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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 259: The Blood Feather Tower, Vanished!

Chapter 259: The Blood Feather Tower, Vanished!

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The experts on or outside Heartless Island were shocked speechless.

The warriors who looked down on Jian Nantian and thought he was just so so, and the ones who thought Jian Nantian was no different from the beggars on the street, were now stunned with their mouths opened.

An expert of the Saint Realm was killed by Jian Nantian with an ordinary stroke.

It was indeed an ordinary slash. Normally, an expert at the Yin-Yang Void Realm could ward off easily.

However, when facing the slash, Lin Xiaonan acted like a fool. He didn’t move, nor blocked it. He just stood still, letting Jian Nantian kill him.

This was most mysterious and let everybody in a state of confusion.

Hong Xuzi was levitating on the Void nearby. Seeing this, he couldn’t help shouting. “Domain, Domain!”

“Domain?” Di Xi who was behind of Hong Xuzi rushed to look towards Jian Nantian.

“It is indeed the Realm. Jian Nantian should have reached great heights in the ability of controlling the Domain. That’s why he could cause an expert of the Saint Realm to lose his consciousness. I am afraid this ability is even stronger than mine.” There was a hint of shock flashing in Hong Xuzi’s eyes.

It was known that Hong Xuzi had broken through the Saint Realm for hundreds of years, so his strength was naturally even more terrifying.

He didn’t think highly of Lin Xiaonan. But he couldn’t kill him with a stroke like how Jian Nantian did.

In other words, Jian Nantian’s strength might be stronger than his.

“What an exceptional genius! Both Jian Nantian and his son Jian Wushuang are exceptional geniuses.”

“One is 20 years old, but he was powerful enough to fight the expert of the Saint Realm; the other one gained Half-saint cultivation, and killed Lin Xiaonan who created the saintly body. Tut-tut…” Hong Xuzi couldn’t help sighing.

The experts on and outside the Heartless Island sighed one after another as well. At the same time, most of them threw their compassionate eyes upon Qi Luosheng.

Even Lin Xiaonan, who created a saintly body, was killed by Jian Nantian with a stroke. Would Qi Luosheng have a better end?

By now, Qi Luosheng was already stunned by what just happened. Jian Nantian’s indifferent eyes upon her had already scared the living daylights out of her. At this moment, what Lin Xiaonan said before he died suddenly flashed into her head.

“Space-travel Spell, right, I have the Space-travel Spell.” Qi Luosheng’s eyes were glistening with a slight of hope. She then rushed to take an object out from the Interspatial Ring with her shaking right hand. That was a Travel Spell with a light golden color, and with a layer of vast energy covering the surface.

Qi Luosheng took out the travel spell and was about to crush it.

But she was stopped by the appearance of a sword light. The sword light came to her without premonitions and it just moved over her arm.

“Ah!” A screech came from Qi Luosheng’s mouth. A second later, she found her whole right arm was cut off. The travel spell had fallen away together with the severed arm. At this moment, this fell onto a hand, which easily collected the travel spell.

Needless to say, the hand was Jian Nantian’s.

“This should be the Space-travel Spell that Lin Xiaonan just mentioned?” Jian Nantian looked at the travel spell coldly. “I have heard of it before. It is said that this travel spell contains a wormhole. The wormhole will awaken once it is activated, then the experts in the Holy Emperor Palace will immediately come here through the wormhole.

“Good thinking, but would she have a chance to do it?”

Seeing the Space-travel Spell was now in Jian Nantian’s hand, and her right arm was amputated, Qi Luosheng’s face was icy. A second later, Jian Nantian displayed another movement.

It was another slow sword slash which seemed to have no strength.

It looked extremely ordinary as well.

This time, everybody closely watched the sword, hoping to figure out the mystery of the sword.

Qi Luosheng fixed her eyes on the sword light that was gliding close to her as well. She struggled to ward it off. However, a horrible killing intent covered her, making her eyes become dull at once.

Like Lin Xiaonan a while ago, Qi Luosheng was like a fool and let Jian Nantian’s sword light cut through her body. Thus, the Tower Master of Blood Feather Tower, who was well-known in the Tianzong Dynasty, and a terrifying existence in the whole Tianzong Dynasty, died!

Just with a single sword slash.

Efficient and quick!

Seeing this, a great number of experts around couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

They still couldn’t figure out how Jian Nantian killed these two experts of the Saint Realm. But they knew clearly that the slash Jian Nantian displayed seemed ordinary, but it actually contained horrifying strength.

After killing the two experts of the Saint Realm, Jian Nantian turned around and walked to Jian Wushuang.

“Here you are.” Jian Nantian gave the Triple-kill Sword to Jian Wushuang.

“Father, the Triple-kill Sword.” Jian Wushuang frowned.

The Triple-kill Sword was originally owned by Jian Nantian before. Later on, he knew he was chased by the Blood Feather Tower and he barely had the chance to get away, so he found a way to send the Triple-kill Sword to the Mansion of Sword Marquis. That’s why afterwards the sword was owned by Jian Wushuang.

“You are more its master than I am.” Jian Nantian smiled slightly. He then found a seat, sat down, took out his flagon and began to drink on his own.

Jian Wushuang smiled slightly, without saying too much. He moved his eyes upon the experts remaining in the Blood Feather Tower.

The Blood Feather Tower still had some experts left, such as the Left and Right Messengers. At this moment, both the Left and Right Messengers and the purple-masked killers were trembling in the hearts.

After all, their Tower Master, who was their backbone, was killed with a slash!

“The people in the Blood Feather Tower are an eyesore, just kill them all,” Jian Wushuang said coldly.

“No problem, we will handle it.” Wang Yuan grinned. Dan Yi and other comrades next to him also smiled.

The Master of the Blood Feather Tower was killed, which meant their backbone was lost, so the Blood Feather Tower was not a concern to him at all at this moment. The remaining experts were like loose sand, which was easy for them to handle.

The experts present knew that the Blood Feather Tower was defeated and in a terrible state. Even the Tower Master of the Blood Feather Tower was killed. In other words, the Blood Feather Tower was finished.

There was a saying that everybody would hit a man who was down.

The Blood Feather Tower hadn’t built a good reputation in the Tianzong Dynasty. They had lots of enemies, and most of them were at the meeting as well. Seeing that the Blood Feather Tower was about to collapse, the enemies joined in Jian Wushuang’s side without hesitation.

The whole Heartless Island was immediately in chaos again. The experts in the Alchemy School, Ice Nether Valley, and Dragon Palace led the revenge. Then a large number of experts or Sects who had hatred for the Blood Feather Tower took action one after another. They surrounded and attacked the Blood Feather Tower.

Although the Blood Feather Tower still had some experts, facing such a formation, they couldn’t withstand this. Soon after, lots of experts, including Left and Right Messengers, were killed one by one.

When the whole battlefield calmed down, Jian Wushuang looked at the bloody field, with a hint of sparkle in his eyes.

“From today onwards, there will no longer be Blood Feather Tower in this world!”

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