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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 202: Fight to the Death

Chapter 202: Fight to the Death

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What Jian Wushuang said completely exhilarated his present comrades.

Sweeping over the Twelve Northwestern Dynasties and creating a new legend!

But what was a legend?

A small dynasty making its way upstream and destroying the middle-sized empires or even the two large empires… This was supposed to be a legend!

Now Jian Wushuang said that he wanted to lead them to create a new legend. How confident of him to say that…

“I believe you.” Su Rou solemnly looked at Jian Wushuang without any doubts in her eyes.

Yang Zaixuan looked at Jian Wushuang as a smile slowly grew on his cold face.

Baili Chen, Feng Yutian, and Mu Yingying smiled as well after they glanced at each other. Their smiles were full of expectations.

After a while, Jian Wushuang sat down on the field with his legs crossed. He closed his eyes, and then engaged himself in the breakthrough.

Yang Zaixuan, Su Rou, and the other three comrades stationed themselves around him quietly. They had to ensure that nobody disturbed Jian Wushuang until he completed the breakthrough.

By then, geniuses of the Cosmos Empire were quietly waiting in the jungle, which was not far from Jian Wushuang and his comrades. Among them, there was a black-robed woman trying her utmost to hatch an insect.

Soon after, the hatching was complete and a winged insect emerged in people’s visions.

“Done,” the black-robed woman held her head up and said.

“Is it finally done?” Ling Xueyu smiled coldly and said. “Then lead the way.”

The black-robed woman nodded, and then everybody followed behind the insect and walked directly toward where Jian Wushuang and his comrades were.

This was seen by the monarchs of the 12 Dynasties and the experts of the old sects, who were levitating above the Void.

“Bloodarmor Bug? It seems that the Cosmos Empire have targeted the young men of the Tianzong Dynasty.”

“It’s unbelievable that they raised a Bloodarmor Bug! To raise a bug like that, they need to feed it their own blood since its birth. The geniuses in the Cosmos Empire seem a motley crew.”

“With the Bloodarmor Bug leading the way, the group from the Cosmos Empire can find the group from the Tianzong Dynasty soon. This fight may leave Tianzong Dynasty with no chance to even struggle!”

“Exactly. After all, Ling Xueyue is in the group. Even if a genius of the Tianzong Dynasty was from the same place, he would only be able to barely survive when confronting Ling Xueyu, even when trying their utmost”

“Ling Xueyu is an exceptional genius who is ranked second place on the standings. He is a monster. Meng Wutian, who is ranked first on the standings, is also a monster. Their strengths are far more powerful than those of other geniuses.”

Those top geniuses were casually talking. All of them believed that the Tianzong Dynasty had no chance to win this time.

Even Di Xi was now worried as he frowned.

He was unwilling to retreat, but he knew that their group might have no way to resist the enemies, because the group from the Cosmos Empire gathered their top geniuses and even Ling Xueyu was with them as well.

The outcome, then, would be Jian Wushuang’s group being killed.

“Look at the young man called Jian Wushuang. He is sitting on the field while the geniuses from the Cosmos Empire are approaching. It seems he is comprehending something!” an expert from an old sect suddenly said.

“Oh?” The other experts looked toward Jian Wushuang as well.

“Ha-ha, he is!”

“He has not achieved comprehension until now? It’s too late!”

“The geniuses from the Cosmos Empire will confront them in a while. At this point, even if he has a breakthrough in his strength, the result won’t change!”

The experts from the old sects were talking and laughing.

In the first day of the Grabbing Battle, Jian Wushuang attracted the eyes of the experts from the old sects. This was mostly because he was young, as well as the fact that he had incredible strength.

However, as a few days passed, Jian Wushuang made no progress, which made them completely lose interest in him.

Even though it seemed that Jian Wushuang had been comprehending something, how much he could improve himself now?

The experts from the Cosmos Empire would arrive soon and, by then, they would outclass Jian Wushuang and his companions.

“Hmph, a good-for-nothing from a small empire.” Mo Lingtian totally ignored Jian Wushuang. The only person he was interested in was Ling Xueyu.

In the blank field center of a lush jungle in Sky Valley.

Yang Zaixuan, Su Rou, and the other comrades were maintaining sharp vigilance, but they were disrupted by successive whoosh sounds.

With the sounds of a few sharp winds, several figures with violent breath instantly appeared in front of them.

“Everybody from the Tianzong Dynasty, here we meet again,” Gu Yan said with a smile.

Seeing that the geniuses from the Cosmos Empire appeared in front of them again, Yang Zaixuan’s and his comrades’ faces instantly darkened. By then, they already noticed the young man who was standing ahead and carrying a Blood Sword on his back. He looked icy, and his glance was fixed on Jian Wushuang and his comrades.

“Ling Xueyu!”

“It’s him!”

“The monster ranked second place on the rankings!”

Yang Zaixuan’s and the other four comrades’ faces darkened further.

It should be known that the alliance between the two groups of Gu Yan and Zhang Kong had left them with no chance to stand against them. Worse still, the two groups arrived simultaneously, together with the well-known monster Ling Xueyu. How was it possible for them to resist?

“What we should do? Should we just escape?” Mu Yingying couldn’t help but ask.

“No, we shouldn’t,” Su Rou directly shook her head and said. “It’s the crucial moment for Wushuang to complete his breakthrough. We can’t let anybody disturb him. Otherwise, he won’t be able to breakthrough. What’s worse is that he will turn berserk.”

“We can’t escape… Then we have to fight to the death!” Baili Chen said coldly.

“There’s no other choice except to fight,” Yang Zaixuan said flatly. Not soon after he had spoken, golden Spiritual Power surged from his body. A horrible breath suddenly burst out.

“Ha-ha, High Heaven Technique.” Seeing the golden Spiritual Power surging around Yang Zaixuan’s body, Ling Xueyu looked excited. He instantly bounded up and directly levitated towards Yang Zaixuan.

“I will take care of Yang Tian. You guys handle the rest.”

Hearing what Ling Xueyu said, Gu Yan and Zhang Kong frowned. However, they did not dare to violate Ling Xueyu’s instruction. So each led a group and then directly glided toward Su Rou and her comrades.

“Go to hell!”

Gu Yan fiercely hacked his giant axe, which seemed to be able to split through the sky and earth.

Zhang Kong held a long spear in his hand. The long spear was dark and violently pierced through the Void like an awl.

By then, the remaining geniuses from the Cosmos Empire each aimed at an enemy as well.

Everybody was trying their utmost.

“Stop them from moving close to Wushuang,” Su Rou snarled. A vast breath could be seen instantly raising up from her body, followed by the Aquamarine Torrent surging out. The torrent was even stronger than before.

The Aquamarine Torrent filled the entire sky and earth, covering all geniuses from the Cosmos Empire.

Subsequently, several aquamarine long spears appeared in the Aquamarine Torrent.

“Here we are again!”

“This lady is really hard to deal with!”

“Be careful, the power from these spears is more powerful than the sharp barbs from before.”

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