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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 248: Jian Wushuang Showed Up!

Chapter 248: Jian Wushuang Showed Up!

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A man in coarse clothes was brought to the Drill Ground under the watchful gazes of many experts.

His hair was grey and his face had a mustache on it, showing that he had experienced many vicissitudes of life. People couldn’t feel any spiritual power from him. When he was brought to the center of the Drill Ground, he raised his head slowly.

Deep in his eyes, there was a boundless void. His eyes calmly swept from Qi Luosheng to Left and Right Messengers and then to those experts present at the scene.

After a glance, he lounged in everybody’s presence and took out a pot of wine, drinking alone.

Many surrounding experts felt perturbed by his behavior.

“He is Jian Nantian?”

“Jian Wushuang’s father?”

“He is Jian Nantian? Quite ordinary.”

Almost all of those present had heard of Jian Nantian one month ago, thus they were curious about him. After they saw him, however, most of them secretly despised him and thought that he was quite meager.

They didn’t see anything special in him. If they didn’t know his identity before, perhaps all of them would think he was just an ordinary man or even a beggar.

“I heard Jian Nantian’s name one month ago and knew that he would be executed in this gathering. I had never expected he was such a man.”

“That’s Jian Wushuang’s father?”

“Too ordinary. Even we couldn’t tell apart him from a beggar on the street.”

Many people said that. Of course, there were some people, most of whom were knowledgeable experts, that narrowed their eyes when they saw Jian Nantian.

“This man… is not simple!”

“Being stared at by so many people, even he will be killed by Blood Feather Tower, yet nothing can be seen in his eyes but calmness.”

“Indifferent, he is so indifferent. It seems that the whole world is nothing to him; experts from all of the sects, or people from Blood Feather Tower, they are all the same in his eyes…”

“Indifferent, but in other words, he is aloof!”


Upon hearing this word, the people became restless.

They asked themselves if they were him, what would they do?

All of them could not drink alone whilst indifferently ignoring all of the people present.

Who could do that?

This only suggested that Jian Nantian was not simple!

“Young master, is that man your brother’s father?” Above the void, the grey-robed elder narrowed his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Wang Yuan looked over at him questioningly.

“Nothing, I just feel that his state of mind is extraordinary. Having lived for 200 years, I couldn’t catch him in a state of mind. It’s a pity that his dantian was destroyed, otherwise, he has the hope of reaching Divine Transcendence in the future,” the grey-robed elder said seriously.

“Oh?” Wang Yuan was surprised and he narrowed his eyes slightly. “His father was locked with the Spirit Locking Spell by Blood Feather Tower before. Now, they bring him to the Drill Ground without the Soul-Seizing Formation, so clearly they are afraid that the third brother will not come.”

On the high platform of the Drill Ground on Heartless Island, the bloody and wicked figure of Qi Luosheng glanced at Jian Nantian. Then his cold voice sounded on the Drill Ground.

“Gentlemen, you might not be familiar with this man. Let me introduce him to you. His name is Jian Nantian, who was famous in the Tianzong Dynasty years ago; however, he was caught by Blood Feather Tower, which took us a lot of effort,” Qi Luosheng said with a cold smile.

“Besides, he’s the father of someone that has made a big disturbance in the Tianzong Dynasty. His son is Jian Wushuang, who is known as the First Genius of Tianzong Dynasty.”

Many experts on the Drill Ground were listening carefully.

“The Tianzong Dynasty has not been tranquil in recent years, especially the Blood Feather Tower. We have been provoked many times, and someone even slaughtered the strongholds of Blood Feather Tower and killed experts there. I suppose that you do not need me to tell you who he is,” Qi Luosheng said.

Many experts on the Drill Ground were contemptuous of his words.

They knew that it was Blood Feather Tower who frequently attempted to assassinate Jian Wushuang, therefore Jian Wushuang retaliated against them furiously.

However, what Qi Luosheng said implied that it was Jian Wushuang who provoked Blood Feather Tower first.

Qi Luosheng’s cold eyes looked around, and he said in a deep voice, “Today I invite all of you coming to the Heartless Island to listen to my experience and comprehension. More importantly, it is to warn those sects who are ready to make trouble or benefit from the trouble.”

“Blood Feather Tower is still number one!”

“Being the overlord in the Tianzong Dynasty, Blood Feather Tower won’t allow anybody to provoke us!”

“Anyone that provokes Blood Feather Tower will die!”

After saying that, a terrifying pressure emitted out from Qi Luosheng.

The force covered the entirety of the Drill Ground. Many experts who were standing there suddenly looked solemn. Some of the weaker ones were even more horrified.

However, as soon as Qi Luosheng finished speaking, suddenly, a loud and clear shout rose seemingly from the sky.

“Anyone that provokes Blood Feather Tower will die?

“I don’t think so!”

At the very moment of this voice rising, rumble… A stream of terrible killing intent rose from somewhere far away.

Under the sweeping of Slaughter Origin, the horrible killing intent flew to the Ninth Heaven.

Immediately, the whole heaven and earth turned silent.

“He’s arrived!”

“Has he really come?”

“With a sword in hand, he is invincible!”

“Jian Wushuang!”

The entire Drill Ground was in an uproar, and everybody’s eyes turned to the source of the killing intent at that moment.

It came from outside of Heartless Island, which was quite a distance away from it.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Lots of experts of Yin-Yang Void Realm flew up high and stood in the void to look at that direction.

“Er, it comes from the back of the mountain. So far?”

Those Yin-Yang Void Realm experts all felt extremely shocked.

Heartless Island was surrounded by a lake and the lake was surrounded by mountains. The strong killing intent came from the back of a mountain, which was far away from Heartless Island. Even though it came from such a far place, it was shocking.

Everybody looked at the direction where the killing intent came from, but what they saw was just the mountains in front of them.

At this moment, bang!

At the end of the horizon, a huge sword shadow suddenly appeared. Though it was far away from them, they felt shocked. Then the sword shadow split directly towards the mountain.

“What is he doing?”

All of them were perplexed. But the next moment, they saw that huge sword shadow splitting the mountain. Rumble… The mountain shook crazily. The next moment, it was cut in two.

The mountain was split in half and a ten-meter-wide road appeared.

At the end of the split tunnel, a figure with a long sword on his back loomed over them.

He was Jian Wushuang!

With a sword in hand, he was second to none!

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