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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 236: Getting Into Action

Chapter 236: Getting Into Action

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The headquarters of the Raindrop Pavilion is located in the Ancient Heart City of Tiannan Province.

The Nine Emperors Sect had already spread the word, in three days they would destroy the Raindrop Pavilion.

Today is the day.

The whole of Ancient Heart City, including the various Sects of Tiannan Province, had their eyes on the Raindrop Pavilion.

Inside the pavilion, the atmosphere was strangely dense. Many warriors had come together to receive orders from Tang Wuji, with the guests earlier as a secondary authority.

And as for Jian Wushuang, his presence was only known to a few in the whole Raindrop Pavilion.

This dense atmosphere was broken by a sudden gust of wind sweeping towards them from far away.

“They’re here!” Tang Wuji had a stiff expression as he stood on the roof and gazed forward, off into the distance.

In the distance, a large number of black dots began appearing in quick succession. The warriors from the Nine Emperors Sect mostly rode on griffins. Only five people were able to Voidwalk, arriving at the headquarters of the Raindrop Pavilion in an instant.

“This lineup…”

Seeing the warriors from the Nine Emperors Sect right before their eyes, everyone in the Raindrop Pavilion became distressed.

Only five people in the Nine Emperors Sect had reached Yin-Yang Void Realm, and they were all here. Not only that, more than half of the warriors who had reached the Exceptional Gold Core Realm were here as well.

“They brought everyone they could.”

Quite a few warriors from various places were hidden in the surrounding area. Seeing this scene unfold before their eyes caused them to sigh.

Three people stood on top of a tall building that was close. They were also aware of what was happening at the Raindrop Pavilion.

These three people were from the Ouyang clan, and one of them was Ouyang Xiu, who had previously been reprimanded by Jian Wushuang.

“Hmm, the Nine Emperors Sect has gone all out. They are determined to destroy the Raindrop Pavilion, so I really want to see if they can survive past today.” Ouyang Xiu had a cold expression as he stared at the warriors of the Raindrop Pavilion with hatred.

“Ouyang Xiu, which one injured you?” An elegant man peacefully asked.

“That man is not amongst these warriors, he should be hiding somewhere nearby, or maybe he has already left,” Ouyang Xiu replied.

“You have reached the Profound Yin Void Realm, but that man could still injure you so easily. He must at least have reached the Exceptional Yin Void Realm, or maybe even be a Ying Void Champion. According to your description, he is very young. Even I am curious about this young and forceful warrior,” the man smiled and said.

“Hmm, it was only because I underestimated him, giving him the chance to attack. If we were to fight one-on-one, he might not be my opponent,” Ouyang Xiu whispered.

“Oh?” The elegant man raised his brow and smiled, not saying anything else.

The warriors of the Nine Emperors Sect had all arrived before the headquarters of the Raindrop Pavilion.

Mo Feng, the Upper Elder of the Nine Emperors Sect, cast a glance at the numerous warriors and waved his hand.

“From today onwards, there will no longer be a Raindrop Pavilion in Tianzong Dynasty!”


There was not any trash-talking. The purpose of the Nine Emperors Sect’s attack this time was to claim authority once and for all.

The warriors of the Nine Emperors Sect were all ready. Upon Mo Feng’s orders, each of them turned into hungry wolves and headed towards the warriors of Raindrop Pavilion.


Tang Wuji let out a hungry cry. Although the warriors of Raindrop Pavilion were not as good as those from the Nine Emperors Sect, they still fought with their lives.

Once both sides met each other, the battle truly began.

However, there was such a huge difference between their strength, the end result was visible right from the start.

Those from the Raindrop Pavilion were not good at defending and were overwhelmed by their enemy.

This scene caused those warriors from the various Sects, who were hiding, to let out sighs of despair.

“The difference is too big!”

“There is a clear loser, they cannot defend at all.”

“The only reason the Raindrop Pavilion was able to stand against the Nine Emperors Sect in the past was because of the Ouyang Clan’s support. But two days ago, for some unknown reason, the two had a dispute. Without the Ouyang Clan, how is the Pavilion of Raindrops going to fight against the Nine Emperors Sect?”

“Indeed, the Nine Emperors Sect is a top Sect in the Tianzong Dynasty. Although they previously suffered and had a loss in strength, a starving camel will always be bigger than a horse. They are still not someone to mess with. At least, someone at the level of the Raindrop Pavilion is not strong enough to mess with them.”

Upon hearing these words, the warriors pitied the Raindrop Pavilion.

They could see that both parties were vastly different in strength. Unless a miracle occurred, the Raindrop Pavilion would meet its end here.

But miracles do exist.

When the fight broke out, Jian Wushuang, who was also watching from nearby, twitched at a thought.

“This Nine Emperors Sect sure is vigilant. Even now, Mo Feng has yet to move, despite many warriors doing so.” With a single glance, Jian Wushuang spotted the Upper Elder of the Nine Emperors Sect, Mo Feng.

Mo Feng was standing off in the distance, with no intention to intervene. He seemed to be waiting around only as a backup.

“Aside from Mo Feng, the old guy I saw two days ago at the Nine Emperors Sect has not appeared either.” Jian Wushuang’s eyes smiled.

He was not worried about Mo Feng, who had just reached the Initial Yang Void Realm. But the weathered elder that he previously saw at the Nine Emperor Sect was undeniably strong. He deserved Jian Wushuang’s respect.

And that weathered elder had yet to appear, which led Jian Wushuang to suspect that he was hiding nearby.

“Screw it, there is no way the Raindrop Pavilion can withstand this attack. If I don’t intervene now, the loss will be huge.” Jian Wushuang lightly smiled and flew forward.

The battle was still progressing.

Those from the Raindrop Pavilion were retreating on their own.

“Damn it!”

“What to do? What to do?”

“Pavilion Master, we must immediately think of a way to retreat!”

Loud voices rose one after another, and Tang Wuji frowned deeply while listening to them.

Then, he heard a light voice.

“You need to be careful. Whatever happens next, leave it to me.”


Tang Wuji was startled and quickly looked up. On the battlefield, he saw a Yin Void Warrior from the Nine Emperors Sect that was recklessly killing his opponents. Suddenly, a shadow with a black robe stealthily appeared beside him.

Then, he saw a cold sharp blade emitting sword light.


The sword light cut through the warrior’s neck easily and a human head was sent flying into the sky.

After that, the black robe shadow vanished and appeared again in front of another Yin Void warrior.


The same scene reenacted itself.

In only a moment, two Yin Void warriors from the Nine Emperors Sect had been killed.

“Damn it!”

Standing on the edge of the battlefield, Mo Feng saw the scene unfold and was furious.

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