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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 258: A Sword To The South!

Chapter 258: A Sword To The South!

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“Is he smiling?”

“How can he smile at this point?”

“Is he crazy?”

Numerous experts outside the Heartless Island were staring at the smile on the face of Jian Wushuang, who was now lying on the ground.

The next moment, a monstrous aura could be seen slowly rising up, as if it was a huge dragon that had slept for billions of years but now had just awakened. In no time the aura flew to the Ninth Heaven.

“This is…”

Many experts outside the Heartless Island couldn’t help looking towards the root source of that aura.

Lin Xiaonan and Qi Luosheng looked towards it as well.

At this moment, the white-haired man slowly opened his eyes. He had been sitting with crossed legs on the Drill Ground of the Heartless Island. By then, there was a violent aura rising up from the white-haired man.

The aura was much stronger than that of the ordinary expert at the Peak of the Yang Void Realm. But compared to the experts of Divine Transcendence, it was a little bit weaker. It seemed a level between the Saint Realm and the Yin-Yang Void Realm.

“Half-step Saint Realm?” Noticing the aura, Lin Xiaonan couldn’t help changing his expression.

Many experts outside the Heartless Island were all stunned at this moment.

“Jian Nantian. It’s him!”

“Is it him? Unbelievable!”

“His, his Dantian was destroyed, wasn’t it?”

The warriors were all shocked.

They had already seen Jian Nantian when the meeting began. At that time, his Dantian was destroyed and he looked like an ordinary person. He looked extremely dirty. At their first glance, he was no better than a beggar on the street.

However, it was just such a person who activated a terrifying aura, that was more violent than the experts present. Only Lin Xiaonan and Qi Luosheng were qualified to be his match.

Were they really the same person?

Before everybody’s eyes, Jian Nantian slowly stood up. He looked towards his hands with wandering eyes, and then tightly grasped his fists. Instantly, a horrible strength was gathered in his hands.

“Reversal Red Scorching Elixir, you want to squeeze my full potential strength? What a joke.” Jian Nantian chuckled to himself. The chuckles contained a tinge of a casual air and more overbearing arrogance.

When Jian Wushuang gave the Reversal Red Scorching elixir to Jian Nantian, he already told him that the elixir would greatly squeeze his potential strength to enhance his strength. However, Jian Nantian took the elixir down without any hesitation. The reason was that he was extremely confident in his potential.

The truth was that the Reversal Red Scorching Elixir did recondition his Dantian, and his potential strength had been squeezed. However, only a small amount was squeezed before it stopped!

Jian Nantian’s potential strength was too strong, so even the Reversal Red Scorching Elixir had no way and no ability to get it completely released. After a part of his potential strength was unleashed, his Cultivation of Spiritual Power was greatly enhanced and it reached the Half-step Saint Realm level.

“The Half-step Saint Realm is powerful enough to end everything in front of me.”Jian Nantian smiled lightly. He then came up to Jian Wushuang.

By now, Su Rou already helped Jian Wushuang up.

Jian Nantian and Jian Wushuang looked at each other. Both of them showed a smile on their faces, without an exchange of words.

“Shuang’er, borrow me your Triple-kill Sword,” said Jian Nantian.

With a wave, Jian Wushuang just threw his Triple-kill Sword to Jian Nantian.

As soon as Jian Nantian took the Triple-kill Sword, his aura was instantly changed.

Jian Nantian was originally amiable and ethereal, as if he was standing on the cloud. However, at this moment, there was an extremely horrible killing intent bursting out from his body. He could definitely be called the matchless Killing God.

His face turned cold and solemn. Then he slowly turned around and looked towards Lin Xiaonan.

“You’ve not only reached Divine Transcendence, but also had a saintly body.” While Jian Nantian was muttering, he fiercely bounded up.

Whoosh! Jian Nantian appeared less than one meter away in front of Lin Xiaonan. He then casually slashed his Triple-kill Sword out.

It indeed looked like a random slash.

The Triple-kill Sword waved out at a seemingly slow speed. In the eyes of the experts present, it could be called a slow slash.

The slash was too slow, as if it didn’t contain any strength.

Many experts present were confused, because this slash was too ordinary. Even an expert of the Yin-Yang Void Realm could easily ward off his stroke, not to mention his opponent who was an expert of the Saint Realm.

Lin Xiaonan frowned as well. He was about to display the movements, but he was stopped by a horrible Killing intent engulfing his body all of a sudden.

Rumble… Lin Xiaonan felt as if there were 10 million flashes of lightning and thunder roaring over his head, which made him stunned as once. Lin Xiaonan stood motionless in the Void, with his eyes appearing empty. At the same time, his whole body became muddleheaded.

The sword shadow was gliding towards Lin Xiaonan slowly. However, he was standing still like a fool, and letting the sword shadow strike at him. Lin Xiaonan’s body was extremely hard; even Jian Wushuang couldn’t prick his skin with his strongest strike. However now, facing the slow sword shadow, his body was soft like bean curd.

Shua! The sword shadow relentlessly cut through Lin Xiaonan’s body. Then Jian Nantian stopped his sword, and stood still again.

Lin Xiaonan didn’t regain consciousness until he felt a prick on his body. At the same time, he could obviously feel that his aura was reducing.

Lin Xiaonan widened his eyes, which were full of unprecedented panic at that moment. When his aura was about to die, he shouted to Qi Luosheng who was next to him. “Space-travel Spell… Use the Space-travel Spell right away!”

He was shouting, and his voice gradually became weak. Finally, he crumpled to the ground, under the eyes of numerous experts in shock.

Lin Xiaonan had entered the Saint Realm for dozens of years, and he even had created the saintly body. But he was just killed with a single strike!


All the onlookers went crazy at this moment!

“Impossible! ”

“Killed a Divine Transcendence expert with a stroke? How can it be possible!”

“Fake, this must be fake!”

“How can the expert at the Saint Realm be killed so easily?”

“Is he really the super expert of Divine Transcendence? Why he was killed by Jian Nantian like a chicken?”

Everybody widened his eyes. They couldn’t believe what they just saw.

Nobody had ever seen Jian Nantian display his movements before, except Jian Wushuang, Wang Yuan, Su Rou, and Dan Jiu.

It happened when they were at the Nine Emperors Sect. At that time, Jian Nantian’s Dantian was destroyed. However, he still killed a Yin Void expert with a slash, with an unbelievable strength.

Now, Jian Nantian’s Cultivation of Spiritual Power had been enhanced to the level of Half-saint.

Therefore, it was not hard for Jian Nantian to kill the expert of the Saint Realm with a stroke.

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