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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 268: Let the Games Begin

Chapter 268: Let the Games Begin

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“I’ll prove myself to be worthy of Sword Soul!”

The corners of Jian Wushuang’s mouth raised, “Originally during the destruction of the Bloodline of Sword Ancestor and all of its extreme power, none of the ordinary disciples paid any mind to the Mansion of Sword Marquis. However, when the awakening of a genius with Sword Soul appeared, they immediately sent someone to dispose of him.”

“Sword Soul truly is extraordinary.”

Sword Soul not only allowed him to grasp Sword Essence faster than ordinary people, but he could also sense the Origin at a similarly fast rate as well.

It wasn’t surprising then that when that mysterious man had been sent to seize his mother and father, he had used the Sword Soul’s Jian Nantian to wrest them away.

“He’s grasped the Origin up to this level, however my strength has also increased by no small amount.” Jian Wushuang thought. Suddenly, as he raised his head he saw a figured descending into the courtyard.

“Swordsman, my friend.” Ling Han said with a smile.

“Elder Ling Han, what have you come at such an hour to find me for?” Jian Wushuang glanced over.

Just then as he had been practicing his swordsmanship, he had faintly sensed that someone was around. Now he could see that this had been the case.

“Does my friend the Swordsman not want my Daluo Heaven Sect’s Sword Realm? I’ve come here just for this purpose.” As he spoke, Ling Han took a tome out from the Interspatial Ring and handed it to Jian Wushuang.

“Sword Realm?” Jian Wushuang’s eyes lit up, but then he laughed, “I thought that the Daluo Heaven Sect would hand me this only after the task was completed.”

Ling Han laughed, but inwardly he felt embarrassed.

Previously they indeed had planned to hand him the Sword Realm after Jian Wushuang had completed the task of beheading Chen Feng. However, just a moment ago they had seen Jian Wushuang’s understanding of the Origin, causing them to temporarily change their minds.

“My friend Swordsman, there are still three days remaining. You can take this Sword Skill and study it well, perhaps it will have numerous benefits for you. I won’t bother you any further today and take my leave.” Ling Han left immediately after he was finished speaking.

Jian Wushuang immediately began to flip through the tome.

After some time, Jian Wushuang closed the tome.

“Sword Realm, not bad.” Jian Wushuang said with a grin.

Sword Realm truly was a rather unique sword skill. It would propel the Sword Essence into becoming a small-scale Realm of Sword Essence, and would constantly attack and hinder the opposition. Even though it was quite difficult to accurately read an opponent, with this you could exert a tremendous influence over them.

That time when Jian Wushuang had fallen into Jun Yi’s Realm of Sword Essence, it was if he had fallen into a deep quagmire, and it had become significantly more difficult to move.

Also, the Sword Realm had three types: Sword Fog, Sword Tide, and Sea-like Sword Form!

As Jun Yi had implemented the Sword Fog, it was only the first move of the Sword Realm. Grasping this first move was not difficult at all.

However, the second move Sword Tide and third move Sea-like Sword Form were not as simple. Once in the Daluo Heaven Sect there were quite a few people studying these sword skills, but the majority of them could only reach the level of Sword Fog. Very few could reach Sword Tide, and as for Sea-like Sword Form…the Daluo Heaven Sect had never had any person who was studying the Sword Realm reach that stage.

“I’m afraid the reason that the Daluo Heaven Sect has given me this Sword Realm tonight is that they want me to grasp this move sword fog within these three days. After three days when I battle Chen Feng, he’ll have grasped some higher level moves.” Jian Wushuang sneered.

He also guessed there existed some doubt amongst the people in the Daluo Heaven Sect in regards to his power, but he didn’t care.

He would handle this. After three days, he would kill Chen Feng and with the matter settled he would leave. As for how the people in the Daluo Heaven Sect saw him, he couldn’t care less.

Three days time passed quickly.

