down. The dying Scorpion King cannot resist the strength of the swirl and it is taken down as well.

A moment later, the wind stops and the swirl disappears. Some scorpions are waiting vacantly. The relic, the pillars, the four people, the Scorpion King… They are all gone. It is just a plain desert. All the creatures fighting a moment ago are gone as if they never exist.

The scorpions surround here for a moment and leave separately.

However, one rock rises from the ground quietly. Under the sun, the colorful mural on the rock looks wicked…

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