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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 179: The Strong Rescue

Chapter 179: The Strong Rescue

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Retreating now was certainly not what Jian Wushuang wanted.

Moreover, although those six purple-masked assassins had a powerful battle formation, they were not strong enough to make him give up without even fighting.

“Soul-Devouring Secret Skill…” Jian Wushuang looked cold. He had already decided to fight against these six purple-masked assassins via Soul-taking Secret Skill.

However, suddenly…


Several figures appeared almost simultaneously in front of Jian Wushuang.

“Hum?” Jian Wushuang winced.

“What?” The six purple-masked assassins also looked at them.

Nine people suddenly appeared, all wearing purple robes and standing side by side in the air. At that moment, nine violent aura radiated from them without scruple, covering the whole area in an instant.

At this moment, the entire Nine Emperors Sect completely quieted down. Everybody was astonished, staring at those nine figures who suddenly appeared.

Among the nine vast auras, eight had obviously reached the Exceptional Yin Void Realm, and the other one was a Yin Void Champion!

This terrifying group was even stronger than the six purple-masked assassins of Blood Feather Tower.

“Purple robe?” Jian Wushuang was a little bit excited.

He seemed to have seen the same purple robe before.

Among the nine figures, the leading heavily built middle-aged man looked towards Jian Wushuang with a smile on his face and said, “Master Wushuang, my name is Dan Jiu, and my Young Master ordered me to help you.”

“Dan Jiu? Young Master?” Jian Wushuang grinned. He already knew who they were.

“Big Brother Wang Yuan.”

Jian Wushuang tightly clenched his fists, with a flicker of delight on his face.

When he first returned to the Dragon Palace, Wang Yuan had given him a big gift, Lin Yun.

Although Lin Yun was a purple-masked assassin from Blood Feather Tower, he was quietly captured by Wang Yuan and tortured in a secret chamber for quite a long time. Wang Yuan’s ability was pretty frightening. Inside the secret chamber, even the guards were experts in the Yin Void Realm.

Jian Wushuang was very curious about Wang Yuan’s real identity. He believed Wang Yuan must have a strong background.

Before Jian Wushuang left to rescue his father, he asked Wang Yuan if he would help. However, Wang Yuan said he couldn’t because he was too weak. But now, it seemed that even though he didn’t come with them, he still dispatched his experts to help in secret.

“Big Brother Wang Yuan, your friendship will be remembered in my heart no matter what,” Jian Wushuang thought to himself.

While the fierce battle was taking place at the Nine Emperors Sect, a huge Purple Cloud Condor was levitating in the air not far away, with its wings flapping. Riding on the Condor, was a fat man who was eating fruits.

This fat man was naturally Jian Wushuang’s good brother, Wang Yuan!

“I thought Wushuang and his comrades could definitely defeat the Nine Emperors Sect with their battle formation, but I did not expect Blood Feather Tower to dispatch so many Yin Void Realm experts,” Wang Yuan muttered while eating fruits.

He had been waiting outside the Nine Emperors Sect for a long time, but he had not taken any action since Jian Wushuang and his comrades possessed the advantage. He had not needed to do anything. But when the assassins of Blood Feather Tower appeared, he immediately sent his experts to support them.

“Young Master, didn’t the Sect Master personally command you not to fight against Blood Feather Tower?” a brown-haired elder, who was levitating beside Wang Yuan said. The elder looked like he had experienced many of the vicissitudes of life. He had several freckles on his forehead, and it seemed like he had already reached his declining years.

“I didn’t. I just had Dan Jiu and several other people block the assassins from Blood Feather Tower instead of killing them, so I did not violate my father’s order. What’s more, it’s just Blood Feather Tower. Even if they are destroyed, what can they do? I don’t think they would dare to revolt,” Wang Yuan scornfully said.

Hearing this, the brown-haired elder next to him shrugged without saying any more.

Inside the Nine Emperors Sect.

“You guys again!”

Ghost Tiger, the leader of the six purple-masked assassins, stared at Dan Jiu and his comrades, who suddenly appeared, with a ferocious light in his eyes.

These purpled-robed people were by no means unfamiliar to Blood Feather Tower.

Just two years ago, Blood Feather Tower forced Jian Wushuang to jump into the abyss, and then they suffered a furious revenge.

That was definitely the most malicious revenge that Blood Feather Tower had suffered since they were established. At that time, they were indeed about to collapse.

However, it was not Dragon Palace that launched this revenge!

Although Dragon Palace was strong, they couldn’t represent the entire Golden-dragon Palace. While Blood Feather Tower was one of the Overlords in Tianzong Dynasty, along with Golden-dragon Palace. However, they did not have an obvious disparity in overall strength. So even if Dragon Palace tried their utmost to seek revenge, Blood Feather Tower could surely handle it.

The key reason the revenge was so miserable was the two forces who secretly supported them. Between those two forces, the purple-robed people were most malicious, and Blood Feather Tower had no way to resist them.

These purple-robed people fought fiercely and resolutely, and they had fathomless strength. They made Blood Feather Tower suffer an unprecedented loss just in two months. Blood Feather Tower would be completely destroyed if the purple-robed people had not stopped.

Now, after two years had passed, facing these purpled-robed people again, how could the purple-masked assassins not be terrified and fearful?

After all, what they suffered two years ago seemed to have just had happened yesterday.

“Oh, Blood Feather Tower, it has been two years since we last met,” Dan Jiu said, smiling lightly with a calm tone.

“Don’t be afraid. We were only instructed to block you. We do not plan to kill you this time. So you guys had better stay where you are without trying anything.”

“Otherwise, we will be glad to play with you guys. Of course, if we engage a fight with you, I can’t guarantee that we will hold back.”

Hearing this, the six purple-masked assassins were seized by rage and the look in their eyes almost seemed to be burning. However, they had to control their anger and nobody dared to do anything.

After all, there was an obvious disparity in strength when facing these purple-robed figures. In regards to strength…they fought with them two years ago, so they clearly understood the strength of these purple-robed people when compared to warriors of the same rank.

If they fought head-on, the six purple-masked assassins were not the match of the purple-robed people.

“Go, seek help from Sir Grayrobe,” Ghost tiger glanced at one of the purple-masked assassins next to him and said.

That purple-masked assassin nodded, and then he turned his hand down. A baby milk bug, the size of a finger, appeared on his hand.

This bug was called Symbiotic Insect. It was not poisonous nor aggressive. However, it had a unique ability, which was “live together, die together”.

Symbiotic Insects were born in pairs, and the two bugs’ lives were tied together. if one died, the other would immediately die too. Some known Sects always used Symbiotic Insect as a unique method for seeking help.

That was what this purple-masked assassin was doing. With a surge of spiritual power and a shake of his hand, the Symbiotic Insect was instantly cut into pieces.

As soon as this Symbiotic Insect died, the other one in Blood Feather Tower base would immediately die as well. The experts in the base would immediately know that their people were in a bad situation, and then they would dispatch more experts to come.

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