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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 184: The Hunt Begins

Chapter 184: The Hunt Begins

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As for his swordsmanship, all Jian Wushuang could do now was to improve his understanding of the Formless Sword Art and Selfless Sword Technique.

The ninth move of the Formless Sword Art had high requirements for Sword Essence comprehension. Jian Wushuang was at the threshold of understanding it based on his comprehension in Fiery Wind Sword Essence. What he needed to do now was mediate on the ninth move.

The Selfless Sword Technique originated from the Ancestor’s Land, so it was high-level sword skill. Although he only had the first half volume, with only six of the sword moves, the power was still extraordinarily powerful.

He had fully mastered the First Move, Idealistic Form, and the second move, Solipsistic Form.

As for the third move, Sky Isolating Form, more studying was needed.

In the following two months, he spent all his time meditating these Sword Arts.

Two months passed in the blink of an eye.

Over ten griffins flew through the air at an amazing speed, quickly halting and then hovering above a vast plain.

“Is this the Easternmost Plain?” Jian Wushuang asked as he raised his head and looked at the endless plain in front of him.

The Easternmost Plain was a vast area located at the center of the Twelve Northwestern Dynasties. It bordered the Twelve Dynasties. The Easternmost Hunt was held here every decade.

Beside Jian Wushuang were the other 14 warriors who were attending the Easternmost Hunt.

These geniuses looked at the Easternmost Plain with expectations.

“Baili Chen, I heard that you made a breakthrough, congratulations,” A beautiful and mischievous girl spoke while looking at Baili Chen. She was Mu Yingying, who was ranked third on the Earthly Dragon List.

“Haha, a stroke of luck,” Baili Chen said while smiling modestly.

During the last two months, all the geniuses who were qualified to attend the hunt had been trying their best to enhance their strength. Among them, Baili Chen improved the most because he had a breakthrough in Spiritual Power in the last two months.

In the end, he chose to suppress his realm, but his strength had reached Half Step Yin-Yang Realm, the same as Ouyang Haotian.

However, Baili Chen’s essence comprehension was much greater than Ouyang Haotian’s. Now that he had reached Half Step Yin-Yang as well, Baili Chen was much stronger than Ouyang Haotian.

“Your real strength must be close to Jian Wushuang’s now that have reached Half Step Yin-Yang, right?” Mu Yingying said smilingly.

“You are flattering me!” Baili Chen shook his head and said, “I know my strength clearly. Though I’m much stronger than before, I am still much weaker than a monster like Jian Wushuang.”

Baili Chen knew himself well enough.

He couldn’t forget the amazing battle between Jian Wushuang and Xue Yun two months ago.

Even though he made a breakthrough, he knew that he still couldn’t win against Jian Wushuang or Xue Yun.

Moreover, even though his breakthrough greatly enhanced his strength during the last two months, Jian Wushuang should have improved as well.

The fifteen geniuses who were attending the Easternmost Hunt were chatting.

Suddenly, a golden figure landed in front of them. It was the Golden-armored General who hosted the selection battle.

“Greetings Sir,” Jian Wushuang and other fourteen geniuses shouted together.

With a cold look on his face and a frightening aura radiating from his body, the Golden-armored General said, “In one more hour the Easternmost Hunt will begin. I am here to tell you the rules before then.”

“The Easternmost Hunt has two phases.”

“The stage one is the hunt, and stage two Is the Point Battle in Sky Valley!”

“First, I will tell you about stage one, the hunt…”

Jian Wushuang and other fourteen geniuses listened carefully.

The Golden-armored General continued, “Since it’s a hunting competition, it means that you are hunters. But your target is human warriors instead of spirit beasts!”

“The vast plain in front of you is located on the border of the twelve dynasties. Because the Easternmost Plain connects the twelve dynasties, so a lot of merchants pass through here.”

“Many traders from the twelve dynasties have to pass through the Easternmost Plain. It attracts criminals who setup bandit gangs and rob the caravans that come through.”

“The Easternmost Plain is full of bandits, including many criminals who fled here because they were wanted by the twelve dynasties.

“This time, those fugitives are your targets.”

“Fugitives?” Jian Wushuang and the others changed their expressions a little.

In this world where the stronger dominate, it’s normal for warriors to fight with each other. Therefore, it’s also common for warriors to kill each other during fierce battles.”

Jian Wushuang, as young as he was, had already killed many warriors.

But the battles that occurred among warriors didn’t cause them to be wanted by the dynasties.

Only crazy and cruel people who committed a flagrant crime would be wanted.

Such as… killing lots of civilians!

Anyway, anyone who was wanted by the dynasties was thoroughly covered in sin.

“The Easternmost Plain is vast and the number of fugitives who flee here from twelve dynasties to become bandits is quite large. But they all have one thing in common, they all wear armlets with ‘Kill’ written on them,” the Golden-armored General said.

“Armelts with Kill on them?” Jian Wushuang was stunned.

“The Kill Armlet exposes their identities,” the Golden-armored General said, “So they don’t dare to wear the armlets in the twelve dynasties, but they do in the Easternmost Plain.”

“There are a lot of bandits in the Easternmost Plain. They are the worst-of-the-worst fugitives who cause chaos. What’s more, they are proud of being fugitives. Therefore, many of them possess high status in bandit gangs.”

“That’s it?” Jian Wushuang immediately understood.

They were proud of being fugitives, that’s why they wore the Kill Armlets at all times.

“The hunt will last for five days. You have to try your best to kill the fugitives and grab their armlets in these five days. In five days, the quantity of armlets and their levels will decide whether you are qualified to proceed to stage two, the Point Battle,” the Golden-armored General said.

“Sir, how many armlets do we need to continue on to the second stage?” Jian Wushuang asked.

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