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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 219: The Wine Master

Chapter 219: The Wine Master

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Jian Wushuang and the three others immediately noticed the white-haired elder.

“This man…” Jian Wushuang looked at the white-haired elder in astonishment.

He felt as if the white-haired elder merged into nothingness, because he could not sense the elder’s existence if he closed his eyes.

It was the first time that he had encountered such a strange feeling.

The elder’s identity was soon confirmed.

“The Divine Transcendence!”

“This is the legendary master?” Jian Wushuang had a serious look on his face.

The Divine Transcendence was known to be a legend.

This legendary expert was a rare sight even amidst the Nanyang Continent. But there was one now, right before their eyes.

The white-haired elder above the Void smiled and slowly took a step forward. With only one stride, he had covered hundreds of feet across the Void. He landed on the ground, standing before the four of them.

Dan Yi and the group of purple-robed people immediately stood beside Wang Yuan, lest the white-haired elder hurt Wang Yuan.

“Old guy, who exactly are you?” Wang Yuan spoke with a hint of caution.

Only Wang Yuan, of prominent status, dared to call the legendary master “old guy”.

“I am the Wine Master!” the white-haired elder answered.

“Wine Master? You are Elder Wine Master?” Wang Yuan’s eyes flashed with a hint of surprise. Dan Yi was also shocked.

“You have heard about me?” Wine Master looked at Wang Yuan with a faint smile.

“I’ve heard my father mention Elder Wine Master several times. He said that you were a close friend of his. You had even asked my father to help you refine elixirs,” Wang Yuan changed his tone of voice and said the last point rather respectfully.

“That’s true,” the Wine Master said with a smile. “I travel around the world and have a few friends, including your father.”

“Why do you come here, Elder Wine Master?” Wang Yuan asked.

The others let out a sigh of relief.

They thought that the Wine Master would not hurt Wang Yuan since he was their Sect Master’s good friend of many years.

“I came here not for you, but for him,” Wine Master replied while pointing his finger at Yang Zaixuan.

“Me?” Yang Zaixuan said slightly taken aback.

He had never met the Wine Master. Moreover, there was a huge gap between their ranks so it was impossible that he would have anything to do with Wine Master.

He could not figure out what Wine Master would want with him.

“Young man, what’s your name?” Wine Master looked at Yang Zaixuan and asked.

“I’m Yang Zaixuan,” Yang Zaixuan answered.

“Yang Zaixuan?” Wine Master repeated in a quiet voice, and continued, “I’m carefree and live without being tied down anywhere. I always travel around the world alone with my wine pot and my saber. I passed by Sky Valley and saw you.

“You have good talent and your bladesmanship is the same as mine. I want you to be my personal disciple. Would you like to accept it?”

“Oh?” Yang Zaixuan stared at the Wine Master.

Jian Wushuang and Su Rou also looked at Yang Zaixuan in astonishment.

“The super expert comes here to call for a disciple?”

“He will take on Yang Zaixuan as his personal disciple?”

If news that a legendary master of Divine Transcendence was recruiting disciples spread, countless other experts would immediately rush over. However, this time, the Wine Master came to invite Yang Zaixuan personally.

This special treatment…

Even Jian Wushuang looked at Yang Zaixuan with somewhat, an envious look.

This was an expert of Divine Transcendence. From what Wang Yuan said, they knew that the Wine Master must be extraordinarily powerful.

How lucky it was to become the legendary expert’s disciple!

However, Yang Zaixuan frowned slightly with a flicker of hesitation in his eyes.

Wang Yuan spoke anxiously. “Second Younger Brother, why are you hesitating? Accept it quickly. Elder Wine Master is the top expert in the Nanyang Continent. Even my father thinks highly of him.

“Elder Wine Master is righteous and straightforward, and always lives up to his word. He wants you to be his personal disciple, which is equal to getting pennies from the heaven! Accept it quickly!”

“Second Younger Brother,” Jian Wushuang cried.

No one would miss such a great opportunity. It did not make sense for Yang Zaixuan not to accept the chance.

“Elder,” Yang Zaixuan said in a low voice. “To be honest, My name is Yang Tian. I rank number one on the bounty list of the Cosmos Empire. I afraid that I’ll get you into trouble with the Cosmos Empire if I become your disciple.

“Moreover, I have one broken arm…”

“Haha, I thought you had graver worries. That is your main concern?” Wine Master said with a faint smile.

Wang Yuan had an odd look on his face.

He had heard the story about the Wine Master. Although it was a large empire, the Wine Master would not put the Cosmos Empire in his eyes.

The Wine Master said with a smile, “Kiddo, listen, don’t worry about being my disciple. As for the Cosmos Empire, don’t think so much about them. They don’t have guts to piss me off. If you want revenge on Cosmos Empire, you can wait until you achieve more. You can do whatever you want, and I won’t stop you.

“As for the severed arm, a Purple Fire Body Shaping Elixir can fix it. Though I don’t have it now, I can go to ask the Elixir School to give me one.”

Upon hearing this, Yang Zaixuan immediately knelt down and respectfully kowtowed to the Wine Master.

“Disciple Yang Zaixuan pays my respects to Master!”

“Stand up,” Wine Master said with a slight smile. Yang Zaixuan instantly followed the order.

“Since you are my disciple, you have to travel around with me. Would you be willing?” Wine Master asked.

“Your disciple is willing.” Yang Zaixuan nodded without hesitation.

“Good, do you still have anything to settle? Do it as soon as possible. Once it’s done, you can go with me,” Wine Master said.

“I have nothing else, so we can leave now,” Yang Zaixuan replied.

“Then let’s go,” Wine Master said, with his body slightly floating.

Yang Zaixuan turned to look at Jian Wushuang, Wang Yuan, and Su Rou.

“I will be going. Let us get together again when I come back,” Yang Zaixuan said seriously.

“Please go,” Wang Yuan spoke casually.

“Second Elder Brother, congratulations,” Jian Wushuang said with a smile.

“Congratulations to you,” Su Rou repeated.

Yang Zaixuan nodded in response and left with the Wine Master.

Jian Wushuang and the other two stood there, heaving a sigh.

“A while ago, he was just talking with us. The next moment, he becomes Wine Master’s disciple. How lucky he is!” Jian Wushuang smiled.

“A lucky guy. The Wine Master is the top expert. Countless geniuses are eager to be his disciple. Once Second Younger Brother became his disciple, he must’ve been over the moon,” Wang Yuan said.

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