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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 207: Catastrophe

Chapter 207: Catastrophe

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The experts of the other old sects smiled after hearing Mo Lingtian’s words.

They now needed to consider what price they would pay to attract Jian Wushuang.

Except for the Wilderness Sword Sect, which would not step in, the other old sects must be unwilling to give up. There was no doubt that the one who offered the best condition could get Jian Wushuang.

The experts of the other old sects started to ponder.

Another event was occurring in Sky Valley.

Jian Wushuang bumped into the geniuses of the Immortals-killing Empire after killing the geniuses of the Cosmos Empire.

It caused the Monarch of the Immortals-killing Empire to become a bit anxious. He finally breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that Jian Wushuang did not kill Ling Xueyu.

Then all of the Monarchs’ face turned somewhat stiff because of what happened next.

All the geniuses of the Immortals-killing Empire handed over their armlets and left.

From now on, the team from Tianzong Dynasty possessed the armlets of all the geniuses of the two large empires.

“It’s interesting now. The small team of the Tianzong Dynasty has all the armlets of the two large empires. Armlets represent points, thus that team has most of the points for now. If there’s no accident, those from the Tianzong Dynasty will rank from number one to sixth in the new standings after this battle is over.”

“A small empire will take top six in the standings!”


All the Monarchs were overwhelmed.

“The Tianzong Dynasty is really a small empire?”

This time the small team of the Tianzong Dynasty performed incredibly well.

As for the previous Easternmost Hunting, the top 10 normally came from the two large empires in the revised rankings after the Point Grab Battle.

Even some powerful middle-sized empires, like the Ziyi Dynasty, could hardly reach top 10 in the standings, let alone those small empires.

However, this time all of those in the top six would come from the Tianzong Dynasty.

What did it mean?

A miracle!

As a small empire, the Tianzong Dynasty had really created a miracle in this Easternmost Hunting.

It was a miracle that no other small empires had ever achieved before.

Di Xi, the Monarch of the Tianzong Dynasty, momentarily had a dazzling smile on his face.

“Good! Very Good!

“Good boy, I’m proud of you!”

As a Monarch, Di Xi laughed hysterically like a fool. His laughter aroused the other Monarchs’ attention. They enviously looked at Di Xi.

“What? What’s that?” a Monarch suddenly exclaimed.

Upon hearing this, the other Monarchs looked down and their expressions suddenly changed.


“What happened?”

“Who are they?”

All the Monarchs of the 12 Dynasties became furious.

Di Xi felt shocked when he saw several black figures rush toward where Jian Wushuang stood at an amazing speed in Sky Valley.

“The black robe… purple mask.”

“Blood Feather Tower!”


Di Xi immediately stood up as a terrifying aura gushed out of him.

As the first one of Tianzong Dynasty to be on the Heavenly Dragon List, Di Xi himself was very strong.

“Bastard, how dare you mess up the Easternmost Hunting.”

“How did they get in?”

“The experts guarding Sky Valley haven’t blocked them?”

Every Monarch’s expression turned cold.

It was unexpected that a group of experts directly intruded into Sky Valley when the Point Grab Battle had not ended yet.

Boom… With a terrifying aura rising up, the experts of the 12 Dynasties were ready to kill the intruders in black.

However, at this moment…


A figure showed up like a ghost and immediately stood in front of them.

The experts held their stances and looked at the figure.

The man wore a gray robe.

“The 12 Dynasties, and the experts from old sects, nice to meet you all. I’m Grayrobe from Blood Feather Tower,” the man said kindly.

“Blood Feather Tower?”

All the Monarchs of the 12 Dynasties frowned slightly.

Some of them had heard about Blood Feather Tower, but most of them knew nothing about it.

Blood Feather Tower was just a small force in the Tianzong Dynasty. It did not deserve to be mentioned in the 12 Northwestern Dynasties.

Therefore, the experts of old sects had never heard about it.

“You ordered them to intrude into Sky Valley?” The Monarch of the Immortals-killing Empire, a frivolous young man, stared at Grayrobe as if he was watching a small ant.

“Yes.” Grayrobe nodded.

“Grayrobe, your Blood Feather Tower must have some guts. In order to kill Jian Wushuang, you dare to mess up the Easternmost Hunting?” Di Xi spoke with a cold look.

“Our Blood Feather Tower always has the guts.” Grayrobe smiled and then looked around. “Everyone, please wait here until we finish our task. Then Easternmost Hunting can continue.”

“Hehe, you should be clear about who you’re talking to before you talk.” The Monarch of the Immortals-killing Empire slowly stood up, with his killing intent fixed on Grayrobe. Grayrobe immediately felt a shiver.

“You must be the Monarch of the Immortals-killing Empire. You are really powerful!” Grayrobe glanced at the Monarch of Immortals-killing Empire in terror, and then he smiled again.

“Our Blood Feather Tower is bold indeed, but we’re not impetuous. Without any special reason, how dare we come to kill people in the Easternmost Hunting?”

Then Grayrobe turned over his hand and took out a light golden token.

A character “Holy” on the token attracted their attention.

“This is…”

As soon as they saw the token, the Monarchs of the 12 Dynasties, as well as experts of old sects were terribly shocked.

Obviously, they recognized the token and knew what it represented.

“Now, you should understand why I dare say this,” Grayrobe said with a faint smile. Then he put it away and looked at the Monarch of the Immortals-killing Empire.

With cold eyes, the Monarch of the Immortals-killing Empire gradually calmed his roaring killing intent. After giving Grayrobe a meaningful glance, he finally sat down again.

The other Monarchs looked at each other and then sat down one after another.

The experts of the old sects were clearer about the token than the Monarchs of the 12 Dynasties. They knew that the token represented a kind of extremely horrific power.

They could only shake their heads with resignation.

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