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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 279: The Heartless Sect

Chapter 279: The Heartless Sect

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The Heartless Sect headquartered in the Heartless City within the Skywave Prefecture.

“Brother Swordsman, we will arrive in the Heartless City quite soon. When we meet with our Master, I shall recommend you to him as a Protector of our sect. Your strength is more than enough to qualify you to be a Protector,” said Leng Yang on the way to the Heartless City.

Jian Wushuang softly smiled at him.

He had heard a bit about the Heartless Sect from the two along the way. He quite aware that the most prominent figure in the sect was, of course, the Master of Heartless Sect, a Half-saint expert.

Below him came the Protectors.

There were eight Protectors in total, each of them being the top expert on the Bloodmoon List.

As a matter of fact, both Bei Mu and Leng Yang were protectors.

“Here we are,” said Bei Mu. Jian Wushuang had also seen the huge city on the horizon.

As the headquarters of the Heartless Sect, Heartless City was much larger than Devil Heart City. Not even mentioning how heavily guarded it was.

“Protector Bei Mu, Protector Leng Yang!” The Warriors of the Heartless Sect passing by all respectfully greeted Bei Mu and Leng Yang when the two led Jian Wushuang into the city.

Soon, they came into a manor’s meeting hall.

Inside, the Master of the Heartless Sect, a lean purple-haired old man, was discussing something important with several other Protectors when Jian Wushuang followed Bei Mu and Leng Yang into the hall.

“Your Excellency, we are back,” called Leng Yang. His disposition had always been more straightforward.

“Leng Yang, Bei Mu.” Seeing their appearance, the master gave a pleasant smile and stopped the discussion temporarily.

“Your Excellency, please allow me to introduce you to my new brother, Swordsman. We met along the way,” said Leng Yang.

Both the Master and the Protectors looked toward Jian Wushuang with curiosity.

“So young?”

That was their first impression of Jian Wushuang.

“Your Excellency, he may be young, he is already very powerful. Bei Mu and I have decided to recommend him to your Excellency as the ninth Protector of our sect,” Leng Yang said.

“Yeah, we did.” Bei Mu gave a slight nod.

“Oh?” Both the Master of the Heartless Sect, and the Protectors, were amazed at the recommendation.

Only the experts on the Bloodmoon List or those comparable to them could hold the post of Protector.

They never heard the name “Swordsman” before, so the name obviously had never been on the Bloodmoon List.

“Young man, you appear to barely be in your early 20s. Could it be that you have reached the Peak of the Yang Void Realm at such a ripe age?” The Master turned to Jian Wushuang and asked.

“The Peak of the Yang Void Realm? No, your Excellency.” Shaking his head, Jian Wushuang continued, “I’m only now in the Initial Yang Void Realm.”

“Well.” The Master raised his eyebrows.

The Protectors beside the Master began to sneer at Jian Wushuang directly. One grim-looking mustached Protector in snow white marten coat said, “Is this some kind of joke Leng Yang, Bei Mu? Recommending a young man, who has only reached the Initial Yang Void Realm, as the Protector of our sect? We’ll be mocked by every faction in the Skywave Prefecture if your recommendation ever leakages from here.”

“Brother Swordsman’s realm is indeed not high, but he still has a mighty power. Bei Mu and I couldn’t defeat him in a short bout, not when we cooperated. With such strength, wouldn’t he be able to be listed on the Bloodmoon List?” Leng Yang shot a glance at the grim-looking man. From his expression, others could easily sense his disgust and dissatisfaction.

“Humph! You tell me, did you use all of your might to fight against him when you cooperated with Bei Mu?” the grim-looking man asked harshly. “Did you display your Thousand Thunder Realm? Did Bei Mu display his Triple Black Light?”

“No,” Leng Yang replied, shaking his head.

It was true that they left some leeway when they fought with Jian Wushuang, and so did Jian Wushuang. Bei Mu and he did not use their special skills, but he believed that Jian Wushuang also held back his real strength.

“Well, that’s the point. How can you conclude that this young man is on a par with you as you didn’t even perform your best skills when fighting with him?” asked the grim-looking man with a vicious sneer.

“But…” Leng Yang tried to say something more.

“That’s enough.” The Master began to speak, which shut both Leng Yang and the grim-looking man up.

“Leng Yang, Bei Mu,” the Master continued, “since you two highly recommended this young man, I believe, he must be talented. I won’t have his talent wasted. Wu Jiu’s Bloody Blade Team just so happens to be short-handed, so I suggest that he join the Bloody Blade Team first.”

“Your Excellency!” Leng Yang frowned. In his eyes, Jian Wushuang was strong enough to be a Protector.

“You’ve said enough.” The Master stopped Leng Yang, and then he looked at Jian Wushuang and asked, “what do you say, young man?”

“I accept.” Jian Wushuang nodded without hesitation.

In fact, he didn’t care about the post of Protector at all. What really mattered to him was to steel himself by fighting experts. As long as he could get the chance to challenge experts, it wouldn’t matter if he was a Protector or not.

“Good. Wu Jiu, I shall leave this young man in your care. Nurture him well,” said the Master.

“No problem, your Excellency.” The grim-looking man stood up and walked over to Jian Wushuang. In a low voice, he said, “Boy, follow me.”

“Brother Swordsman, you can rest assured. With your strength, you can achieve great things wherever you are,” said Leng Yang.

Hearing this, a smile formed on Jian Wushuang’s lips. He nodded at Leng Yang and then departed with Wu Jiu.

In the Void above the Heartless City, Jian Wushuang walked slowly behind Wu Jiu.

“Boy, Let’s make this clear,” Wu Jiu said coldly, “I don’t care what relationship you have with Leng Yang and Bei Mu. Now that you are on my team, you must obey my orders without question, even if it is the one that tells you to die. If you show any hesitation in following my orders, I will kill you with my own hands on the spot.”

With an eyebrow cocked, Jian Wushuang smiled slightly but did not respond.

It didn’t take long for Wu Jiu to arrive at a huge courtyard with Jian Wushuang in tow.

“Tai Shan!” Wu Jiu yelled with a voice that echoed throughout the courtyard.

Almost immediately, a group of people came out from the courtyard led by a man taller than two meters. Standing there, the tall man could have been mistaken for a hill.

“Protector Wu Jiu.” Tai Shan and the others saluted reverently.

“Given that you, the ninth team, lost one man recently, I have acquired you a replacement. The man beside me is called Swordsman, a newcomer in our sect. Remember to teach him the rules I set.” Wu Jiu said and shot a glance at Jian Wushuang before leaving.

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