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Last Wish System (Web Novel)








Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Romance

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In a universe where the great experts can reincarnate, Yale Roanmad reincarnated with almost no memories of his past life and didn't know who he was.

Despite the problem with his memories, Yale had obtained a strange legacy from his own past life the Last Wish System.

Yale, who remembered the pain of dying, decided to turn strong to avoid suffering the same pain again. Moreover, he also decided to investigate his own past life to remember who he was.

However, he didn't know that a Mysterious Expert, who knew a lot about him and his past life, was looking at him from the shadows.
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The chapterAddition Time
Chapter 644: Epilogue2020-06-05
Chapter 643: Goodbye2020-06-05
Chapter 642: The True Enemy2020-06-05
Chapter 641: The End of the Second Calamity2020-06-05
Chapter 640 Surrounded2020-03-28
Chapter 639 A Separate Dimension2020-03-28
Chapter 638 Shocking Aura2020-03-26
Chapter 637 Two Group Battles2020-03-26
Chapter 636 The End of the Invasion2020-03-25
Chapter 635 The Battles of Old Friends2020-03-16
Chapter 634 Not so Long Battles2020-03-16
Chapter 633 Good and Bad Teamwork2020-03-16
Chapter 632 Defeated but Alive2020-03-10
Chapter 631 Lack of Experience2020-03-09
Chapter 630 The Initial Battles of the Second Calamity2020-03-08
Chapter 629 The Space God's Disciple2020-03-08
Chapter 628 The Second Calamity Starts2020-03-08
Chapter 627 Preparations Before the Start of the Second Calamity2020-03-08
Chapter 626 Trigger for the War2020-03-08
Chapter 625 Necessary Evil2020-03-08
Chapter 624 Words That Mustn't Be Said2020-03-08
Chapter 623 Hidden Dimension2020-03-08
Chapter 622 Bashi2020-03-08
Chapter 621 Gleb and Lesta2020-03-08
Chapter 620 The Objectives of the Rebels2020-03-08
Chapter 618 Critical Information2020-02-06
Chapter 617 The Meeting Starts2020-02-06
Chapter 616 Meeting at the Council of Gods2020-02-06
Chapter 615 Last Chance to Res2020-02-06
Chapter 614 Memories and Decision2020-02-06
Chapter 613 Conflicts With the Rebels2020-02-06
Chapter 612 Lecherous Emperor2020-02-06
Chapter 611 Benevolent but Lethal2020-02-06
Chapter 610 New Disciples for the Competition2020-02-06
Chapter 609 An Expected Reaction2020-02-06
Chapter 608 Consciousness Shadows2020-02-06
Chapter 607 The Magma Pool2020-02-06
Chapter 606 Kidnapped2020-02-06
Chapter 605 Sealed Universe2020-02-06
Chapter 604 The Enemies in the War2020-01-04
Chapter 603 Nevah2020-01-02
Chapter 602 Dimensional Divnity Training2020-01-02
Chapter 601 The Disciples of the Time Faction2020-01-02
Chapter 600 Reason to Take a Disciple2020-01-02
Chapter 599 Strange Behavior2020-01-02
Chapter 598 Time of Peace2019-12-23
Chapter 597 Time Faction2019-12-23
Chapter 596 Ressurection Method2019-12-23
Chapter 595 Soul Fragmen2019-12-23
Chapter 594 Gods Calamity2019-12-23
Chapter 593 An Ancient Story2019-12-14
Chapter 592 Meeting at the Timeless Border2019-12-14
Chapter 591 True God's Weakness2019-12-14
Chapter 590 Two New Divinities2019-12-14
Chapter 589 Restriction Broken, Breakthrough!2019-12-14
Chapter 588 Two Crazy Great Gods2019-12-14
Chapter 587 Doomsday2019-12-14
Chapter 586 Punishing2019-12-14
Chapter 585 Minor Rage Divnity2019-11-28
Chapter 584 Enraged Howl2019-11-28
Chapter 584 Enaged Howl2019-11-26
Chapter 583 Far Stronger Than Expected2019-11-26
Chapter 582 Yale and the Smuggler Association2019-11-26
Chapter 581 Changes in the New Timeline2019-11-26
Chapter 580 Changed Pas2019-11-26
Chapter 579 Interfering with the Pas2019-11-26
Chapter 578 Yale's Crazy Plan2019-11-26
Chapter 577 Invasion Plan2019-11-26
Chapter 576 The Emperor Mental Stress2019-11-26
Chapter 575 Meet the Emperor? Better Do Some Tourism2019-11-26
Chapter 574 The Emperor and the Smuggler Association2019-11-26
Chapter 573 Bad Luck2019-11-26
Chapter 572 The Destruction of the Ancient Imperial Family2019-11-26
Chapter 571 The universe at the other side of the passageway2019-11-26
Chapter 570 Opening the Passageway Between Universes2019-11-26
Chapter 569 Just Words to Defeat Others2019-11-26
Chapter 568 Problems Due to the Unvierse Ascension2019-11-26
Chapter 567 Good and Bad News2019-11-26
Chapter 566 Successive Meetings2019-11-26
Chapter 565 Demigod2019-11-26
Chapter 564 Meeting Again2019-11-26
Chapter 563 A New Level2019-11-26
Chapter 562: Changes While in Slumber2020-06-05
Chapter 561 Secret Meaning of the Broken Bottleneck2019-10-11
Chapter 560 God's Punishment to the Sacred Empire2019-10-11
Chapter 559 You Can Call Me Great God Yale2019-10-07
Chapter 558 The Power Hidden Inside the System2019-10-07
Chapter 557 Training in Deathly Battles2019-10-07
Chapter 556 Trying Again2019-10-07
Chapter 555 Yale's Newest and Most Powerful Skill2019-10-07
Chapter 554 Three Breakthroughs Before Leaving2019-10-07
Chapter 553 News About Wyba2019-10-07
Chapter 552 Tenir's Highly Unstable Passageway2019-10-07
Chapter 551 Versatile Immortal Weapon2019-10-07
Chapter 550 The Sacred Empire2019-10-07
Chapter 549 The Blacksmith Prince2019-10-07
Chapter 548 Wyba Museum2019-10-07
Chapter 547 The New Kingdom and the Envoy2019-10-07
Chapter 546 Minor Divinity2019-10-07
Chapter 545 Yale and Lar VS Awa2019-10-07
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