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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 233: Pavilion of Raindrops

Chapter 233: Pavilion of Raindrops

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A sinister killing intent filled the air.

Transparent blades made of pure spiritual power suddenly emerged from the air in front of Jian Wushuang.

These transparent blades flew out swiftly and smoothly across the void, appearing in front of the glum elder.

“What?” The glum elder could not react in time at all.

Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi! Chi!

The transparent blade easily penetrated body after body. The glum elder and his people widened their eyes and then fell to the ground.

In just a moment, the experts from the Nine Emperors Sect were all killed.

“This…” The coquettish lady was stunned.

But Jian Wushuang did not care at all. Turning around, he looked at the coquettish lady and asked, “I overheard from these people that you are from the Pavilion of Raindrops?”

“Yes.” The coquettish lady nodded.

“Then let me ask you, what is your relationship with Tang Wuji from the Pavilion of Raindrops?” Jian Wushuang inquired.

“Tang Wuji? He is my brother. He is now the Pavilion Master of the Pavilion of Raindrops,” answered the coquettish lady.

“You are the sister of Tang Wuji?” Jian Wushuang’s face had unbelief written all over it.

Tang Wuji was a person Jian Wushuang met during the Easternmost Hunting. Back then, he knew that Tang Wuji was from the Pavilion of Raindrops. He had also heard that the place had been destroyed by the Nine Emperors Sect.

Tang Wuji was definitely a big, fat, ugly man. Therefore, it was hard to imagine that his sister could be so beautiful with a figure that was even more enchanting.

“Now, things are getting interesting!” Jian Wushuang smiled faintly.

The Pavilion of Raindrops was well-known all throughout the city.

A few years ago, the Pavilion of Raindrops held a lot of influence in the Tiannan Province. They were especially outstanding in the providing information.

However, later news spread that the Pavilion of Raindrops angered the Nine Emperors Sect who later destroyed it. Just half a year ago, the Pavilion of Raindrops’s young master Tang Wuji returned and spent a great deal of money to rebuild the pavilion.

The newly-constructed Pavilion of Raindrops was much stronger than before.

In the headquarters of the Pavilion of Raindrops lay a secret chamber.

“Gentlemen, the Nine Emperors Sect are invading fiercely. We must use all our might to deal with them. Otherwise, if we are careless, the Pavilion of Raindrops will die an irrevocable death,” the stocky middle-aged man Tang Wuji said in a low tone.

“Pavilion Master, in my personal opinion, let us accept the Ouyang clan’s request. With the Ouyang clan supporting us, we do not have to worry at all about the Nine Emperors Sect,” a man with dashing eyebrows said in a low tone.

“Agree to the Ouyang clan’s requests? Impossible!” Tang Wuji shook his head decisively. “If it was only a matter of listening or following their orders, I would still consider. But to admit the Pavilion of Raindrops into the Dark Hall of the Ouyang clan is out of the question.

“Even if the Pavilion of Raindrops were to disappear right at this moment, I still would never agree to the Ouyang clan’s conditions!”

Tang Wuji’s eyes flickered seriously and his voice was as strong as steel. He had no trace of indecisiveness.

At this precise moment, the door to the secret chamber suddenly opened. A servant of the Pavilion of Raindrops walked in and greeted respectfully. “Pavilion Master, Miss Xue’er has returned. She mentioned that a man has come to find you. Previously when Miss Xue’er was in the Dark Forest, she was attacked by experts from the Nine Emperors Sect. It was this man who saved Miss Xue’er.”

“Huh?” Tang Wuji tremored, his gaze burning with irritation. “The Nine Emperors are so despicable. They even dared to send people to catch my sister! Let Xue’er and her savior in.”

“Yes, master.” The servant promptly retreated to complete his order.

Not long after, the coquettish lady and Jian Wushuang walked into the secret chamber together.

“Xue’er.” Tang Wuji could not help but smile upon seeing the coquettish lady.

“Brother,” The coquettish lady ran hastily to Tang Wuji and said, “I almost fell into the hands of the Nine Emperors Sect this time but he saved me. You have to thank him as well on my behalf.”

“Is it so?” Tang Wuji said with a smile, casting his gaze on Jian Wushuang.

Taking a look, Tang Wuji could not believe his eyes.

“You, you are… elder brother?” Tang Wuji’s voice was so agitated that he started stuttering.

“Tang Wuji, long time no see.” Jian Wushuang’s face cracked into a smile.

“Haha, boss, it really is you.” Tang Wuji laughed heartily and embraced Jian Wushuang. He subsequently pulled Jian Wushuang to sit in front of the wooden table in the secret chamber. With a wave of his hand, the table was filled with delicious wine and food.

“Boss, we haven’t seen each other in more than half a year. I think about you even when I’m dreaming,” Tang Wuji said.

“Can you not be so mushy?” Jian Wushuang winked at Tang Wuji.

“Haha, let’s have a drink first.” Tang Wuji began to pour Jian Wushuang some wine.

Tang Xue’er and the Guests of Pavilion of Raindrops watched this scene unfold with shocked incomprehension.


Tang Wuji looked like he was at least 40 years old, yet Jian Wushuang looked like he was in his twenties. The age gap was so large, yet Tang Wuji called Jian Wushuang his boss?

This form of address inevitably made them feel quite weird.

“Tang Wuji, it seems like you are doing quite well aren’t you?” Jian Wushuang drank a cup of wine and cast an interested glance at Tang Wuji.

“Haha, all thanks to you Boss.” Tang Wuji smiled. “Back then when we parted at the Easternmost Plain, didn’t you gave me a bit of money, Boss? That much of money was an enormous amount compared to the wealth accumulated by the Pavilion of Raindrops.”

Jian Wushuang raised his eyebrows.

When he parted with Tang Wuji at the Easternmost Plain, he did indeed give Tang Wuji an amount of money which he won from killing numerous Yin Void experts at the Easternmost Plain.

As for the exact amount of money he gained, he did not count. But he was sure it was not a small sum.

“I took that bag of money, returned to the Tianzong Dynasty, and returned to Tiannan Province. I immediately gathered all the old departments in the Pavilion of Raindrops and used only half a month to reconstruct the place. Subsequently, I spent another substantial amount of money to invite a few Yin Void Guests whom you now see before you.” Tang Wuji pointed to the Yin Void experts.

“With the help of these Guests, my Pavilion of Raindrops rose to power again. Within the short span of two months, the Pavilion of Raindrops now holds an influential position in the Tiannan Province. In the future, I have plans to establish contact with the Ouyang clan!

“With the backing of the Ouyang clan, the growth of my Pavilion of Raindrops will naturally speed up,” Tang Wuji said.

“It looks very impressive. But when I first arrived, everyone seemed very worried?” Jian Wushuang smiled.

Alarmed, Tang Wuji looked awkwardly and sighed. “My Pavilion of Raindrops may have risen, but the Nine Emperors Sect that destroyed the Pavilion of Raindrops in the past now has plans of attacking us.

“Over the past six months, my Pavilion of Raindrops has never had any conflicts with the Nine Emperors Sect. As we have the support of the Ouyang clan, we are on an equal footing with the Nine Emperors Sect.

“But yesterday, the Nine Emperors Sect seemed to have gone crazy. They actually dared to spread the news that they will destroy my Pavillion of Raindrops in three days!”

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