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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 170: I’m Taking You Down with Me!

Chapter 170: I’m Taking You Down with Me!

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“Oh, Xue Yun is the next Tower Master of Blood Feather Tower? Then why did Blood Feather Tower attempt to assassinate Jian Wushuang two years ago even though they knew that he would be the next Dragon Palace Master?” Palace Master White sneered.

“Grayrobe,” Di Xi responded, with his eyes downcast. “The selection battle rules were made long ago. No one can disobey them or obtain concessions. Though Xue Yun has a special status in Blood Feather Tower, he chose to participate in the selection battle and will be subjected to its rules. You should have expected the worst.”

“But Your Majesty…” Grayrobe wanted to say more.

“All right.” Di Xi waved his hand and interrupted him. “Let’s resume the selection battle. I will take action against anybody who interferes.”

Hearing this, Grayrobe’s face immediately turned pale. He acknowledged Di Xi’s comment and sat down listlessly.

He felt helpless.

“Xue Yun’s fate is in his own hands.”

At the battlefield.

“Grayrobe, Grayrobe!”

Xue Yun had been shouting for some time. He was beginning to despair as Grayrobe had still not appeared to rescue him.



He had not felt this way since he became the mysterious Tower Master in Blood Feather Tower several years ago.

Now, these emotions came flooding back as Jian Wushuang’s onslaught continued.

His Spiritual Power continued to be depleted, ebbing away by eighty percent… then ninety percent… Finally, Xue Yun had only a small amount of Spiritual Power left.

Xue Yun’s eyes shone with unprecedented madness.

“I’m taking you down with me!”

Roaring with anger, Xue Yun abruptly turned his hand, producing a scarlet elixir on his palm. This elixir emitted a malodorous odor, but Xue Yun swallowed it without any hesitation.

As soon as the elixir was consumed, Xue Yun’s dying breath was instantly revived, and his energy reached a new peak.

This energy completely surpassed the effects of Primordial Gold Core and was more powerful than the ordinary Yin Void Realms.

“That’s… Scarlet Elixir?” Jian Wushuang asked, face darkening.

He was certainly not unfamiliar with the Scarlet Elixir.

When he had been attacked by the Mansion of Sword Marquis three years ago, the four Sword Pavilion Elders had risked their lives to save him by ingesting the same elixir.

Scarlet Elixir burned vitality to greatly increase strength over a short period of time.

It was an elixir that could only be taken once.

Because death was inevitable once the elixir had been taken.

Knowing that he would die and had nothing to lose, Xue Yun took the Scarlet Elixir to take Jian Wushuang down with him.

After taking the Scarlet Elixir, Xue Yun’s strength reached a new height, far exceeding his strength at peak condition.

“Go to hell bastard!”

Xue Yun’s face was distorted with ferocity. He aggressively slashed his blood-red blade at Jian Wushuang.

This was Xue Yun’s strongest movement, Earthsplitter!

This movement was Origin Sabre Skill, which Xue Yun had used in his earlier fight with Jian Wushuang in a shocking display of might.

Having taken the Scarlet Elixir, Xue Yin’s increased strength allowed him to display incredible power in his use of the skill.


Above the Void, Palace Master Black and White’s expressions changed.

Grayrobe had almost given up hope. Now, he held his head up, eyes glistening.“Good, kill him. Even if you have to give your life for it, kill him!”

Many top experts looked on in horror.

Right before the blood-red blade slashed out, Su Rou gave a low hum and conjured an Aquamarine Torrent in front of Jian Wushuang.

The blood-red blade hit the Aquamarine Torrent as soon as it slashed out.

The immense power activated by the blood-red blade suddenly exploded. Although the Aquamarine Torrent was able to resist the blade initially, it was ultimately cleaved by the blade, which then continued its path towards Jian Wushang.

At this moment, fear suffused Jian Wushuang’s every pore. But in the next moment, he activated his Spiritual Power to its maximum level.

He lifted his sword to resist.


A thunderous noise sounded and Jian Wushuang’s body flew out, blood spurting from his mouth. Soon, his breath weakened.

Despite his diminishing breath, he did not die from this attack.

“Still alive?”

Xue Yun stared at Jian Wushuang with crazed eyes. He stepped forward, and tried to slash his blade at Jian Wushuang again.

But suddenly a golden figure appeared in front of him.


The figure punched Xue Yun without hesitation. The strength of the punch was strong enough to pulverize a mountain.

The intensity of the attack destroyed Xue Yun’s internal organs. His breath slowly dissipated.

As Xue Yun lay dying, his eyes were filled with unwillingness and hatred as his gaze remained fixed on Jian Wushuang.

Finally, Xue Yun collapsed.

Xue Yun, who continually ranked first on the Earthly Dragon List, a myth and a complete monster in the eyes of many warriors of the Golden Core, had died!


At the edge of the Cloud Mountains, there were nearly 100,000 Warriors gathered, but at this moment there was complete silence.

Too fast, this happened too fast.

Xue Yun’s desperate action of taking the Scarlet Elixir and his death had happened so quickly that the warriors were stunned.

Soon after, their attention was diverted to the golden figure who had appeared and killed Xue Yun.

Undoubtedly, the golden figure was Golden-armored General, who presided over the selection battle.

Golden-armored General had been stationed outside Cloud Mountains. When Xue Yun had produced the Scarlet Elixir, he had reacted immediately. But he was only able to reach Xue Yun and kill him right before his second attempt at attacking Jian Wushuang.

“Before the selection battle started, I had stressed…” Golden-armored General’s voice was sonorous. His voice echoed through the Cloud Mountains, propagated past the Void above the mountain, and finally reached the ears of the Peak experts.

“All stratagems can be used in the selection battle, except elixirs that enhance the Cultivation of Spiritual Power or greatly increase strength in a short period of time. Anyone who violates this rule shall be put to death!”

“Xue Yun swallowed the Scarlet Elixir in violation of this rule. So he had to be killed!”

Hearing this, all the warriors were shocked speechless.

Having said his piece, Golden-armored General bounded up and appeared in front of Jian Wushuang.

“Young man, are you okay?” Golden-armored General asked.

“I am fine. I won’t die for now.”

Jian Wushuang’s voice was weak. As he struggled to stand up, his pale face and blood-stained lips gave away his poor physical condition.

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