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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 163: The Combination of Three Sword Essences

Chapter 163: The Combination of Three Sword Essences

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Though Ouyang Haotian’s face changed, he still sneered and said,”It won’t be enough to save your life.”

As soon as the words finished, Ouyang Haotian launched another attack. A spear shadow immediately struck out like a flickering serpent’s tongue.

While watching this with cold eyes, Jian Wushuang clenched his Triple-kill Sword and combined the Sword Essences of Raging Fire, Gale, and Waterdrop. The Long Sword instantly turned into a Flowing Light, slashing forward through the air.

Selfless Sword Technique, the First Move!


The sword light collided with the spear shadow, splitting the inky long spear in half. Then the powerful sword light continued, hacking straight through Ouyang Haotian.


Jian Wushuang appeared beside Ouyang Haotian at the same time. Speaking slowly with a cold voice, he said, “This is the first time I have used this move in the selection battle. Consider it your honor to be killed by it.”

After hearing what Jian Wushuang said, Ouyang Haotian widened his eyes with an unbelievable expression, then his body slowly collapsed.

It was not until Ouyang Haotian landed on the ground that his blood began flowing from the center of his forehead. Looking closely, there was a huge sword scar that ran from the center of his eyebrows to the lower half of his body. This sword scar ended his life.

Ouyang Haotian, ranked 3rd on the Earthly Dragon List, in the Half Yin-Yang Realm, was killed by a single move.

In the air above the Cloud mountain range, there was a tense atmosphere surrounding the many experts that were watching this battle.

As they watched Jian Wushuang and Ouyang Haotian continue fighting, they began talking and laughing.

“Look! Those two guys are still going at it.”

“Haha! Still? But it’s obvious that Jian Wushuang is being completely suppressed.”

“It’s normal. In this selection battle, Xue Yun is the only one who is stronger than Ouyang Haotian. As for the others, there’s no one who could be his equal. Not the second on the Earthly Dragon List, Baili Chen, and not Jian Wushuang either.”

“This guy is really impetuous. It was understandable for him to have a fierce battle with Demonic Cloud Leopard if you consider it’s strength. However, there is a distinct gap between them in the strength. He is just being foolish by fighting with Ouyang Haotian. Does he want to die?”

“Haha. He is a little silly.”

These experts continued talking casually, but Palace Master Black and Palace Master White showed unnatural expressions while listening to them.

“What the hell is he doing? Why isn’t he escaping? He is obviously unable to compete with Ouyang Haotian.” Palace Master White’s forehead scrunched up tightly.

Then suddenly, something strange happened on the battlefield.

Jian Wushuang forced Ouyang Haotian to retreat with a sudden outburst from a single move…

When such a fantastic move was displayed, those experts watching from above were all attracted by it.

The sword light fell and Ouyang Haotian died instantly.



Dozens of experts had been watching this battle from above, and all of them were stunned at this moment.

A few minutes ago, some of them regarded Jian Wushuang as foolish and impetuous, but now…

Ouyang Haotian had been killed in a single move.

Was he really impetuous?


“The combination of three sword essences.”

Seeing that, even the Emperor, Di Xi, who sat in the center on a throne, couldn’t help standing up with a bright light flashing in his eyes.

“Three sword essences?”

“Exactly. That move didn’t just contain three sword essences, it combined all three of them perfectly.”

“He actually combined three sword essences in such a perfect way. It’s no wonder he was able to increase his strength in such a short period.”

Those experts exclaimed in surprise.

When combining sword essences, the power naturally became stronger.

The power of two combined sword essences was much stronger than only one sword essence.

As for the combination of three sword essences, the strength would increase explosively.

Jian Wushuang used to conjecture that if he combined three sword essences, his fighting strength would at least triple. But, his strength had actually increased by a factor of five.

This rapid improvement in strength made it possible to for him to kill Ouyang Haotian, who was in the Half Step Yin-Yang Realm.

“It’s extraordinary for a warrior in the Gold Core Realm to combine two Essences. No more than five people in this selection battle can combine two Essences. Someone who can combine three Essences is more truly an exceptional genius .”

Di Xi said in a low voice and then he looked at Palace Masters Black and White, then asked, “How old is he?”

“Your Majesty, Jian Wushuang is 19 years old this year,” Palace Master White directly responded.

“Only 19 years old? Not even 20 years old?” Even Di Xi couldn’t help exclaiming after hearing his true age.

The other experts were also shocked.

Was it possible for a 19-year-old kid to combine three sword essences?

“This young guy definitely has a promising future,” Di Xi said.

Hearing this, Palace Master Black smiled. It reminded him of what he had said when Jian Wushuang challenged the Dragon Gate.

“He is very promising. If we give him chance to grow, he’ll definitely become a top expert in Dragon Palace, even ascending the Heavenly Dragon List will not be a question. However, as such an exceptional genius, he faced several assassination attempts from Blood Feather Tower,” Palace Master White said in a cold voice, involuntarily looked at Grayrobe.

“Assassination attempts?” Di Xi’s face fell as he looked at Grayrobe.

“Your Majesty. The assassination was ordered by the Tower Master, and it’s a Scarlet Kill Command. If there are any questions or issues, Your Majesty, you would have to speak directly with Tower Master,” Grayrobe replied.

Di Xi’s pupil slightly shrunk.

Although he was the Monarch of the Tianzong Dynasty and the strongest expert ranked on the Heavenly Dragon List, he was unwilling to make contact with that Tower Master unless he had to. Simply put, the mysterious Tower Master of Blood Feather Tower was an insurmountable person.

Two years ago, when Dragon Palace crazily seeking revenge on Blood Feather Tower, that mysterious Tower Master personally went to Di Xi and convinced him to order Dragon Palace to stop.

“Leave it alone.” Di Xi waved his hand and then sat down again.

But the other experts in the area were still having trouble recovering completely.

At this moment, Palace Master Black and the Palace Master White were laughing loudly and feeling very delighted.

Some people were happy but others were distressed. Like the elder of Ouyang clan. This white-haired old man turned his face away with an extremely gloomy expression.

His heart was full of joy just a moment ago. But the most excellent person in the Ouyang clan, the one that most likely to be accepted as an exceptional genius by those ancient Sects, was killed in front of him.

How could he not be angry?

His heart was bleeding.

Now, those experts who flattered and envied him before were all looking at him with pity.

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