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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 187: Tang Wuji

Chapter 187: Tang Wuji

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Sitting by a long narrow table, the lukewarm man with a whip did not take Jian Wushuang seriously at first, but he immediately noticed the cold radiance of the sword that appeared in front of him.

“Bro, watch out,” the purple-haired elder next to him shouted aloud, looking completely shocked as well.

Jian Wushuang had taken action just now while surrounded by a crowd of bandits that were trying to kill him.

However, how could he appear in front of them so suddenly?

“This is…” Although still in amazement, the lukewarm man with a whip noticed more than ten bandit corpses out of the corner of his eye.

Did this Profound Gold Core Realm warrior really kill all those bandits in an instant?


After a cold hum, the long narrow table in front of the man was instantly ground into dust. At this point, he immediately stood up and thrust his palm directly towards Jian Wushuang.

His palm was surrounded by a brown halo which was the substantiation of the Earth Essence that he had comprehended.

A fierce slap rushed forward, full of spiritual power from an Initial Yin Void Realm warrior.

Normally, this slap could have easily killed someone at the Peak Gold Core Realm, let alone the Profound Gold Core Realm. However, when the cold radiance of the sword reached him…


The sword directly pierced the man’s palm without any resistance, slicing his palm in half before it went through the lukewarm man’s neck, while maintaining a constant radiance.

The lukewarm man glared, with eyes that were full of amazement, but his figure was slowly falling backward.

“Damn it! Wushuang.”

As soon as the purple-haired elder, the head of the Purple Fire Gang, saw this, a stunningly large axe appeared in his hand and a giant axe shadow cleaved towards Jian Wushuang in an overwhelming way.

“Go away.”

Even without looking at the purple-haired elder, Jian Wushuang waved his sword, which made the elder feel a strong power, causing his breath and blood to be in disorder. Feeling embarrassed, he finally retreated.

After retreating, he hurried to jump up into the air. Then he looked at Jian Wushuang again from a relatively high position.

His eyes were full of panic, and he did not dare to stand on the ground anymore.

“Voidwalk?” Jian Wushuang smiled slightly.

A Yin Void Realm warrior could not be killed as long as he used Voidwalk. But the purple-haired elder was originally not his target. From the beginning, he wanted to kill that lukewarm man, and he had.

“Silver Armlet.”

Jian Wushuang only waved his hand, taking away the man’s armlet and Interspatial Ring. Then he started to look around.

“There are still four more…” Wearing a sardonic grin, Jian Wushuang went directly towards them.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

This slight sound was heard four times in succession. Those four bandits with Black Iron Armlets were killed by Jian Wushuang, leaving behind their armlets for him.

From the very beginning to the end, the First Leader of the Purple Fire Gang was standing in the air, not daring to get involved.

A large number of bandits surrounded Jian Wushuang, watching him in total horror but not daring to take action.

However, Jian Wushuang did not care about these bandits at all, including the purple-haired elder of the Yin Void Realm, whom he did not even take seriously.

When he got all the armlets, he sheathed the Triple-kill Sword. Then Jian Wushuang turned around with all the bandits staring at him.

When he passed the fat middle-aged man, he suddenly halted. Looking at that man, he said with a smile, “Fat man, why don’t you run away? Aren’t you afraid that I will eat you alive?”

After finishing his words, Jian Wushuang left.

The middle-aged man glared and then spontaneously looked up at the purple-haired elder, only to find that his eyes were full of endless killing intent.

The bandits around him were also staring at him.

The fat middle-aged man’s throat began swelling, then he scratched and scrambled towards Jian Wushuang without hesitation.

“Sir, Sir!”

This fat middle-aged man yelled in anxiety, but he quickly changed how he addressed him, “No, Boss. Please wait.”

Jian Wushuang and this man quickly left the residence of the Purple Fire Gang.

In the boundless plain, Jian Wushuang was moving slowly, with a fat man following him.

“Fatty, what is your name?” asked by Jian Wushuang.

“Tang Wuji,” the man answered.

“Where are you from?”

“From Tianzong Dynasty,” Tang Wuji gave an honest reply.

“Tianzong Dynasty?” Jian Wushuang’s expression changed slightly, but there was a more apparent grin on his face.

“I come from Tianzong Dynasty as well. Since you have reached the Exceptional Gold Core Realm, you are supposed to be an expert in the Tianzong Dynasty. So, how did you become a bandit in Easternmost Plain?” Jian Wushuang asked.

“I had no choice,” Tang Wuji helplessly said, “A group of my enemies was trying to kill me, so I had to leave.”

“I had planned to travel to another Dynasty, only to run into the bandits of the Purple Fire Gang when I arrived in Easternmost Plain. Fortunately, I have a silver tongue and tried my best to please them so that I could keep my life. Since then, I have been staying with the Purple Fire Gang.”

“Is that true?” Jian Wushuang frowned and said, “You mentioned that you were faced with a group of enemies, I wonder who they were or which group they belonged to.”

“It was the Nine Emperors Sect,” Tang Wuji said. When he mentioned it, his voice instantly became cold and there was a sharp light shining in his eyes, which made him look totally different from his previous image, when he was mortally afraid of dying.

“The Nine Emperors Sect?” Jian Wushuang became more astonished.

What a coincidence!

When he came to hunt in the Easternmost Plain, the first person he met was this fatty. Not only were both of them from Tianzong Dynasty, but more importantly, they had the same enemy.

After all, the Nine Emperors Sect was complicit with the Blood Feather Tower, which made them enemies with Jian Wushuang.

Jian Wushuang quickly came to a conclusion.

Tang Wuji belonged to the Pavilion of Raindrops, from Tiannan Province.

The Pavilion of Raindrops was known for its ability to collect news from every corner of the city, which made it reputable in Tiannan Province. As for Tang Wuji, he must be the young master from the Pavilion of Raindrops.

Three years ago, the Pavilion of Raindrops and the Nine Emperors Sect fought each other because of some benefits, leading to their destruction by the Nine Emperors Sect. Then, the young master was chased by the Nine Emperors Sect, forcing him to become a bandit in the Easternmost Plain.

“Tang Wuji, since you have stayed in the Easternmost Plain for almost three years, you must be very familiar with these bandit groups, right?” asked by Jian Wushuang.

“Of course,” Tang Wuji nodded with certainty and said, “I, as the young master of the Pavilion of Raindrops, which was best at intelligence, received strict training. Although I my power isn’t the best, when it comes intelligence there is no bandit in the whole Easternmost Plain that is better than me.”

“Good,” said Jian Wushuang with a grin, “So you can just stay with me for the following days.”

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