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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 215: You Must Die!

Chapter 215: You Must Die!

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Jian Wushuang hit three trees successively like shells. The trees collapsed and then his body came to a halt.

“An expert at the Peak of the Yang Void Realm is powerful indeed.” Jian Wushuang’s eyes were slightly cold and he was imbued with helplessness.

An expert at the Peak of the Yang Void Realm was much stronger than Grayrobe in the Initial Yang Void Realm.

Although his strength surged after executing the Soul-taking Secret Skill, it still was lacking in power to fight Mo Lingtian.

Mo Lingtian’s casual move, which didn’t require that much effort apparently, could still outclass him easily.

“I cannot defeat him.”

Just in a single encounter, Jian Wushuang realized how far apart are his and Mo Lingtians capabilities. There was no choice but to escape.

But before leaving…


Suddenly, Jian Wushuang turned around and dashed out.

“Little guy, do you still want to escape?” Mo Lingtian was roaring with anger and he didn’t want to let Jian Wushuang slip away at all.

But Jian Wushuang only took a few steps before he changed direction.


Mo Lingtian was stunned for a second and then he realized that the direction Jian Wushuang was dashing towards was where Grayrobe was located.

“Does he want to kill Grayrobe?”

“Oh no!”

Realizing that, Mo Lingtian became much more serious and dashed towards the same direction.

Above the void, Grayrobe gave a treacherous smile thinking that Jian Wushuang would be killed by Mo Lingtian.

Suddenly, he saw Jian Wushuang dashing toward him.

“Huh?!” A flicker of fear appeared in Grayrobe’s eyes.

He saw the entire process that Jian Wushuang fought with Mo Lingtian. Although Jian Wushuang was outclassed, Jian Wushuang’s outbreaking strength was stronger than his.

Now, Jian Wushuang was dashing toward him with pure killing intent.

Grayrobe felt a slight tremble of fear within his heart, but quickly enough he calmed himself down.

“After all, he was only at the level of the Primordial Gold Core. I don’t think he will make it.”

Grayrobe was roaring and his blood-red blade flashed a chilly light in his hand. Then he started levitating.

Jian Wushuang was filled with killing intent as he stared at Grayrobe.

“Other than you, everyone present can leave unharmed!”

The killing intent was roaring. The Triple-kill Sword lashed out and the golden Flowing Light swept again in a short time.

“Insect, go to hell!” Grayrobe was roaring and his blood-red blade stabbed towards Jian Wushuang.


With a loud voice, the terrific power was sweeping around crazily.

Grayrobe’s pupils dilated at this time. He lowered his head and saw a bowl-like gaping hole in his chest. The gaping hole went through his body and punctured his heart.

Grayrobe’s eyes still revealed a gleam of disbelief. However, his breath began to dissipate and his body shortly thereafter fell down on the ground.

He was too arrogant.

He had never thought that a warrior at the Primordial Gold Core Realm could kill him.

However, even before performing the Soul-taking Secret Skill, Jian Wushuang was on equal grounds with the Grayrobe in terms of power. Grayrobe did not expect that Jian Wushuang became much stronger than him with the help of the Soul-Devouring Secret Skill.

Had the Greyrobe turned around to escape when he saw Jian Wushuang dash towards him instead of confronting him, he might have had a chance to live.

His arrogance had cost his life.

“Damn it!”

Seeing Grayrobe’s death, Mo Lingtian gave a solemn look.

He wanted to connect to Holy Emperor Palace via Grayrobe. But now, Grayrobe was killed by Jian Wushuang.

“Little guy, you should die without mercy!”

The aura from Mo Lingtian had surged to a shocking level.

After killing Grayrobe, Jian Wushuang immediately continued to run, but he was much slower compared to Mo Lingtian.

“There is no obstacles above the void. It’s easy for him to chase me at this speed unhindered. But as long as I run into the jungle, I may escape successfully.” Jian Wushuang thought secretly.

Even in this time, he could still keep level-headed and search for a way to escape.

However, at this point…


A purple-robed figure appeared behind him without any notice.


Jian Wushuang was surprised by this as he did not expect anybody other than Mo Lingtian to follow him.

But it was obvious that the purple-robed person did not want to fight with him because he was blocking Mo Lingtian.

“This person…”

Mo Lingtian also saw the person and was confused by the sudden appearance.

But the purple-robed person had said nothing since his appearance. The individual was only standing in between Mo Lingtian and Jian Wushuang. Soon enough the person clenched his right palm into a fist and then began to attack Mo Lingtian.

“What?” Mo Lingtian was not only surprised but confused as well.

The moment the purple-robed person gave the first punch, Mo Lingtian felt a terrific power instantly.

Although he did not have this power, he was familiar with it.


After letting out a scream of terror, Mo Lingtian’s Long Sword was taken out without any indiscretion. This time, he performed the strongest move in his life.

A streak of the sword shadow drew a special ring, just like a thunderbolt, and then burst out swiftly and violently at the unknown individual.

The sword shadow appeared in front of the purple-robed person directly.

Instantly, the punch the purple-robed person gave became more powerful.


With a loud noise, the void seemed to be distorted.

Many streaks of intangible ripples were waving. In the beginning, it was very quiet, but then, the ripples formed into a terrific salvo of a power storm. The power storm was sweeping above the void without any obstruction.

Likewise, above the void, the experts from the 12 dynasties and the old sects all became the storm’s target indiscriminately. All of them could not help but close their eyes.

The two terrifying power were crashing into each other.

However, suddenly…

Hearing the fracture of his bone, Mo Lingtian widened his eyes and only felt that the enormous power was transmitted through his right hand. In an instant, all the bone in his right arm fractured. Then he started to feel blood in his throat, making him vomit a mouthful of blood, before violently retreating.

One punch!

Mo Lingtian who was at the expert at the Peak of the Yang Void Realm suffered serious injuries due to a single punch!

Above the void, everything became still and silent.

The experts from the 12 dynasties and the old sects were all staring at the purple-robed person with pure shock.

They all found that not only the purple-robed person reached the Peak of the Yang Void Realm, but also comprehended the Origin!

Such experts stood at the top of the pyramid in the Nanyang Continent. They were only weaker than the legendary experts who were Divine Transcendence.

Now, such an expert appeared before them.

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