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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 169: Prevention

Chapter 169: Prevention

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You’re doomed!

It was a simple statement, but it seemed to sentence Xue Yun to death.

“Hum, you want to kill me?” Xue Yun sneered and continued, “I admit that I have lost, but who can prevent me from escaping if I want to?”

Having finished his words, Xue Yun leapt up and was about to glide towards the border of the Cloud mountain range.

“He’s running away!”

“Xue Yun is escaping?”

Seeing this, the Warriors who witnessed the battle were all shocked.

Xue Yun escaping in public meant he lost this battle. He had been ranked 1st on the Earthly Dragon List for several years, which could be called a myth of invulnerability, but now it had been broken by Jian Wushuang.

“Escaping?” Jian Wushuang sneered, “You think I didn’t expect that before I started?”

“You are right. With your strength, I can’t stop you if you want to escape, but there is a person who can.”

“Fourth Sister!”

Jian Wushuang shouted with a low voice, and then an emasculate girl immediately appeared in front of Xue Yun.

“Her?” Many people already knew she was Su Rou.

In this selection battle, there were several experts, who were never on the Earthly Dragon List, that suddenly appeared and displayed astonishing strength.

Such as Yang Zaixuan.

Su Rou was another one who performed excellently in the selection battle.

At this moment, Su Rou was blocking Xue Yun’s escape.

“You think you can stop me on your own?” Xue Yun sneered, and then unrelentingly slashed his blood-red blade towards Su Rou.

“Go to hell!”

Xue Yun looked diabolic. The slash he just displayed made the whole world darken again.

However, Su Rou stood in front of Xue Yun with a solemn look on her face. The moment Xue Yun slashed out with the blood-red blade, there was a terrifying aura released from her body.

Regarding the level of power, the aura was as high as the dark aura released from Xue Yun at his peak.

A light suddenly flashed in Su Rou’s eyes.


A surging aquamarine energy formed into a torrent, then fiercely rushed forward with an incredible force.

Xue Yun slashed towards the torrent with his blood-red blade, but there was no place for the blade to focus its attack. Instead of colliding with the torrent, it was like the blood-red blade was aiming at a ball of cotton.

It only took a moment for the power released by the blood-red blade to dissipate. However, the torrent activated by Su Rou continued surging towards Xue Yun without losing any speed.

“How is this possible?” Xue Yun darkened his face.

Xue Yun was surrounded by the torrent. He tried his utmost to resist it but still ended up retreating backwards ten meters.

If he running for his life, retreating would not be a big deal for him.

But now, this opponent blocked him and forced him to retreat.

What was going on here?

“No way!”

“Who is that lady? How did she push Xue Yun backwards?”

Seeing this, the Warriors were all shocked.

How terrifying was Xue Yun’s strength?

It was obvious from the fierce fight that took place, that it would be hard for the experts who ranked in the top ten of the Earthly Dragon List to resist one move from Xue Yun. But Su Rou resisted his blade and even pushed him back?

Seeing this, a smile grew on Jian Wushuang’s face.

He understood long ago that Su Rou had secrets and extraordinary means. So, before the selection battle started, he asked Su Rou if she had the ability to block Xue Yun.

Su Rou replied in the affirmative, “As long as his battle strength has not reached the Yang Void Realm, even if he is at the peak of the Yin Void Realm, I should be able to stop him for a moment. Of course, I can only block him.”

Hearing Su Rou’s response, Jian Wushuang was a little bit shocked. He instantly asked Su Rou to help him stop Xue Yun from escaping when he fought with him on the last day.

Now Su Rou helped him. She blocked Xue Yun from escaping and even pushed him back.

Xue Yun was retreated, and then Jian Wushuang immediately slashed towards him.

“Xue Yun, I said you are doomed! You will definitely die here!”

Killing intent was surging in Jian Wushuang’s eyes. He released an unbridled slash with his Triple-kill Sword, without any commiserations. The sword shadows flew continuously, without leaving Xue Yun a chance to breathe.

Finally, Xue Yun began to panic. He was crazily resisting the attacks from Jian Wushuang and looking for a way to escape.

But he soon realized that the torrent or energy, released from the effeminate lady who just blocked him, had enveloped the area around him. No matter which direction he chose to escape, he would be blocked by her.

“I can’t escape!”

“If I continue to fight with Jian Wushuang, I really will die once my Spiritual Power is exhausted.”

“Help me, Grayrobe, please help me!”

Xue Yun twisted and roared his face like a crazy man.

The sound was loud and carried for a long distance.


Grayrobe was sitting on a throne up in the air. After hearing Xue Yun’s roar, his face darkened and he prepared to rush over.


Suddenly, two figures appeared in front of him. They were Palace Masters Black and White from Dragon Palace.

“Mr. Grayrobe, what do you trying to do?” said Palace Master White smilingly, with a cold voice.

Grayrobe looked upset, and said with low voice, “Xue Yun is the top genius in Blood Feather Tower, and he is the personal disciple of the Tower Master. He can’t die here. ”

“Oh? So you’re going to save him?” Palace Master White smiled coldly.

“Grayrobe, are you planning to violate the rules of the selection battle?” Palace Master Black looked at him coldly and said, “Xue Yun is the top genius in Blood Feather Tower. Aren’t the other Gold Core Realm experts who died in this battle the top geniuses in their own Sects?”

“Ten geniuses from Dragon Palace participated in the selection battle. Up til now, five have died, including Qing Cang!”

“Clan Elder Ouyang is another example. Ouyang Haotian and Ouyang Haoyue from the Ouyang clan both died in this selection battle.”

“All of them are top geniuses, who doesn’t feel bad?”

“However, nobody stepped out to help. No matter if it’s our Dragon Palace, or Clan Elder Ouyang, or the top experts in other Sects.”

The experts all discontentedly looked towards Grayrobe.

It was true that many experts died in the selection battle, and most of them were elite disciples in their Sects.

They could do nothing but feel sad about the death of their disciples. Afterall, they were not strong enough.

Nobody stepped forward to rescue their disciples throughout the whole battle. It all depended on the strength of the disciples.

But now, Grayrobe wanted to rescue his disciple?


Frowning tightly, Grayrobe knew he was not being reasonable. But Xue Yun was a key disciple in Blood Feather Tower.

“Grayrobe.” A cold voice sounded out from Di Xi, who was sitting at the very center.

“Your Majesty.” Grayrobe said respectfully, “Xue Yun is the personal disciple of my Tower Master, and he will be the next Tower Master of Blood Feather Tower. The position he holds in Blood Feather Tower is too important. So please allow me to save him, Your Majesty.”

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