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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 247: Qi Luosheng

Chapter 247: Qi Luosheng

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Except for those experts from the Heartless Island, there were many experts hidden in and around the void.

In one corner of the void, more than 20 people floated in the air, and the lead one was Jian Wushuang’s good friend Wang Yuan, the young master of the Alchemy School!

Half a year ago, he was in the Initial Gold Core Realm, but now he was the same as others floating in the air. His cultivation had reached the Profound Yin Void Realm.

In half a year, he jumped from Initial Gold Core Realm to Profound Yin Void Realm. Clearly, his strength improved more greatly than Jian Wushuang’s.

“The gathering is going to start, I suppose Third Brother must be somewhere nearby.” Wang Yuan looked around.

Many purple-robed figures floated behind him. Among them, there were more than 10 experts in the Yang Void Realm, including some who had reached the Peak of Yang Void Realm and had comprehended the Origin, like Dan Yi.

Besides, among the purple-robed people, there was one different from them, who wore a grey robe.

The grey-robed elder was just like an ordinary man without any breath of cultivation power, floating in the void similar to the others.

“Sixth Elder, it all depends on you.” Though Wang Yuan was the young master of the Elixir School, he was humble in front of the grey-robed elder without having an air of importance.

“Because of my sensitive identity, all I could do is help him to escape. I will not save his father,” the grey-robed elder said.

Wang Yuan’s face was solemn. “Thank you and please wait here, I hope things go smoothly, but if anything happens, please can Sixth Elder take Third Brother away whether he can save his father or not. At least keep him alive.”

“I know.” The grey-robed elder nodded slightly.

At another corner of the void, there are more than 10 people coming from the Ice Nether Valley, and Su Rou was the leader.

After half a year, Su Rou had improved a lot in strength and reached Yin Void. Additionally, those 12 people beside her were all of high cultivations, among which eight were experts of Yin Void and four of Yang Void Realm.

“Blood Feather Tower…”

Su Rou looked at the Heartless Island in the front with cold eyes. “It’s troublesome that there is one super expert of Blood Feather Tower who has reached Divine Transcendence.”

It was still snowing.

There was heavy snow on the ground and the weather was cold.

However, all of the experts’ hearts were warm.

As it approached noon, two figures suddenly showed up on the high platform at the front of the Drill Ground.

Many people on the Drill Ground looked over at them.

Both of them were elders: one had white hair, a beard, and strong breath, whereas another one had black hair and dashing eyebrows.

As soon as they showed up, their strong breath spread out.

Both of them had reached the Peak of the Yang Void Realm!

“They are Left and Right Messengers of the Blood Feather Tower!”

“These two elders are over 100 years old.”

“Tut, both of them are on the Heavenly Dragon List, one is ranked 14th and another 11th.”

“Truly it is Blood Feather Tower.”

Many experts on the Drill Ground were discussing and some of them looked at the Left and Right Messengers with astonished eyes.

Peak of the Yang Void Realm!

It should be known that experts at this level were rare in the whole Tianzong Dynasty; each of the seven top clans only had one.

Both the Left and Right Messengers were ranked on the Heavenly Dragon List. They were top-level experts in the Tianzong Dynasty.

Not long after the Left and Right Messengers showed up, a bloody figure fell slowly in the void.

He wore a bloody robe and a bloody wicked mask. His appearance attracted everybody’s eyes and as soon as he came to the high platform and sat down on the chair, the whole of the Drill Ground was silent.


All eyes were concentrated on the bloody-robed figure.

“Is he the Tower Master of the Blood Feather Tower?”

“What happened, the Tower Master of the Blood Feather Tower looks like an ordinary man? However, why can my eyes not help but look at an ordinary person, why?”

“Divine Transcendence, sure enough, the Tower Master of the Blood Feather Tower has reached it.”

Many of the experts were secretly marveling at it.

They were a little doubtful about it when they received the invitation, but now they knew that the Tower Master of Blood Feather Tower had really reached Divine Transcendence when they saw him.

Only one who reached Divine Transcendence could control his breath so perfectly without losing any.

Only such a man could attract everybody’s eyes as soon as he showed up.

The bloody and wicked Tower Master of Blood Feather Tower, Qi Luosheng, sat on the chair in the center and waved his hands slightly. A breeze blew, which brushed people’s faces and made them feel at ease.

“Such powerful strength!”

Those knowledgeable experts of Yin-Yang Void Realm felt secretly astonished.


An evil voice, which one couldn’t distinguish between a male or a female, spoke out from Qi Luosheng as his eyes swept over them. “Welcome to the gathering. I have prepared some wines for you, have a try.”

After he finished, a few maids in black walked out with flagons in their hands.

“Gentlemen, please.” Qi Luosheng put a flagon in his hands.

Then everybody on the Drill Ground drank the wine.

After a cup of wine.

“Respectable Tower Master of the Blood Feather Tower.”

A strong man sitting in the front stood up and looked steadily at Qi Luosheng with a smile. “I will not say social formulae this time, I come here because I want to know whether you have reached it. The truth is, you did it, and I want to know how you accomplished it.

“After all, I have been trapped in this stage for years.”

The strong man said with a fever of enthusiasm in his eyes.

“Owner Lei of Gladiator Arena?” Qi Luosheng looked at him and smiled. “No problem. It’s also part of my plan for inviting you to come here. Even if you didn’t ask, I would still tell you.

“But before that, I need to deal with one thing first.”

Qi Luosheng smiled coldly, and the elder with dashing eyebrows standing beside him glanced at his back. “Bring him up.”

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