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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 191: The Rankings

Chapter 191: The Rankings

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Jian Wushuang and the other geniuses all looked serious.

Rewards from the Twelve Dynasty?

But no one present cared about it.

What they really cared about were the old sects.

The Point Battle in Sky Valley was a way to display their strength to the experts of the old sects.

The experts from the old sects did not come to the five-day hunt nor the selection battle in Tianzong Dynasty.

But Sky Valley was different. The Point Battle would attract the interest of the old sects. And how the geniuses performed in Sky Valley would be viewed by the experts of the old sects.

“The Point Battle in Sky Valley will begin tomorrow. The battle will last for ten days, so you guys should stay here tonight and prepare yourselves.” No sooner than the words been uttered, the purple-robed elder closed his eyes, without giving Jian Wushuang and other geniuses one more glance.

But this night was doomed to be restless for these six geniuses.

The night was beautiful.

A towering palace stood on a hill not far from the Sky Valley. The palace was ablaze with light.

The Easternmost Plain had very few buildings since it was a plain. Even the bandits could only simply build mountain villages here.

However, a palace existed on the hill.

Inside the palace, people were singing and dancing. Several formidable auras radiated from here.

The people who gathered in the palace were the Monarchs of the Twelve Dynasties. The Monarch in Tianzong Dynasty, Di Xi, was there as well. But since Tianzong Dynasty was just a small empire, he was sitting at the far corner.

Those Monarchs were talking and laughing.

At this moment, a red-robed woman stepped inside.

“Monarchs, the geniuses from the Twelve Dynasties have reached the Sky Valley entrance. The points they gained in the five-day hunt have been counted, and this is the list,” the red-robed woman respectfully said.

“Ha-ha, finally.”

“Hurry, give it to us.”

“Hurry up, let me have a look.”

Having been rushed by the Monarchs, the red-robed woman gave every Monarch a list.

The list did not only contain the points every genius got in the hunt, but also a ranking according to their points.

“Ha-ha, first place is Meng Wutian, who is from our Angel Empire. I expected that!”

At the head of the table, there were two seats which were obviously bigger than the others. Two people were sitting in the seats, and both were wearing an Emperor Robe. One of them was an elder, who seemed to have experienced many of the vicissitudes of life without losing his majestic appearance.

The other one was much younger. His behavior was a little bit frivolous, but what he said was extremely arrogant.

They were Monarchs of the two large empires in the Twelve Dynasties, which were the Cosmos Empire and the Angel Empire.

The one who was laughing loudly was the frivolous young man, the Monarch of Angel Empire.

“Hem, Ling Xueyu, what a disappointing fellow,” the experienced elder shouted in a deep voice.

First place in the Ranking was Meng Wutian, who was from the Angel Empire.

Second place was Ling Xueyu, who was from the Cosmos Empire.

“Ha-ha.” The frivolous man laughed even louder.

“Don’t be complacent. The points are just from the hunt in the first stage. It’s just the beginning. We should focus on the upcoming Point Battle!” the experienced elder looked at the frivolous man and said.

“Meng Wutian is indeed ranked first according to the current points, but the ranking might change after the Point Battle,” the elder continued.

“Oh? Maybe?” The frivolous man laughed. His eyes were filled with pride.

He knew what the elder said was true, but he did not care.

Since, at this moment, the Angel Empire had attracted more attention than the Cosmos Empire did.

The other monarchs below were carefully reviewing the list as well.

“As expected, the geniuses who are ranked close to the top are from large empires.”

“The geniuses in our middle-sized empires already did a good job just by being on the Ranking.”

“Look, there is a genius from the Tianzong Dynasty ranked in the top ten.”


The Monarchs in the palace were all stunned. They immediately looked at Di Xi, who was sitting in the corner.

By then, Di Xi was reviewing the list as well. After seeing Jian Wushuang’s name in the top ten, his eyes were glistening.

“Ha-ha~ good job, the young man did a good job,” Di Xi could not help laughing loudly as he spoke.

Seeing the state of Di Xi, the Monarchs of the other Dynasties around him all looked embarrassed, and a few of them were even jealous.

“Driftcloud Empire is a middle-sized empire, but we failed to produce a genius who could make it into the top ten of the Rankings. Yet this Tianzong Dynasty, which is just a small empire, managed to have one?”

A few Monarchs from the middle-sized empires felt it was a loss of face for them.

But they could control themselves.

After all, these points were just for the first stage, which didn’t mean anything.

The coming Point Battle in Stage Two, which would begin soon, was the real competition for the geniuses of the Twelve Dynasties.

There would be an updated list after the competition. That list would be the most important.

“By the way, the Point Battle of Sky Valley will begin tomorrow. At that time, the experts from the old sects will come to have a look,” the frivolous man said suddenly.

No sooner had the Monarchs in the palace heard someone speak about the old sects, then they immediately quieted down.

“Many old sects will come this time, I already knew six of them. Among the six old sects, one is the Wilderness Sword Sect!” the frivolous man smiled and said.

“Wilderness Sword Sect?”

“One of the Eight Sects of Nanyang!”

“How could the Easternmost Hunt this year attract someone from the Wilderness Sword Sect?”

Everybody in the palace was in shock.

There were differences in strength among the old sects. The Wilderness Sword Sect, which was known as one of the Eight Sects of Nanyang Continent, had a strong heritage that was naturally better than other old sects.

Needless to say, the geniuses would have greater opportunities in the Wilderness Sword Sect than in some of the other old sects.

“The Wilderness Sword Sect? It’s a sect that specializes in sword skills,” Di Xi’s eyes lit up and muttered, “Jian Wushuang is talented in Sword Principle. With such talent in Sword Principle, he might be valued by the experts of the Wilderness Sword Sect.”

“Alright, let’s end the party. You guys have the rest of the night to meet your geniuses. You can show them the list and give them some instructions. Tomorrow, everything will depend on their own ability,” the experienced elder said sonorously.

As soon as the elder uttered this, the Monarchs in the party fanned out one after another.

Di Xi had lost no time gliding towards Sky Valley with the list in his hand.

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