Every year all of the old sects in the Northern Region would hold the first meeting of the disciples, and it had begun.

In the early morning as the sky glimmered with the first light of dawn, a few genius disciples from the young generation of the Daluo Heaven Sect as well as Jian Wushuang arrived at the giant Martial Arts Practice Field, Ling Han craning his neck to see all the way.

The Martial Arts Practice Field was already packed with spectators who had come to see this coming together of so many experts.

The geniuses from the Daluo Heaven Sect sat down in the seats at the top row of the Martial Arts Practice Field, but Ling Han had left for the moment.

Jian Wushuang was also close behind as he sat down in the back row, his eyes slightly closed. The genius disciples from the Daluo Heaven Sect that were around would glance at him from time to time, odd expressions on their faces.

“Senior Brother Ye Se, who is this? Is he also a disciple of our Daluo Heaven Sect? Why have I never seen him before?” a disciple couldn’t refrain from inquiring.

“Shut up, don’t ask questions.” Ye Se chided and said no more.

As the Daluo Heaven Sect had been planning this matter, only the Elders of the highest level were aware. Ye Se was the first person amongst the younger generation of disciples and the only person who was qualified to contend against the genius Chen Feng. He knew about this matter and knew all about Jian Wushuang’s identity.

As for the other geniuses however, including Jun Yi, they knew nothing.

Just then, a row of a dozen or so people slowly came out of the void and onto the Martial Arts Practice Field. When these people appeared they immediately drew the attention of all the experts of all the sects in the Martial Arts Practice Field.

These dozen or so people, they came from the Wilderness Sword Sect!

Even though the Wilderness Sword Sect had declined much in recent years, they were still overlords in this Northern Region and were still number one of the top eight sects. Even though the Daluo Heaven Sect’s strength was sufficient to go up against the Wilderness Sword Sect, when faced with the might of their reputation, it started to feel like they were a bit inferior to them.

Due to this, the Daluo Heaven Sect always wanted to take the place of the Wilderness Sword Sect.

This group of people was headed by a baby-faced purple-haired man. He had a slender frame, and there seemed to be some arrogance in his appearance. After he had sat down and seen the geniuses from the Daluo Heaven Sect, the corners of his mouth had perked up.

“Ye Se, long time no see.” the purple-haired man said with a smile, but as he raised his head, you could sense that he was looking down on them.

“Chen Feng.” Ye Se raised his head and glanced at the purple-haired man, “Ithas been a long time.”

“It seems that the two of us have never fought either. In today’s match, you must lose too terribly.” Chen Feng said as if he was joking.

Ye Se’s eyes narrowed, and he didn’t respond.

Chen Feng also didn’t press. Afterwards his gaze moved and concentrated on Jun Yi. Seeing Jun Yi, a look of surprise spread across Chen Feng’s face, “Jun Yi, it’s been a long time for the two of us as well. I heard that you were outside training and in the course of your training you ran into a conflict with a middle-sized empire. What’s wrong, did you sustain any injuries?”

“What middle-sized empire would dare disrespect you. Tell me, I’ll send someone to take care of them and give them a taste of your wrath!”

“It’s just a misunderstanding between me and that middle-sized empire, there’s no real conflict at all. I can only express my appreciation for your kind gesture.” Jun Yi sat with an ice-cold expression, appearing utterly detached and indifferent.

“Oh, so it’s like this?” Chen Feng nodded, but then smiled, “Then you should be careful. If you run into any issues, let me know directly.”

“If I run into any trouble, I have my own sect’s Senior Brothers or Elders. I won’t cause you any trouble.” Jun Yi said coldly.

Hearing this, Chen Feng’s face brightened like before and seemed full of delight, but there was a certain foreboding in his eyes. After he turned around, his face changed and became distorted. He cursed quietly, “Filthy bitch, sooner or later there will be a day where I’ll make you kneel down in front of me and obey.”

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