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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 216: Wang Yuan’s Identity

Chapter 216: Wang Yuan’s Identity

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“You are?” Jian Wushuang stopped in his tracks and gave a look of surprise at the purple-robed figure.

At once, several purple-robed figures appeared in the void.

Amidst the purple-robed figures was a Purple Cloud Condor in the middle and a man sitting on it.

“Third Brother.” Wang Yuan looked over at Jian Wushuang.

“Eldest Brother,” Jian Wushuang could not help but smile as he realized who the purple-robed person was.

Donning a purple robe, it was certain that he was one of Wang Yuan’s people.

As soon as Wang Yuan got news that a number of killers from Blood Feather Tower had gone to the Easternmost Plain, he hurriedly came over, arriving just in time.

“I’m not late, am I?” Wang Yuan said with a smile.

“No, right on time.” Jian Wushuang grinned and instantly stopped his Soul-taking Secret Skill.

The Soul-taking Secret Skill would be of too much harm to Jian Wushuang’s body. The longer he used it, the weaker he would get.

He felt a sharp pain as if his body was about to collapse.

“Come on, come on to the condor,” Wang Yuan said.

Jian Wushuang leaped onto the back of the Purple Cloud Condor and sat down.

“Those killers of the Blood Feather Tower were targeting you. Where are they now?” Wang Yuan asked curiously.

“I killed them all,” Jian Wushuang said coldly, “the only one left alive is from the Wilderness Sword Sect.”

“The Wilderness Sword Sect?” Wang Yuan glanced over at Mo Lingtian.

Mo Lingtian’s breathing weakened drastically. He was badly wounded after the run-in with the purple-robed person.

Seeing the purple-robed figures, Mo Lingtian’s eyes darkened. He said coldly, “I am the Law-enforcing Elder of the Wilderness Sword Sect. Who are you? How dare you hurt me? How dare you!”

“Hurt you?” Wang Yuan sneered and said, “Not only can I hurt you, I can also kill you!”

“Dan Yi, kill him.” Wang Yuan ordered.

“Yes,” the purple-robed person who had fought with Mo Lingtian replied. He then raised his head and locked his eyes with Mo Lingtian.

Mo Lingtian suddenly felt great panic.

“I’m the Law-enforcing Elder of the Wilderness Sword Sect, how dare you kill me?”

“Kill me, and none of you can get away!”

Mo Lingtian exclaimed wildly.

But Wang Yuan was unfazed by his threat.

The Wilderness Sword Sect was only a small fry to him.

“Eldest Brother.” Jian Wushuang suddenly called.

“What is it?” Wang Yuan looked over at him questioningly.

“I want to kill him,” said Jian Wushuang.

“You? Are you able to do it this instant?” Wang Yuan looked at Jian Wushuang, surprised.

Judging from Jian Wushuang’s appearance, Wang Yuan knew he was in a bad state now. Even if he were alright, he would be no match for Mo Lingtian.

“Of course I’m not in the best state to kill him now, but I will do it eventually.” Jian Wushuang smiled.

He did not want to use others to kill his enemies. Wang Yuan was his brother and unless necessary, he hoped that he could kill all the enemies by himself.

“Are you sure?” Wang Yuan said with a deep look in his eyes.

“Yes.” Jian Wushuang nodded seriously.

“Fine, I will keep him alive for now. But even if he’s not killed just yet, he should still be taught a lesson.” Wang Yuan turned his eyes coldly.

“Dan Yi!”

After a shout from Wang Yuan, Dan Yi got the hint and immediately moved to Mo Lingtian.

What followed was a slap on Mo Lingtian’s face.

Too fast!

Though both of them were at the peak of the Yang Void Realm, Dan Yi was much stronger because he understood the Origin.

Without giving Mo Lingtian a chance to react, Dan Yi slapped him across the face.


Mo Lingtian spat out a mouthful of blood and rolled dozens of meters away. When he finally stood up, a red palm was seen on his face.

Feeling the fiery pain on his cheek, Mo Lingtian felt ashamed and resentful.

An expert at the Peak of the Yang Void Realm was slapped in front of so many people. How could he not feel ashamed?

“You, you…”

Mo Lingtian stared at Dan Yi, Wang Yuan, and the others.

“What did we do?” Dan Yi glanced at him coldly.

Mo Lingtian was stunned and did not dare say another word.

Dan Yi had two shots and with successive blow, he inflicted greater fear.

“You said none of us could get away if you killed us?” Dan Yi stared at Mo Lingtian with cold eyes. “Hmph, I’m afraid your Sect Master would dare not admit that, you, a Law-enforcing Elder?

“Even if our young master of the Alchemy School killed you, so what?

“The Wilderness Sword Sect dare not express any dissatisfaction.”

Hearing that, Mo Lingtian was shocked and he began to shudder.

“Alchemy, Alchemy School!”

Mo Lingtian looked at Dan Yi with fearful eyes, and turned to look at Wang Yuan who was sitting on a Purple Cloud Condor. For a moment, his head was a blank.

The experts of the 12 dynasties and the old sects around also gave a gasp of shock at this moment.

“Alchemy School!”

“Could they be from the Alchemy School?”

“The Alchemy School, a force that can stand up against the Holy Emperor Palace as an equal!”

“Mo Lingtian should provoke the Alchemy School.”

Many experts present were knowledgeable.

They knew what a horrible force Holy Emperor Palace was.

Naturally, they knew that the Alchemy School was also a powerful force that could be a match for the Holy Emperor Palace.

That was why they were shocked.

Meanwhile, they all turned to Wang Yuan sitting on the Purple Cloud Condor.

“He is young master of the Alchemy School!”

At once, their expressions showed respect.

Wang Yuan, seated on the Purple Cloud Condor, seemed like a normal fat man with weak Spiritual Power of the Initial Gold Core Realm.

His identity shocked them all.

The young master of the Alchemy School!

Standing in front of such a noble person, what could the Law-enforcing Elder of Wilderness Sword Sect do?

As Dan Yi had said, nothing would happen even if he killed Mo Lingtian.

The Wilderness Sword Sect would not dare to complain.

It seemed that the Wilderness Sword Sect would not seek revenge for him but had to calm the young master’s anger.

“Mo Lingtian!”

Jian Wushuang’s voice called out suddenly and people around looked over in an instant.

“I, Jian Wushuang, have always given kindness for kindness and hatred for hatred. Today, although the experts of the 12 dynasties and the old sects have treated me unfairly, I know they have their difficulties. I am understanding and do not hate them.

“But you, you are different!

“I say it again, there will be a time for that!

“From now on, we are at deep enmity with each other!”

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