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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 166: The Unprecedented Battle

Chapter 166: The Unprecedented Battle

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Those warriors who were still in confusion could only hear a loud deafening roar, which almost broke their eardrums, and then everyone immediately looked towards the source of the sound.

A Long Sword could be seen in a violent confrontation with the blood-red blade, causing the whole area to vibrate. A surge or ripples radiated out, immediately spreading to the surrounding area.

Rumbled ~~~ Everything was swept away by the blast, even the dirt was being carried away with the gusts of wind.

As for the warriors that were far away from the Cloud mountain range, they felt a raging wind sweeping past them, while some warriors with weak strength were even pushed around by the blast of wind.

The edge of the Cloud mountain range, where they stood, was a kilometer away from the place where Jian Wushuang and Xue Yun were fighting. Yet, the energy fluctuation generated by their confrontation could even knock some of them down from such a great distance.

If they were within a hundred meters or even closer, what would be this scene look like?

In the place where the battle was taking place, Jian Wushuang looked cold and his sword essence was soaring. At the same time, his sword arts were being released with his full strength.

Shoop! Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

The sword shadows contained great power because the Raging Fire, Gale, Waterdrop essences were combined in every sword shadow. Within an instant, Jian Wushuang slashed out with his sword, releasing more than a dozen moves.

Each sword light could easily kill warriors on the Earthly Dragon List.


Xue Yun also felt that Jian Wushuang’s strength had improved a lot. At that moment, facing the continuous sword shadows, even he had to be cautious.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!

The continuous sound of clashes rose and Xue Yun was forced back about ten meters. With a sudden flash of seriousness in Jian Wushuang’s eyes, the power of the Triple-kill Sword quickly rose and another sword move struck out.

Xue Yun frowned, and then his figure shifted to the side, immediately dodging the sword move.

The great sword light missed Xue Yun, continuing to sweep out towards a mountain a hundred meters away.


The fierce sword light swept toward the side of the mountain, immediately creating a sound like crashing thunder. A diagonal sword scar suddenly appeared, running from the upper side of the mountain, and then racing towards the other side of the mountain peak, causing the upper portion of the mountain to slowly tumble down.


Half of the mountain crumbled to the ground as the whole area shook.

The people who saw this scene were all dazed.

What did they just witness?

A majestic mountaintop was easily sliced off with a sword move?

A sword move transected the mountain?

Xue Yun also saw this scene and his pupils shrank.

“Within just a few days, you have made such great progress?” Xun Yun commented while still smiling.

“If I did not have enough strength, would I be foolish enough to fight against you?” Jian Wushuang said coldly.

“Haha, it seems that you are confident. Then, try my sabre.” Xue Yun smiled, but his figure suddenly turned into mist and rushed forward.

“Darkness, fall down!”

Along with the shout, Xue Yun suddenly struck out with the blood-red blade.

The whole world suddenly fell into darkness.

With a rising sword essence that radiated three essences, Jian Wushuang looked up and hacked out with the Triple-kill Sword.


The blood-red blade collided with the Triple-kill Sword head-on, boom~~~ The ground trembled ferociously and then collapsed in an instant.

The dust in the surrounding area was blown away. Within a moment, a giant circular hole with a diameter of more a hundred meters appeared where those two stood. This huge hole had a depth of three meters.

Jian Wushuang and Xue Yun were standing right in the center of the giant pit.

Seeing the sudden appearance of this giant pit, everyone watching the battle couldn’t help but draw a nervous breath.

Just a moment ago, a sword move transected a mountain.

Now, the power of a saber created a circular pit with a diameter of a hundred meters and a depth of three meters?

How could their strength be so incredible?

“Are they really only in the Gold Core Realm?”

Many warriors were whispering amongst themselves.

Was that terrifying release of power, the fierce attacks, and the scene after their fight, really caused by two people who were only in the Gold Core Realm?

“Monsters, they are both monsters!”

Even the experts of the Yin-Yang Void Realm, watching from up in the air, couldn’t help marveling while witnessing this unprecedented battle.

Among them, only a few had reached the Yang Void Realm. Most of them were merely in the Yin Void Realm, and not many of them had reached the Exceptional Yin Void Realm.

From their perspective, the unprecedented battle below had already surpassed the Gold Core Realm. Not just the Gold Core Realm, even in the Yin Void Realm, if two experts in the Profound Yin Void Realm fought against each other, they would not be able to cause such alarming destruction.

In other words, although Jian Wushuang and Xue Yun were only in the Gold Core Realm, their strength had already surpassed many experts in the Profound Yin Void Realm.

They were stronger than most of the experts gathered here!

On the battlefield, the fierce battle still continued.

A steady stream of spiritual power radiated from the Triple-kill Sword, suddenly rushing out with great force to fight against the blood-red blade. But Jian Wushuang’s face turned dark at this moment.

“This essence…”

Jian Wushuang noticed that the sword essence Xue Yun comprehended was very unique.

That unique sword essence could engulf all the other sword essences, and it didn’t belong to the four normal essences of Gale, Earth, Raging Fire, or Waterdrop.

The sword essence was hard to describe, so it was currently being called Darkness Essence.

“Yes, it has a dark feeling, like boundless darkness.” Jian Wushuang stared with eyes fixed.

In the Sword Tomb, there were thousands of sword scars, like a river of swords, containing many different sword essences. Among those sword essences, Jian Wushuang had realized there were more than just the four normal sword essences of Gale, Earth, Raging Fire, and Waterdrop. There were also some other strange sword essences that he had never seen before.

Those sword essences were both unique and powerful.

At that time, Jian Wushuang thought that the world only contained Gale, Earth, Raging Fire, and Waterdrop Sword Essences.

But now he understood, there were some unique sword essences.

Currently, Xue Yun had comprehended one of those unique sword essences, Darkness Essence.

Not only could it engulf everything, it was both boundless and powerful.

What’s more, Xue Yun had not only comprehended Darkness Essence. He had also comprehended Gale essence and combined the two essences together.

“He combined Gale Essence and Darkness Essence, with a high level of comprehension in both of those essences. No wonder he’s so strong.” Jian Wushuang was shocked.

Only now did he finally understand why Xue Yun was so terrifying.

Fortunately, he made a breakthrough and combined three essences during the selection battle. If not, with his previous strength, he would have had to depend on the Soul-Devouring Secret Skill to have any chance of victory.

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