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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 227: Three Opportunities

Chapter 227: Three Opportunities

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“Is it like this?” Jian Wushuang secretly nodded.

He was born in the Mansion of Sword Marquis, but he never knew such history there.

At the same time, he was saddened by the current situation of the Mansion of Sword Marquis. After all, it had been a powerful Sect before.

“What is Sword Soul?” Jian Wushuang looked at Jin Ling and asked, “Why have people been trying to assassinate me ever since my Sword Soul was awakened?”

Jian Wushuang had been eager to know this for some time.

Blood Feather Tower never stopped attempting to assassinate him. What’s worse, now the Holy Emperor Palace had taken part in the assassination. It was known that among the assassinations he suffered, several had made him nearly die.

That was why he was so eager to know the reason.

“I know this as well,” Jin Ling said, “Sword Soul is the soul of the Sword Principle. It can only be awakened by the geniuses who are born with astounding talent. Even when the Bloodline of Sword Ancestor was at its peak, only two or three geniuses awakened their Sword Soul over several decades.

“Even though the Bloodline of Sword Ancestor has declined, your father and then you awakened the Sword Soul, which could only be called a miracle.

“As for the assassination…

“That was because the transcendent forces which toppled the Bloodline of Sword Ancestor knew the existence of the Mansion of Sword Marquis a long time ago. However, powerful as the forces were, they were unable to completely eliminate the Mansion of Sword Marquis and finish the Bloodline of Sword Ancestor due to some special reasons!

“Although they weren’t able to completely destroy the Bloodline of Sword Ancestor, they could stop it from re-emerging.

“Therefore, the transcendent forces had been sending people to watch the Mansion of Sword Marquis. The ordinary disciples in the Mansion of Sword Marquis wouldn’t threaten them. Even if one or two disciples became geniuses, the forces wouldn’t attach much weight to them. However, the Sword Soul…

“Even in the Bloodline of Sword Ancestor when in its peak time, the ones who are able to awaken the Sword Soul can be called the super geniuses. Such geniuses will gain great achievements in the future, as long as they do not stumble midway. The ones who are more powerful can be absolute experts. Only such geniuses can attract the force’s attention and make them fear.

“So, no sooner had the Mansion of Sword Marquis possessed a super genius who awakened the Sword Soul, than the violent force immediately took actions to eliminate him. That’s why your father and you became their assassination targets.”

Hearing this, Jian Wushuang was stunned. “Is this the reason? Unbelievable!” he muttered.

The people who had awakened the Sword Soul were all super geniuses. They would make the transcendent force fear the repercussions. That was why the force wanted to kill them.

But the ordinary disciples in the Mansion of Sword Marquis did not attract the transcendent force’s attention at all.

“You just said that the transcendent force is unable to destroy the Mansion of Sword Marquis due to some special reasons. What are the reasons? Who is the violent force? Is it the Holy Emperor Palace?” Jian Wushuang asked without stopping.

Jin Ling furrowed her brow slightly, shook her head and replied, “The questions you are asking are beyond your authority. I can’t tell you.”

“What?” Jian Wushuang was astonished.

Jin Ling continued, “The three tests in the Ancestor’s Land represent three kinds of identities and authorities.

“You just passed the first test. So being an ordinary disciple in the Bloodline of Sword Ancestor, you are just authorized to know some basic questions about the Bloodline of Sword Ancestor.

“The questions you just asked belong to the scope of the core disciple, only they are authorized to know. To become a core disciple, you need to pass the second test. However, you are not qualified to challenge the second test at all with your current Realm.”

Jian Wushuang’s expression changed, but he soon calmed down by taking a deep breath.

“Do you have any other questions?” Jin Ling looked towards Jian Wushuang and asked.

“No,” Jian Wushuang shook his head and replied.

He already knew a lot.

At least he knew the reason why he had been chased. He also knew the relationship between him and the Ancestor’s Land.

It was already enough. For the other questions, he had to put them aside and figure them out later.

“Good then. You are too weak right now, so it’s pointless even if you know a lot. Your current priority is to try your utmost to increase your strength,” Jin Ling said with a smile.

“You passed the first test of Ancestor’s Land. As per the rule, you can get three opportunities.”

“Three opportunities?” Jian Wushuang immediately looked towards Jin Ling and asked with excitement.

Opportunity and danger often accompanied one another.

During the first test, he’d almost found himself dead several times. Finally he passed it, which meant he got three opportunities. It’s just he did not know what they were.

“Three opportunities total. The first one is that you may freely ask for three things. They can be Nature Treasures, manuals about Cultivation Method, or rare elixirs. But, the condition is they must apply to the authority of the ordinary disciples.”

“Tell me, what is it you need?” Jin Ling asked.

Jian Wushuang at once set himself into thinking.

He could only ask for three things, so he must think about it carefully.

“I’ve made up my mind,” Jian Wushuang suddenly looked up and said.

“Tell me.” Jin Ling replied.

“I need a treasure that can help me to recover the Dantian and strength,” said Jian Wushuang.

“Recover the Dantian?” Jin Ling looked at him in surprise.

“My father’s Dantian was destroyed.” Jian Wushuang explained.

“I see.” Jin Ling nodded slightly and then immediately said, “There are two kinds of treasures that can recover the Dantian. One is Seven-colored Soul-seizing Vine, and the other is Reversal Red Scorching Elixir.

“Both can recondition the broken Dantian. However, their disparity in effect is enormous.

“The Colorful Spiritual Vine is a kind of nature treasure, which is extremely rare and precious. It can not only help someone to recondition the Dantian, but can also make the Dantian be more vast after the reconditioning. The vast Dantian will greatly enhance a person’s strength in activating and storing up Spiritual Power.

“With the Seven-colored Soul-seizing Vine, your father’s broken Dantian could be reconditioned, but he has to rely on himself to accumulate the Spiritual Power. That is to say, his re-cultivation must be started with the Spirit Path.

“Of course, his re-cultivation speed will be extremely fast. It won’t take long for him to reach the Realm he was at before. In the future, he will have more opportunities to challenge the higher levels!

“However, the Reversal Red Scorching Elixir is a little bit extreme.

“It can recondition your father’s Dantian as well. The difference is that after the reconditioning, your father’s strength can be immediately recovered. At the same time, the Reversal Red Scorching Elixir will substantially extract your father’s potential, and then make his strength directly ascend to a higher level!

“Needless to say, the extraction of the potential is helpful. However, it has a disadvantage as well. The disadvantage is that once your father greatly enhances his strength, his Realm will be hindered. In the future, he will barely be able to improve his Realm.”

Speaking of this, Jin Ling paused, and looked towards Jian Wushuang one more time.

“Between the two treasures, the Seven-colored Soul-seizing Vine has a higher value, but you are not qualified to get it yet with your current authority, so you can only choose the Reversal Red Scorching Elixir.”

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