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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 273: The Bounty

Chapter 273: The Bounty

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After Jian Wushuang left, Ling Han asked in amazement, “What’s going on, Your Honor?”

The Sect Master of the Daluo Heaven Sect handed over the letter to Ling Han. “Read yourself.”

Taking the letter, Ling Han unfolded it and started reading. Ye Se, Jun Yi, and other disciples of the Sect gathered around him.

“A bounty?”

As soon as Ling Han read the letter, he seemed to realize something and continued reading.

This letter was about a reward offered by Holy Emperor Palace for two people.

The first one was Jian Nantian.

“Jian Nantian, who is from Tianzong Dynasty with Half-saint cultivation, killed an expert of the Saint Realm of us Holy Emperor Palace.”

“Jian Wushuang, Jian Nantian’s son, who is in the Initial Yang Void Realm and has comprehended the Slaughter Source and Origin of the World, had successfully contended with two experts of the Saint Realm at one time for a while. He is a top genius of the Nanyang Continent.”

“These two people are the mortal enemies of us Holy Emperor Palace. Whoever of the Sects or solitary experts kills one of them will be awarded a third-grade magic weapon of High Rank. Besides, he will also be able to choose one second-grade Source Secrets of High Rank of the Palace from eight at will.”

Reading the letter, Ling Han and others were both startled.

“How formidable they are! Can you believe they’re actually father and son? The father killed one expert of the Saint Realm by one shot while the son, in the Initial Yang Void Realm, contended with two experts of the Saint Realm at one time. How incredible!”

It was indeed incredible.

Geniuses such as Ye Se, Jun Yi, and the others of the Daluo Heaven Sect were very gifted, but compared with the two men who were wanted in the letter, they were no match for them.

What’s more, that two were father and son!

“Their portraits are below the words, take a careful look,” said the Sect Master of the Daluo Heaven Sect.

Ling Han and others immediately looked down at the two portraits. The first portrait was of an ethereal gray-haired man with whom they were both unfamiliar.

The second one was a young man. Looking at him, Ling Han and others were frozen.

“He is, is…” Ling Han widened his eyes.

“Yes, he is that Swordsman.” Jun Yi and Ye Se gasped.

Although this portrait was not that clear, they recognized Jian Wushuang at one glance as they had stayed with him for a few days. He helped them kill Chen Feng and left just now.

It was until now that they finally understood why the Sect Master of the Daluo Heaven Sect seemed not surprised at all at Jian Wushuang’s killing Chen Feng.

The reason was that he had already read the letter before and knew that Swordsman was Jian Wushuang.

After all, it was no surprise that a top genius, with the ability to contend with two experts of the Saint Realm at one time, could kill a man who was in the Peak of the Yang Void Realm and had never comprehended Origin.

“Amazing!” Ling Han said in admiration.

Yet, the man he was praising had already left Daluo Heaven Sect.

In the Void above the snow-covered land, Jian Wushuang sped up flying ahead, thinking about the Bounty.

“How surprising! The Holy Emperor Palace would think so highly of father and me.”Jian Wushuang thought with a smile.

He had read the letter too, and it was really astonishing even to him.

A third-grade magic weapon of High Rank!

One second-grade Source Secrets of High Rank!

Both the two were very valuable and rare.

As for the magic weapons, they were rarely seen in the whole Nanyang Continent. Normally, a third-grade magic weapon of Low Rank would be enough to make the ordinary experts of the Saint Realm green with envy, let alone the one of High Rank, which would drive them crazy.

When it came to the second-grade Source Secrets of High Rank, it must be reminded that even the top sects like the Daluo Heaven Sect and the Wilderness Sword Sect only had second-grade Source Secrets of Low Rank or Middle Rank at best.

Only the super sects like the Holy Emperor Palace and the Alchemy School could own second-grade Source Secrets of High Rank.

As rich and powerful as the Holy Emperor Palace was, it could only get eight such kinds of source secrets, which clearly revealed the difficulty to get such things. The experts of the Saint Realm would definitely fight fiercely for it.

Putting the two conditions together, the reward would set the whole Nanyang Continent alight.

“My Triple-kill Sword is a magic weapon as well, and it has restored to second-grade. I also got two kinds of third-grade Source Secrets in my Ancestor’s Land. But most of the experts of the Saint Realm in Nanyang Continent don’t have such good luck as I do. I guess large numbers of the experts of the Saint Realm are eyeing father and me after the reward was offered.” Jian Wushuang thought.

He was right. The Holy Emperor Palace’s posting the Bounty got the whole Nanyang Continent astir.

The forces of the various sects, including countless solitary experts, were shocked about the great value of the reward.

To be able to choose a third-grade magic weapon of High Rank and a second-grade Source Secrets of High Rank was absolutely a sky-high reward.

Many senior experts bore both Jian Wushuang’ and Jian Nantian’ names and appearance in their mind. Once they found their tracks, the other experts would certainly try to find Jian Wushuang and Jian Nantian and kill them, carrying their bodies to Holy Emperor Palace for the reward.

The Bounty had made Jian Wushuang and Jian Nantian the enemies of the numerous experts of the Saint Realm in Nanyang Continent, making the choices the two faced difficult.

“Nanyang Continent is large, but now the places I can go are fewer because of the Bounty. Maybe Tang Dynasty is the only choice for me.” Jian Wushuang thought.

In Nanyang Continent, Tang Dynasty was the place of the most disarray and anarchy. A great number of experts wanted by various sects could be found therein. Therefore, even if Jian Wushuang sometimes showed his strong battle strength in the Tang Dynasty, it wouldn’t draw others’ attention, as it was a vast land of multitudinous experts.

“Pass over the Northern Region and I can get to Tang Dynasty within 10 days at my full speed.”

Eyes shining, Jian Wushuang started rushing toward the Tang Dynasty with full strength.

At the same time, on the peak of a giant mountain in one large empire, a white-haired man, who seemed to be a bit gloomy, was drinking all by himself with his hair fluttering. Beside his feet lay several corpses, and one of them was an expert of Divine Transcendence, whose breath was still roaring even after dying.

Reading through the Bounty in his hand, the man, Jian Nantian, smiled contemptuously and with power gathering in his hand, the Bounty instantly turned to ashes.

“Come for my head, if you dare…”

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