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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 195: Frontal Defeat

Chapter 195: Frontal Defeat

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“This is our first battle in Sky Valley,” Jian Wushuang looked around at the other five warriors and said, “We must beat them smoothly and quickly to impress the experts from those old sects.”

“Let’s get them!”

“Go and hit them!”

“Ha-ha, kill them!”

The six warriors immediately moved, and in the next moment, the battle between the two teams started again.

But this time, Jian Wushuang and his team showed their true strength.

“What?” Lin Nan, who was fighting Jian Wushuang, was the first one to shout out in astonishment.

Lin Nan had been looking down on Jian Wushuang’s strength, thinking that it was not bad for ninth place. But now, after Jian Wushuang demonstrated his true strength…

A sword swept out, which contained three torrential sword essences, Gale, Raging Fire, and Waterdrop. When it clashed with Lin Nan’s long stick, he was instantly blown backwards.

“Hmm, Half Step Yin-Yang Realm, and he’s combined two essences. His battle strength is only a little bit better than Ouyang Haotian, whom I killed. But he is still much weaker than Xue Yun.” Jian Wushuang’s eyes were cold as a sword light blazed forward in the next moment.

Selfless Sword Technique, Idealistic Form!

The sword light pierced the air like a flood dragon and appeared in front of Lin Nan in the blink of an eye.

Lin Nan swung his long stick, struggling to withstand the coming attack. But the sword light stormed toward him and knocked his long stick back.

Then a hint of killing intent flashed in Jian Wushuang’s eyes.

Formless Sword Art…the ninth move was displayed in an instant.


The sword swept through Lin Nan ‘s throat at an amazing speed.

Lin Nan’s eyes were wide open as he died. He couldn’t imagine how Jian Wushuang, who should be weaker than him, could attack with such amazing battle strength.

Three sword moves!

It took Jian Wushuang only three sword moves to defeat him this time!

The first sword move knocked him backward, the second one blew away the long stick in his hand, and the last one killed him mercilessly.

Smoothly and quickly!

The situations in the other battlefields around him were also one-sided.

Baili Chen, Feng Yutian, and Yang Zaixuan’s strengths completely erupted!

Baili Chen was already 26th in the Rankings.

But, Feng Yutian and Yang Zaixuan had displayed a battle strength that could almost compare with Baili Chen’s.

“How is this possible?”

“Their battle strength.. increased?”

“They didn’t improve. They just deliberately hid their strength.”

“Oh, no!”

As a sudden cry sounded out, the geniuses from the Driftcloud Empire looked toward the voice. They happened to see the scene where Lin Nan was killed by Jian Wushuang. These geniuses’ faces drastically changed in an instant.


“Escape now!”

“ Tianzong Dynasty really a small empire?”

These geniuses from Driftcloud Empire were incomparably frightened as they fled in disorder, not daring to stay any longer.

But since the battle already started, it was hard to escape.

“Go to hell!”

“Ha-ha, stay here!”

Baili Chen and the other warriors immediately chased after them. Meanwhile, Jian Wushuang who had just killed Lin Nan, started to take action as well.

In the end, only two of the eight geniuses from Driftcloud Empire were lucky enough to escape. While the rest of the six geniuses were ruthlessly killed by the six-warrior team.

Jian Wushuang and the others stood in the battlefield, looking at the dead bodies of the geniuses from Driftcloud Empire around them. Smiles emerged on their faces.

This was their first battle in Sky Valley!

Their adversary was Driftcloud Empire, one of the six middle-sized empires.

Yet, they defeated this team perfectly.

Only two of the eight geniuses from Driftcloud Empire escaped by luck, while the other six warriors, including two geniuses who were in the Half Step Yin-Yang realm, were killed.

As for the two escaped geniuses, they should have no choice but to crumble their tokens and give up.

That was to say, Driftcloud Empire’s geniuses were wiped out because of this battle!

Up in the air, above the area.

“Ha-ha… Well down, so well down.”

Di Xi pounded the table and stood up, with a dense glow sparkling in his eyes and a surprised smile on his face.

On the contrary, the monarch of Driftcloud Empire’s face turned rather livid.

While the monarchs of the other dynasties were also wearing a strange expression.

“How could a small empire defeat a middle-sized empire face-to-face?”

“Are the geniuses of Driftcloud Empire really so disappointing?”

“It’s not that they are disappointing. It’s because those geniuses from the Tianzong Dynasty this time are unusually extraordinary!”

“Indeed. We all saw the battle just now. Among the six geniuses from Tianzong Dynasty, four of them have enough battle strength to be placed in the top 30 of the Rankings. Not only that, Jian Wushuang is ninth place in the Rankings. With a strength like this…It is stupid for those geniuses from other dynasties to still think of them as a team from an ordinary small dynasty.”

Those monarchs were all sighing.

The Sky Valley Point Battle had just begun, and Driftcloud Empire was the first dynasty that was defeated.

So to speak, the battle was a disgrace to the Driftcloud Empire. In contrast, Tianzong Dynasty was shining this time.

Even the experts from those old sects, who were gathered together in the air, noticed Jian Wushuang and his team.

“Bring me the information of those little guys.”

Attendants immediately gave the information of Jian Wushuang and his team to the experts from the old sects.

The attendants who were qualified to appear here were all Yin Void warriors.

The experts from the old sects read the information with interest.

“Tianzong Dynasty, although just it is a small empire, has some pretty outstanding geniuses this time.”

“Yes, especially the leading one called Jian Wushuang. He is only in the Profound Gold Core Realm, but his strength is already so incredible. In addition, he is very young, under 20 years old. ”

“Wow, combining Gale, Raging Fire, and Waterdrop sword essences together at such a young age is very impressive.”

These experts were laughing and talking, but they still looked calm.

“Sir, here is the information on the geniuses from the Tianzong Dynasty.” an attendant submitted the information to Mo Lingtian.

“Put it here,” Mo Lingtian said casually but didn’t even bother to look at it.

“Mr. Lingtian, the little guy named Jian Wushuang is quite good, and luckily for him, he is a warrior cultivating Sword Principle. Aren’t you interested in him?” Another expert from an old sect asked him.

“Jian Wushuang?” Mo Lingtian looked down at the ground, sneered, and said, “Combining three sword essences, so what?”

“The three essences he comprehended are just normal essences. He hasn’t even mastered a special essence. The Wilderness Sword Sect won’t accept such trash. If any of you are interested in that little guy, you are welcome to take him in as a disciple.”

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