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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 282: Blocking him

Chapter 282: Blocking him

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“Understood.” The experts of Bloody Blade Team were finally clear about their task.

The Wing Gang was their target. It was no wonder that they came to Golden Wing City.

“Listen,” Wu Jiu said in a low voice, “The first and sixth squads follow me into the lair of Wing Gang; the other four squads go and hold the four gates of the city.

“The seventh squad go to the east gate.

“The eight squad go the west gate.

“The ninth squad go to the south gate.

“The 10th squad go to the north gate.

“Anyone that dares to escape, slaughter without forgiveness!”


After Wu Jiu gave the order, he and the other two Protectors immediately led the six squads into Golden Wing City.

The remaining squads stood there and looked at each other with resignation.

After a while, the deafening roars came out from every corner of the city, indicating that the war had broken out.

Near the south gate of Golden Wing City, the ninth squad quietly suspended themselves above the Void and watched the fierce fight inside the city with gruesome looks.

“Bastards, they can slaughter in the city while we hold here.” Mo Ying curled his lips.

“Well, that’s the Wu Jiu’s order, we can’t disobey it.” Tai Shan spoke with a wry look.

They thought they could have a fierce fight and enjoy slaying their foes, but never expected things to turn out like this.

The other six squads ran amok, slaughtering crazily in the city, while they had to wait outside.

“Just wait and see. This war has only just begun. Wing Gang is barely hanging on, but they won’t fight for long. The experts of Wing Gang will break and flee in a crazy panic soon enough. Then we’ll carry out our duties,” Jian Wushuang said with a smile.

“Though it’ll be like that, we still won’t be able to enjoy the slaughter within the city,” Mo Ying murmured.

“Say no more and wait patiently. Even if we can’t join this fight, we’ll wait for the next time,” Tai Shan said, so the other experts no longer complained about it.

After an hour, a voice loudly echoed, “Run!” The voice rang out across the city. Then numerous experts of Wing Gang started to run away in a shattered retreat.

“Go to the north gate. Hurry!”

As the shout came out, a large number of experts ran toward the north gate, like bees.

Looking at this, the experts of the ninth squad knew that their last hope was shattered.

“The experts of Wing Gang are running toward the north gate, opposite to us. It looks like that we won’t have a chance to fight.” Mo Ying curled his lips again.

The others also felt disappointed.

They were eager for a fierce fight, but they didn’t get the chance.

However, at the moment…

” Hum? ”

Jian Wushuang suddenly raised his head, so did the other experts. They saw a figure leap out above the Void and dashed in their direction.

“Haha, we still have an opportunity. There’s one left for us.” Mo Ying grinned.

Obviously, the man was escaping from Golden Wing City. He must belong to the Wing Gang.

“This man…” Tai Shan raised his brow and looked toward the man. The next moment, he was shocked. “It is Shen Tianyu, the chief of Wing Gang!”

“What?” the other experts were startled and looked toward the man with expressions of shock and worry.

As the figure got closer, they could clearly see his appearance.

The man, with a head of short hair and bushy whiskers, held a cyan saber with a roaring breath.

He looked the same as Shen Tianyu indeed.

“That’s him, without a doubt.” Tai Shan’s face fell. “How sly he is. He asks all the experts to escaped from the north gate while he himself is quietly running to the south gate. I’m afraid our Protectors haven’t uncovered the ruse yet.”

“Boss, what shall we do?” a teammate asked.

“What else can we do? Block him.” Tai Shan shouted in a low voice. The ninth squad immediately darted to Shen Tianyu.

Shen Tianyu was running like a drowned rat; his eyes were cold and vicious, but his appearance was in a shambles.

“I thought our Wing Gang did well in this covert operation, and didn’t expect that the Heartless Sect would discover it. Alas… If I had known this outcome, I would have never disclosed Su Lang’s position to Demons Island. If I hadn’t, our Wing Gang would not have been annihilated this day.” Shen Tianyu felt regretful, but now, it was useless.

He only hoped that he could survive in this attack.

At that moment, he saw 10 figures rushing to him.

“Hum?” Shen Tianyu’s face changed. ” The Heartless Sect is really prudent. I didn’t expect that they arranged their people outside. ”

“But a small squad cannot block me.”

Shen Tianyu snorted. Then his tremendous Killing Intent emitted out.

“Stop him!” Tai Shan shouted, a huge copper hammer appearing in his hand. The hammer looked heavy, weighing around 5000 kilograms, but it could be easily waved by Tai Shan. Surrounded by circles of fire waves, the hammer directly lashed against Shen Tianyu with a fiery bombardment.

The other teammates launched their attacks, using all their strength.

They had not planned to be able to directly kill Shen Tianyu with their efforts, as they knew that Shen Tianyu was a top expert on the Bloodmoon List and could slaughter a large number of experts at the Peak of the Yang Void Realm. Therefore, their squad only expected that they could block Shen Tianyu and pray for the three Protectors’ arrival.

Faced with their attacks, Shen Tianyu just sneered and waved his cyan saber.

“Get out of my way!”

A huge knife shadow, covering half of the sky, dashed out, as if it had split the heaven and earth in two.

The scary power shattered their attacks and even sent them flying in an instant.

This was all accomplished with but a single stroke.

“A group of trash wanted to block me?” Shen Tianyu glared with disdain and continued to move forward. Suddenly, a black figure blocked his way. It was Jian Wushuang!

The other nine teammates had struck a blow to block Shen Tianyu, but only Jian Wushuang had not shown a move.

“Ah, another fly.” Shen Tianyu did not bother glancing at Jian Wushuang, and instead immediately launched an attack.

Jian Wushuang’s eyes suddenly became cold.

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