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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 171: Earth Dragon List’s Number 1

Chapter 171: Earth Dragon List’s Number 1

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With the death of Xue Yun, this unprecedented battle was finally over.

Jian Wushuang had not delivered the killing blow, but he had pushed Xue Yun over the edge. Left with no other options, Xue Yun had resorted to taking the Scarlet Elixir so that he could take Jian Wushuang down with him.

So it could be said that Jian Wushuang was responsible for Xue Yun’s death.

With Xue Yun’s passing, the Spirit Beast Core in his possession was liberated, drawing covetous looks from the experts of Cloud Mountains who did not have a Core.

Immediately, a fierce war began.

Of course, this war had nothing to do with Jian Wushuang.

Soon, the seven-day deadline was around the corner.

At high noon, the experts of Gold Core emerged from the Cloud Mountains. Those experts who had obtained Cores handed them over to the Golden-armored General, while those who had not could only stand aside and hide their disappointment.

They had tried to win a Core, but their skills had been found lacking.

Among the powerful sects, Dragon Palace emerged as the biggest winner in the selection battle.

The Dragon Palace had sent ten Gold Core masters to participate in the selection battle. Only five had survived, with four of the survivors obtaining the Core.

They were Jian Wushuang, Baili Chen, Yang Zaixuan and Su Rou.

Dragon Palace had accomplished a rare feat by winning four out of fifteen available spots to compete at the Easternmost Hunting.

The fifteen masters who had obtained the Cores and passed the selection battle stood at the center of the arena under the gaze of the warriors gathered there.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Many figures descended from the upper Void. These were the powerhouses from peak of the Yin-Yang Void Realm who had watched the battle from the Void.

Di Xi led the descent, followed closely by Palace Master White and Black, as well as others.

Clothed handsomely in imperial robe and emanating an air of benevolence, Di Xi’s eyes swept over the fifteen warriors.

The fifteen warriors, including Jian Wushuang, were taken aback.

“This has to be the Tianzong Dynasty emperor? His strength is immense.” Jian Wushuang thought.

He had seen many powerhouses from the Yang Void Realm, including Palace Masters Black and White, as well as the golden-armored general who had killed Xue Yun.

While they were strong, he only felt slightly threatened by them.

But this imperial-robed man…

Just a glance from him gave Jian Wushuang an urge to surrender.

This thought was transient but struck terror in Jian Wushuang’s heart.

“Congratulations for passing the selection battle! In two months, you will represent the Tianzong dynasty in the Easternmost Hunting – a major event for the entire northwestern region.” Di Xi said with a clear voice.

“In the next two months, you’ll have to practice hard to improve your skills and become stronger. I hope you give even more stunning performances at the Easternmost Hunting.”

Di Xi paused and turned his attention to the Yin-Yang Void Realm experts behind him.

“I want to make things clear. During these two months, I will not tolerate any attack on these warriors… otherwise…”

Di Xi’s words seemed to be directed at Grayrobe.

Grayrobe’s face fell.

Di Xi’s meaning was clear. This was a warning to Blood Feather Tower to stay away from Jian Wushuang in the next two months. Everyone knew that Di Xi had high hopes for an outstanding performance by Jian Wushuang at the Easternmost Hunting.

Grayrobe had to take the warning seriously.

Although the Blood Feather Tower had special status, it dared not disobey the wishes of the Tianzong dynasty monarch.

“You’re all dismissed,” said Di Xi.

The Yin-Yang Void Realm powerhouses trickled out of the arena, and the fifteen top warriors who would be participating in the Easternmost Hunting returned to their homes.

It was over!

The fierce selection battle that had lasted for seven days finally came to an end.

The warriors who had waited for seven days at Cloud Mountain’s edge also left.

As the warriors left, they discussed the battle between Jian Wushuang and Xue Yun.

That battle had been shocking to all spectators.

This battle would be written in the Millennium Chronicle.

This battle would also be praised by all the experts of the Tianzong Dynasty.

The end of a legend marked the beginning of another!

Jian Wushuang was now legendary among Gold Core warriors in the Tianzong Dynasty.

A new legend!

Returning to Dragon Palace.

There was an uproar in Dragon Palace when the disciples learned that Jian Wushuang had defeated and killed Xue Yun in the selection battle.

On the following day, Tianzong Dynasty’s authoritative Earthly Dragon List was updated.

Many ranked experts had fallen in the selection battle, and previously unknown experts had emerged winners. Naturally, there were many changes in the Earthly Dragon List.

Now, the highest ranked person on the Earthly Dragon List was… Jian Wushuang!

“Earthly Dragon List’s Number 1, Dragon Palace disciple – Jian Wushuang!”

“Ha-ha, the third brother, it’s awesome that you’re first on the Earthly Dragon List!”

The four brothers were gathered at the manor. Wang Yuan laughed heartily while holding his recently acquired, updated Earthly Dragon List.

Beside him, Jian Wushuang, Yang Zaixuan and Su Rou smiled.

“As expected.” Yang Zaixuan said calmly.

Jian Wushuang’s previous ranking at the tenth spot on the list had raised doubts from the Golden Pill Realm experts.

But his current ranking at the top would not surprise anyone.

His showing at the selection battle had demonstrated his real strength and achievements, silencing all nay-sayers!

Jian Wushuang had defeated and killed Xue Yun, who had been ranked first on the Earthly Dragon List. Many warriors had witnessed this moment and were convinced of Jian Wushuang’s prowess. His rank at the top of the list could not be disputed.

It was perfectly justifiable!

He was at the top of the Earthly Dragon List!

“There really are many changes on the new Earthly Dragon List.” Jian Wushuang said, looking at the new list.

The rank on the Earthly Dragon List was as follows…

“No. 1, Jian Wushuang, a disciple of the Dragon Palace!”

“No. 2, Baili Chen, a disciple of the Dragon Palace!”

“No. 3, Mu Yingying, from the Mu clan!”

“No. 4, Feng Yutian, from the Gladiator arena!”

“No. 5, Yang Zaixuan, a disciple of the Dragon Palace!”

“No. 6, Peng Wudao, solitary expert”

“No. 10, Su Rou, a disciple of the Dragon Palace!”

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