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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 218: Lord of Nanyang, Holy Emperor Palace!

Chapter 218: Lord of Nanyang, Holy Emperor Palace!

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“The Nanyang Continent covers a vast, boundless land.”

“There are thousands of Dynasties in the huge territory, but the most powerful forces come from the old sects.”

“There are different old sects. Some are strong; some are weak.”

“Quite a few sects joined the Easternmost Hunting. Most of them are very strong enough for an empire, but they still don’t deserve a mention in the Nanyang Continent.”

“The Wilderness Sword Sect might be the only sect worth mentioning.” Wang Yuan said with a smile.

On hearing this, Jian Wushuang gave a strange look.

Many of the geniuses from the 12 Dynasties, who attended the Easternmost Hunting, desired to join the old sects.

In Jian Wushuang’s eyes, the old sects were attractive, but now, Wang Yuan gave him a different perspective.

“Except for the Wilderness Sword Sect, did the old sects deserve a mention?”

Jian Wushuang could not help but sigh. He felt his status was far from Wang Yuan’s.

He had limited experience because he was born in the Tianzong Dynasty, and never even stepped out of it. However, as the young master of the Elixir School, Wang Yuan held a different vision.

Wang Yuan continued, “Third Younger Brother, let me tell you the whole makeup of the Nanyang Continent.

“The whole thing can be summarized in one sentence.”

“One palace, one school, three valleys and four temples, eight sects, as well as thousands of Dynasties.”

“Needless to say, thousands of Dynasties refer to those Dynasties in the Nanyang Continent.”

“Speaking of ‘three valleys and four temples’ and eight sects, the eight sects refer to the eight top sects. The Wilderness Sword Sect is one of them, but in recent years, the Wilderness Sword Sect has not made any progress and their experts become less and less. It won’t take long before it will be replaced with other sects.”

“As for ‘three valleys and four temples’, the seven forces were stronger than the eight sects, but three valleys were much more powerful. Our fourth younger sister is from one of them, the Ice Nether Valley.”

“Oh?” Jian Wushuang looked toward Su Rou in surprise.

He had been curious about Su Rou’s origin. Now he finally knew where she was from.

It turned out that she came from the Ice Nether Valley, which was quite powerful and much stronger than the Wilderness Sword Sect.

“As for one palace and one school…” Wang Yuan had not yet finished what he was saying.

“Holy Emperor Palace and Elixir School?” Jian Wushuang asked, facing Wang Yuan.

“Right.” Wang Yuan nodded. “Holy Emperor Palace and Elixir School are the two most powerful overlords in the Nanyang Continent. They control countless Dynasties and various Sects, and rule the endless territory.”

“Now you’re targeted by Holy Emperor Palace, one of the two overlords.”

Jian Wushuang’s face fell.

In the Sky Valley, he had realized the force he faced was extremely powerful. So much so, the 12 dynasties, as well as the old sects, became frightened.

He had not expected that he was targeted by Holy Emperor Palace, which was known as the overlord in Nanyang.

Since it was one of the most powerful forces, Jian Wushuang could not figure out why he could be its main target.

“Why would I attract such attention?”

Wang Yuan continued, “Third Younger Brother, since you were chased by experts of the Blood Feather Tower and had to jump into the abyss, I became furious and wanted to exterminate Blood Feather Tower to avenge you. It was going smoothly for two months, but my father suddenly ordered me to stop seeking revenge against the Blood Feather Tower…”

“I felt strange at that time!”

“I finally realized that Holy Emperor Palace turned out to be the backer for the Blood Feather Tower.

“It is Holy Emperor Palace that has been trying to kill you!”

“I was petrified,” Wang Yuan sighed. “Third Younger Brother, are you so strong that you’re the target of the Holy Emperor Palace?”

“I haven’t figured out why Holy Emperor Palace wants to kill you.”

“I’ve checked your record and know your life experience. I’ve also checked information about your parents, but I haven’t found any evidence that you or your father have provoked Holy Emperor Palace.

“Your father has been targeted by Holy Emperor Palace. In order to catch him, it dispatched some experts to slaughter Ji Clan with the help of the Blood Feather Tower.

“There must be a major reason why they eagerly want to kill you both.”

Wang Yuan turned to Jian Wushuang expectantly for his reply.

Yang Zaixuan and Su Rou also turned towards Jian Wushuang.

“Um…” said Jian Wushuang, frowning.

“It’s fine if you’re unwilling to tell us,” Wang Yuan said casually.

“It’s not like that. In fact, I’m not quite clear about it myself.” Jian Wushuang shook his head, looking upset.

What he said was the truth.

Though he had been hunted down by the Blood Feather Tower and the Holy Emperor Palace, he could not quite put a finger on why they were after him.

He could only suspect that it might be related to the awakening of Sword Soul as well as Ancestor’s Land.

However when it came to the exact reasons why, he did not know.

He had thought hard about it, but it was never certain.

“You don’t even know why you became the Holy Emperor Palace’s target either?” Wang Yuan asked in astonishment.

Jian Wushuang shrugged his shoulders with resignation.

While the four of them were chatting, a figure suddenly showed up above the Void nearby.

It was a white-haired elder, who was standing with his hands crossed. He looked downwards, his robe fluttering in the wind.

Strangely, the white-haired elder came from nowhere, without any aura emitted.

These group of purple-robed people stood beside Wang Yuan. Dan Yi, who was an expert at the Peak of the Yang Void Realm and understood the Origin, was usually vigilant. Yet they did not notice when the white-haired elder showed up.

One of the purple-robed people finally noticed the white-haired elder when he happened to look towards the Void.

“Who is that?”

Finally realizing the white-haired elder’s presence gave the purple-robed person a shock.

The other purple-robed people all looked toward the elder.

Dan Yi instantly shifted his feet and stood in front of the white-haired elder.

Taking a closer look at the white-haired elder, Dan Yi was in shock.

Although the white-haired elder looked ordinary with no aura emitted, Dan Yi knew that only a top expert could control his Spiritual Power to such an extent.

The white-haired elder quietly stood there, but Dan Yi felt an unprecedented pressure.

Dan Yi immediately recognized the white-haired elder.

“Divine Transcendence!”

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