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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 281: Bloody Blade Team, Set off!

Chapter 281: Bloody Blade Team, Set off!

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After three days, Jian Wushuang sat on the ground, with his legs crossed, in the center of the yard where the ninth squad lived. He was surrounded by heavy fog, which was transformed by Sword Essence. A Realm of Sword Essence covered an area of around a dozen meters.

A large amount of gray fog began to gather together. It became denser and denser, almost condensing into the water.

In the end, the gray fog gradually dissipated.

“I’m still a step away from it.” Jian Wushuang shook his head.

As for Three Movement of the Sword Realm, the First Move, Sword Fog, was easily comprehended. He had mastered it after practicing for three days.

However, it was quite difficult for him to master Sword Tide and Sword Sea, the Second Move and the Third Move respectively.

Few people had mastered the Second Move in the Daluo Heaven Sect. Although Jian Wushuang had a peerless gift in his Sword Principle, he could not master the Second Move in such a short time. After all, he had just gained this Sword Skill.

Jian Wushuang stood up and walked toward the stone table.

Two members of his squad were drinking by the table. Watching Jian Wushuang come over, one of them smiled and called out. “Swordsman, you’ve practiced for half a day and haven’t taken a break. Are you practicing too hard?”

“What do you know? If he had not practiced so hard, how would he have ever gained such strength at his age?” the other member replied.

They both treated Jian Wushuang with great enthusiasm and warm respect.

Three days ago, when he just arrived here, Jian Wushuang fought with his teammates in a series of light bouts.

They had not taken the fight seriously at first when they discovered Jian Wushuang had just reached the Initial Yang Void Realm. However, when the fight began, they were shocked by the sheer battle potential Jian Wushuang could bring.

Except for Tai Shan, who barely managed to force a draw with Jian Wushuang, the other eight teammates were defeated one after another. They hadn’t known, however, that Jian Wushuang did not use his full strength even then.

“Come on, have a drink.” Then Jian Wushuang sat by the table and started to drink with them.

After a while, a tall and strong figure appear by their side. It was Tai Shan.

“Come on out.” Tai Shan spoke loudly enough to be heard throughout the entire courtyard.

The team members began walking out of their rooms and came to the stone table.

“Boss, what happened?” Mo Ying asked.

Jian Wushuang looked toward Tai Shan.

“I’ve just received news that another Protector was killed last night,” Tai Shan replied seriously.

“What?” Such news shocked everyone, though they didn’t allow it to show.

It was unexpected that a Protector of the Heartless Sect, who was a top expert on the Bloodmoon List, was killed.

“Which Protector died?” Jian Wushuang asked.

“Protector Su Lang,” Tai Shan answered.

Su Lang ranked well over the nine hundredth position, and was considered the weakest of the eight Protectors.

“Protector Su Lang could have carried out his task. No one knows how the Demons Island found his location. He was killed by the three Devils of Demons Island,” Tai Shan added.

Jian Wushuang was a little bit surprised.

Both the Heartless Sect, and Demons Island, belonged to the four factions of Skywave Prefecture.

Bei Mu and Leng Yang had said that Heartless Sect had many fierce fights with Demons Island.

Demons Island was not weaker than Heartless Sect. Their Island Master was also an expert at the Half-saint level and the seven devils were experts on the Bloodmoon List.

It was little wonder how Su Lang had not been able to escape when pressed by three devils at once.

“Protector Su Lang was killed. After receiving the news, our master and the other Protector were furious, and must be planning to take revenge on Demons Island. They’ll probably need us, so we should prepare for it.” Tai Shan explained.

On hearing this, the experts of the team were not nervous, but instead, rather excited.

“Finally, it’s our turn?”

“The last time we got out was a half a month ago already.”

“Haha, let the battle be vicious and bloody.”

The experts talked and laughed; Jian Wushuang wore a slight smile, with a flicker of expectation in his eyes.

Sure enough, the call came just half a day later.

“Bloody Blade Team, assemble!”

A loud voice rang out above Heartless City, causing a turmoil throughout the city.

The experts of Bloody Blade Team, who had been prepared, leaped up that very same moment.

The 10 squads had assembled in the blink of an eye.

The middle-aged Wu Jiu stood in front of the experts, with two other Protectors by his side. One of the Protectors was Bei Mu.

Wu Jiu glanced at experts with cold eyes. Then he waved his hand.

“Move out!”

Wu Jiu and the two Protectors led the Bloody Blade Team out of Heartless City.

“There are three Protectors and 100 experts at the Peak of the Yang Void Realm. Just what are we going to do? Are we launching a frontal attack against Demons Island?” Jian Wushuang mumbled.

“I doubt it’s just a frontal assault.” Tai Shan shook his head. “Our Bloody Blade Team is the trump card of Heartless Sect. If we weren’t aiming for a decisive battle, we would have never set out.”

“Hum, whatever he does, I will follow the three Protectors’ orders,” Mo Ying beside Jian Wushuang said.

Although they still were unclear as to what their mission was, they were still excited.

After half a day, they arrived before a city.

“That is… Golden Wing City?” Tai Shan frowned and asked, “Isn’t Golden Wing City the territory of the Wing Gang? What are we doing here?”

“Wing Gang?” The other squads also felt surprised.

Wing Gang was also a powerful force in Skywave Prefecture.

It had two masters who had managed to enter their names upon the Bloodmoon List. One of their masters, Shen Tianyu, ranked higher than the other.

Except for the two masters, their forces’ strength was rather ordinary. The Wing Gang was much weaker than Heartless Sect or Demons Island.


Wu Jiu suspended in front of the experts and said in a cold voice, “Yesterday, Protector Su Lang was killed by experts from Demons Island. According to our reliable information, it’s the Wing Gang which told the Protector’s location to Demons Island, so our duty today is to wipe out the Wing Gang and butcher their two masters.”

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