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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 198: First on the Bounty List, Yang Tian

Chapter 198: First on the Bounty List, Yang Tian

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Yang Zaixuan half closed his eyes as an astonishing aura began radiating from his body. The aura was gathering, and in no time it reached a level that was far beyond the scope of the Gold Core Realm. But soon after, the aura was suppressed.

The aura quickly calmed down, but Yang Zaixuan’s aura was obviously much stronger than before.

“Half Step Yin-Yang?”

“Ha-ha, he achieved another breakthrough!”

“Second Bro, congratulations.”

Jian Wushuang and his comrades all looked at Yang Zaixuan with happy smiles.

They knew that Yang Zaixuan had achieved the Half Step Yin-Yang Realm.

Counting Baili Chen and Feng Yutian, their group now had three geniuses in the Half Step Yin-Yang Realm.

What’s more, Yang Zaixuan possessed a fierce battle strength. Before he reached the Half Step Yin-Yang Realm, his battle strength was already powerful enough to reach the top 30 in the Rankings. Now his battle strength should have increased a lot.

“Second bro, your strength should be as good as mine now,” Jian Wushuang said, then touched his nose and stared at Yang Zaixuan with a weird look.

“My strength is still weaker than yours, but I should be powerful enough to put up a fight,” Yang Zaixuan said while throwing a slight smile on his cold face.

“Second bro, your breakthrough enhances our overall battle strength, and that’s what matters,” Jian Wushuang said with a smile.

Baili Chen and several other comrades all nodded excitedly.

What Jian Wushuang said was correct.

The Point Battle in Sky Valley was a contest of overall strength. Now that Yang Zaixuan had a sharp increase in strength, there was no doubt that it greatly enhanced the overall battle strength of their group.

If they fought with the group from the Cosmos Empire now, it would be much easier for them.

Jian Wushuang and his comrades were still immersing themselves in the joy and celebration for Yang Zaixuan’s breakthrough. However, the seven warriors from the Cosmos Empire group, who just had a fight with Jian Wushuang’s group, were now slowly moving ahead toward a nearby hill.

“How shameful! We are the geniuses from the Cosmos Empire. How could a group, formed by such geniuses, be defeated by a group from a small empire?” Gu Yan’s face was turned livid with rage.

The faces of his comrades darkened as well.

Among them, there was a green-robed man. He was one of those in the top 30 places of the Rankings, and had just fought with Yang Zaixuan a while ago.

“That guy just now…” The green-robed man was muttering while walking, and his eyebrows were bent.

“What happened, Chu Dong?” Gu Yan looked at him and asked.

“Nothing. I just feel like the guy I fought with looks familiar, as if I have seen him before,” the green-robed man replied.

“Oh?” Gu Yan was stunned.

Once a warrior formed a Gold Core, he would possess an extraordinary memory. Normally, as long as they met someone once or they had an impression of someone, it would be hard to elude them.

Since Chu Dong felt Yang Zaixuan looked familiar, they should have met each other somewhere before.

“You are from the Cosmos Empire, but that guy was from Tianzong Dynasty. The two dynasties are so far away from each other, and the disparity between the two dynasties in strength is so big. How could that happen?” Gu Yan said questioningly.

Chu Dong patted himself on the head and began rummaging through his memories. Suddenly he widened his eyes and said, “I got it, I got it!”

“It’s him!”

“This is beyond my expectations!”

Chu Dong shouted horrifyingly.

“Who is he?” Gu Yan immediately asked.

Chu Dong took a deep breath, and then said seriously, “He is Yang Tian, he ranks first on the Bounty List in our Cosmos Empire!”


What Chu Dong said shocked Gu Yan and several of the other geniuses standing beside him.

Cosmos Empire contained vast territory, with a big population and numerous warriors.

Needless to say, such a big Dynasty would have plenty of problems. So there was a Bounty List in the Cosmos Empire.

The Bounty List was personally created by the Imperial House of the Cosmos Empire. The people who appeared on the list were all important criminals who the Imperial house wanted. They attached a lot of importance to them.

Yang Tian, the son of King Yang, ranked first on the Bounty List!

The Imperial house of Cosmos Empire offered rewards for the capture of Yang Tian, and that already showed…

Anyone who was able to kill Yang Tian and bring back his body, along with his Interspatial right, to Imperial house, would be offered the position of First-class Duke. He would also receive three fiefs, 500,000 silvers, and 10,000 Elixirs. On top of that, he could choose a treasure from the Imperial Treasury.

If he was able to capture Yang Tian alive and hand him over to the Imperial house, then he would be given the position of First-class Commandery Prince. He would also receive eight fiefs, 5,000,000 silvers, and 100,000 Elixirs. He could even choose 3 treasures from the Imperial Treasury.

The status of First-class Commandery Prince was an unparalleled position in the Cosmos Empire. Their status was right next to members of the Imperial house. Eight fiefs were equal to a province in terms of territory.

Silvers and Elixirs were only a secondary concern.

Choosing three treasures from the Imperial Treasury was also a fatal attraction to any warrior in the Cosmos Empire.

Afterall, the Imperial Treasury was countless times more valuable than the Secret Pavillion in Tianzong Dynasty’s Dragon Palace.

Needless to say, the treasures in the Treasure Pavilion were extremely valuable. Picking any three, how great would that be?

When the reward offered was announced several years ago, all warriors in the Cosmos Empire were shocked.

Many warriors were eager to find the Yang Tian mentioned in the rewards. However, Yang Tian had simply disappeared, and nobody knew where he went.

But now, Yang Tian had reappeared?

What’s more, he reappeared in the Easternmost Hunt held by the Twelve Northwestern Dynasties.

“Chu Dong, are you sure your eyes did not deceive you? Did you really just fight with Yang Tian?” Gu Yan asked. He was a little bit excited.

Finding Yang Tian meant that they were one step closer to obtaining the rewards. Who wouldn’t be excited?

Even for the geniuses in the Cosmos Empire, killing Yang Tian was much more important than displaying their strength in front of the old sects.

First-class Commandery Prince!

That was the same as being an overlord in the Cosmos Empire.

Even if they were unable to capture Yang Tian alive, they could still kill him. That way, they could at least get the position of First-class Duke and be a local Despot.

“I met Yang Tian once a few years ago, so I’m sure I don’t have the wrong person,” Chu Dong said and nodded solemnly.

With Chu Dong’s confirmation, the geniuses from the Cosmos Empire got excited.

“Yang Tian, who ranks the first on the Bounty List!”

“Kill him. We have to kill him no matter what!”

“He must die!”

The eyes of those geniuses were sparkling with excitement.

“Yang Tian must be killed,” Gu Yan said coldly, “But he is currently in the group from the Tianzong Dynasty. It will not be easy for us to kill him.”

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