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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 260: The Exceptional Father and Son

Chapter 260: The Exceptional Father and Son

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After killing all the experts in Blood Feather Tower, the war finally came to end.

After the end of the war, many experts at the court found that Heartless Island, which originally stood at the center of the lake, had disappeared!

It was gone indeed.

The main island had sunk into the bottom of the lake except for some fragmented and patchy lands.

Outside Heartless Island, a group of experts who attended this gathering had witnessed the war. They were hot-blooded and excited and couldn’t calm down for a long time. Everyone here was talking about the brutal war just now.

It was not until dusk that the experts of the clans and other forces left gradually.

The next day, the Millennium Chronicle from Gladiator arena described the war.

This war was named by the Millennium Chronicle as “A war enough to surpass the ancients and amaze the present”

The Millennium Chronicle depicted in detail all the scenes of the war at Heartless Island, including splitting the mountain to make a path and cutting off the lake at the beginning. It also described how Jian Wushuang killed three warriors at the Peak of the Yang Void Realm from Wilderness Sword Sect, and fought alone against two experts of the Saint…

The description was very detailed, in which all aspects were described and explained.

In addition, the Millennium Chronicle also mentioned that Jian Wushuang was only 20 years old.

“20 years old, fighting alone against two experts of the Saint Realm?”


“Unbelievable, he was only 20 years old, how could he be so strong?”

Countless warriors of the Tianzong Dynasty felt shocked when they saw the description of this page of the Millennium Chronicle.

In their heart, experts of Divine Transcendence were almost like deities, but a 20-year-old little boy fought against two experts of the Saint Realm and even cut off half of a palm of one of them.

Everyone was naturally amazed by the terrifying talent.

At the end of the Millennium Chronicle, Jian Nantian was mentioned again… First, it simply described some experiences of Jian Nantian before he was at Blood Feather Tower, and then mentioned his two gorgeous and dazzling strokes on the Heartless Island.

The two experts of the Saint Realm were killed by the two strokes.

Seeing this, those warriors of Tianzong Dynasty were all excited.

More importantly, the Millennium Chronicle said that Jian Nantian himself was not in the Saint Realm.

A man who did not reach Divine Transcendence had killed two Divine Transcendence experts with only two strikes.

Everyone felt overwhelmed and thought that it was incredible.

There was a sentence that evaluated these father and son at the end of the Millennium Chronicle.

“Both father and son are exceptional geniuses who are as splendid as the Heaven and Earth.”

Countless people admired this sentence and all agreed with what it said.

It was really outstanding that both father and son were such geniuses in defiance of the natural order.

After the Millennium Chronicle updated, the Earthly Dragon List and Heavenly Dragon List from the Golden-dragon Palace had great changes.

Jian Wushuang always ranked number one on the Earthly Dragon List, but now his name disappeared from the list.

The Heavenly Dragon List recorded 18 experts at the Peak of the Yang Void Realm from the Tianzong Dynasty and the Left and Right Messengers of Blood Feather Tower were also on the list. After the war, Jian Wushuang and his father rose while the Left and Right Messengers died, so the list naturally changed.

The Heavenly Dragon List updated its rankings.

“The top one on the Heavenly Dragon List, Jian Nantian!”

“The top two, Jian Wushuang!”

“The top three, Di Xi !”

No one in the Tianzong Dynasty dared to question about the rankings; even Di Xi, who originally ranked number one on the list, had no disagreement about that, because everyone knew that Jian Nantian and Jian Wushuang were qualified for their rankings.

Their battle results were recognized by the public and their strength were not in doubt.

While the whole Tianzong Dynasty was shocked by the earth-shattering war, something happened in the Sword Marquis Mansion.

After a few years, Jian Wushuang came back to the Sword Marquis Mansion again.

In the courtyard where Jian Wushuang lived, several purple-robed figures stood there without any emotions and sent forth powerful breaths. Outside the courtyard, many disciples of Sword Marquis Mansion excitedly gathered there and stared at these purple-robed people.

“They are the super experts of the Yin-Yang Void Realm?”

“Yes, all of them are at Yin-Yang Void Realm. Any one of them is much stronger than our Mansion Master, but now, they are our Brother Wushuang’s guards!”

“Brother Wushuang is so great!”

When Jian Wushuang came back the Sword Marquis Mansion, the news about the war at Heartless Island was known by the disciples of Sword Marquis Mansion.

The whole Mansion of Sword Marquis was astonished about that and all disciples worshiped Jian Wushuang.

The purple-robed people at Yin-Yang Void Realm in front of them were legends for the disciples of Sword Marquis Mansion, but now they stood reverently out of the room and apparently only acted as guards.

A warrior at Yin-Yang Void Realm worked as a guard, which was unbelievable to the disciples of Sword Marquis Mansion.

In the room, Jian Wushuang sat on a seat and his face was pale while his father and Wang Yuan sat beside him.

“Third Younger Brother, what’s wrong with your injury? I gave several excellent pills to cure your injury, but three days passed, you still have not recovered,” Wang Yuan frowned and said.

After hearing that, Jian Wushuang smiled. “My injury was caused by some special means. Even though I have your elixirs, it will still take me a dozen days to recover.”

Jian Wushuang clearly knew that it cost him a lot to perform volume two of Soul-Devouring Secret Skill, let alone lasting for a long time. Even when he was heavily hurt by Lin Xiaonan, it was lucky for him to save his life.

Jian Nantian moved his gaze and glanced at Jian Wushuang. In the Heartless Island, he saw Jian Wushuang performing Soul-Devouring Secret Skill and secretly guessed some taboos because of that, but he didn’t say any more.

“Where is the fourth sister?” Jian Wushuang suddenly asked.

“She’s gone,” Wang Yuan said, “after sending you back the Sword Marquis Mansion, she took her people away. Maybe she hurried to Ice Nether Valley.”

“Oh? So urgent?” Jian Wushuang couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Hum. The fourth sister was not urgent, but the master behind her might already be impatient,” Wang Yuan said a little coldly.

“Master?” Jian Wushuang frowned. “Wang Yuan, you have never mentioned the master behind the fourth sister. It seems that you’re not happy with him, what’s the matter?”

“I’m not satisfied with him, because I always think that guy is very hypocritical. I’m afraid that it’s not a good thing that the fourth sister stays with him,” Wang Yuan said.

Hearing this, Jian Wushuang could not help squinting.

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