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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 157: Rules

Chapter 157: Rules

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When it came to this, Di Xi was very helpless.

The Easternmost Hunt was extremely cruel and could even be horrifying.

As a small empire, the Tianzong Dynasty could only compete with those middle-sized or large empires when all 15 geniuses participating in the hunt worked together. If there were internal conflicts, then it was the same thing as going to their death.

Therefore, since Jian Wushuang was filled with a hatred toward Xue Yun, only one person between them could participate in the Easternmost Hunt. The other would have to stop at this selection battle.

“It’s almost time, let’s start,” Di Xi said indifferently.

Upon hearing this, a Golden-armored General standing beside him respectfully nodded and then left.

In the open space where a large number of warriors gathered, everyone was still focused on Jian Wushuang and Xue Yun.

“Jian Wushuang, you have stolen the limelight,” Baili Chen walked up to Jian Wushuang and joked.

“He started it.” Jian Wushuang shrugged.

“I know.” Baili Chen’s expression suddenly grew dignified and said, ” But you must be careful with Xue Yun. That guy is rather terrifying.”

“Terrifying?” Jian Wushuang glanced at Baili Chen. “An exceptional genius ranked second on the Earthly Dragon List, actually used this word to describe a warrior at the same level.”

“He’s very terrifying,” Baili Chen said seriously, “Three years ago, I teamed up with Qing Cang to fight against him. It resulted in a draw. But at the time, he was only in the Profound Gold Core Realm. At the time, he had just entered the Profound Gold Core Realm, not even at the peak level. But now, his cultivation has reached the peak of the Exceptional Gold Core Realm!”

“Just going by his cultivation, his power has increased a lot. Let alone counting his talent, in the past three years, his comprehension of the Essence Realm must have improved tremendously. In short, he is now a downright monster!”

“Even if it was me, I’m afraid I would not be qualified as his opponent now.”

“I feel like that too,” Qing Cang, who had been silent the whole time, also commented in a low voice, “Although I haven’t fought against him in the last three years, the second I saw him I felt like he has reached a level I can’t even touch.”

“Oh?” Jian Wushuang’s pupil slightly dilated.

Baili Chen and Qing Cang were the two people who actually fought with Xue Yun, but they were both afraid of him.

Jian Wushuang was also extremely serious.

He knew that Xue Yun was exceptionally strong!

But he was also quite strong.

Two years ago, he nearly killed a purple-masked assassin from Blood Feather Tower. Two years later, his strength was much greater.

At this time…


The general wearing a golden armored suddenly appeared in the air above the platform and an oppressive aura instantly radiated from him.

For a time, the entire area was silent.

All the warriors in the area, even including the experts from the Earthly Dragon List, were shuddering under the oppression of this aura.

“The Yang Void Realm!’ Jian Wushuang also flashed a trace of fear.

The Yin-Yang Void Realm was divided into two realms, the Yin Void and the Yang Void. With the latter being stronger than the former.

Each realm was divided into four sub-levels: Initial, Profound, Exceptional, and the Peak.

The two purple-masked assassins that Jian Wushuang encountered at the Clearwater Stronghold were all at the Initial Yin Void Realm. They were the lowest among experts of the Yin-Yang Void Realm.

The top 20 experts on the Earthly Dragon List were known to be able to match warriors in the Yin-Yang Void Realm. And the top 10 even possessed the strength to kill warriors in the Yin-Yang Void Realm. However, this only refers to Yin Void level of the Yin-Yang Void Realm.

If it was the Profound Yin Void Realm, it would be a completely different story.

Like Lin Yun, the governor of Blizzard City. He was in the Profound Yin Void Realm two years ago at Quiet Moon Lake.

As for the Yang Void Realm, it was more formidable and more terrifying than the Yin Void Realm. Palace Masters White and Black, from Dragon Palace, and Grayrobe, from Blood Feather Tower, were all at the Yang Void Realm.

The Golden-armored General who appeared at this moment was a supreme expert in the Yang Void Realm.

This Golden-armored General, suspended in the air, used his aura to silence everyone below. Then he slowly began to say, “The 68 Gold Core Realm warriors, who are participating in the selection battle, should listen carefully…”

“The location of this selection battle is in the Cloud Mountains next to you!”

“The Cloud Mountains are made up of 15 giant mountains. At the moment, there are 15 spirit beasts, one on each of the 15 mountains. The goal of this selection battle is very simple. You just have to kill any of the 15 beasts and get its core.”

“The selection battle will last for seven days. After seven days, the 15 men who give me a core will pass the selection battle!”

The voice of this Golden-armored General was magnificent and echoed throughout the entire area, so all the warriors in the area heard him clearly.

“Kill the spirit beasts and bring back the core?” Jian Wushuang’s gaze focused slightly and his expression grew a little weird.

He fought with the spirit beasts numerous times, so he was not afraid of them.

What surprised him was the duration of this selection battle.

The Cloud Mountains were rather small. With a group of people searching, all 15 spirit beasts could be found and killed in half a day. In other words, all 15 cores might be claimed within a day.

But the selection battle would last seven days?

Before the seventh day, even if someone had a core, it would mean nothing. The cores for passing the selection battle could only be handed over to the Golden-armored General seven days later.

“Hum, seven days. They just want to watch us fight for seven days. 68 warriors in the Gold Core Realm are participating in this selection battle. However, there will only be 15 victors in seven days.” Once Jian Wushuang understood the rules of this selection battle, he smiled slightly.

The voice of that Golden-armored General continued to echo.

“In the seven-day selection battle, nobody can leave the Cloud Mountain range unless they give up.”

“In addition, you are allowed to kill in this selection battle. That is to say, if your strength is poor, dying here could be your destiny.”

“Similarly, as long as you have the strength, you can kill your opponents to gain the core needed to pass the selection battle. If you are attacked by the Sect or experts associated with the person you killed here, Our Golden-dragon Palace’s experts will help you. In other words, in this selection battle, you can do anything you want.”

“But there is one rule. During this selection battle, it is forbidden to swallow elixirs that can increase your cultivation level in a short time. Anyone who breaks this rule will be executed. As for other means, feel free to show your full strength.”

Hearing this, the 68 Gold Core Realm experts that were participating in this selection battle all grew serious, barring a few people who were confident in their own strength.

Obviously, this selection battle would be very cruel.

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