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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 289: Xue Ying

Chapter 289: Xue Ying

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As they were among the great four forces in Skywave Prefecture, the Heartless Sect and Demons Island were well-matched in strength.

The Master of Heartless Sect and the Lord of Demons Island were both Half-saints.

Previously, there were eight Protectors in the Heartless Sect, all of whom were listed on the Bloodmoon List. But, now there were only seven left because one of them had been killed. Likewise, Demons Island also had seven Devils on the Bloodmoon List. So, the seniors of each force were currently equal.

However, all the Devils were busy fighting with the Protectors, so they could not stop Jian Wushuang at that moment, which allowed Jian Wushuang to freely kill without facing any resistance.

But his slaughtering attracted their attention.

“Haha, it’s Swordsman.” Seeing how Jian Wushuang was slaughtering the enemy, Bei Mu and Leng Yang could not stop laughing.

These two had fought with Jian Wushuang before and knew that Jian Wushuang was as strong as the experts on the Bloodmoon List. So, they were not surprised at what they saw, but the other Protectors, who didn’t know, were amazed.

“Is that him?”

“The man introduced and recommended as a Protector by Bei Mu and Leng Yang?”

“Yes, he is so young and his realm isn’t high, so we doubted his qualifications to be a Protector, but now it seems that we were too biased. He is young as well as strong enough to be on the Bloodmoon List.”

“That bloke…” Wu Jiu, who was battling one of the Devils of Demons Island, glanced at Jian Wushuang maliciously, his heart filled with hatred.

“Haha, baldie, it seems that you will be the one who is defeated.” The laughter from the Master of Heartless Sect resounded throughout the area after he noticed Jian Wushuang’s excellent performance.

“Never thought you would have a hidden expert as strong as an expert from the Bloodmoon List.” The Master of the Demons Island, a bald man with a strong aura, said as he snorted.

“Obviously.” Though the Master of the Heartless Sect was smiling, he was a bit surprised in fact. “No wonder Bei Mu and Leng Yang, two men of vision, would recommend him. He is indeed very strong, and with him, we are going to win the battle.”

Certainly, they were currently winning the battle.

Without Jian Wushuang, it would have been hard to tell who would be the winner since the two forces were neck and neck.

But Jian Wushuang broke the balance and tipped it in the Heartless Sect’s favor.

Like what was happening now. Jian Wushuang had killed many Yang Void Realm experts from Demons Island, freeing up the experts of the Heartless Sect to help out other teammates. In this way, their advantage was constantly increasing.

“It looks like we’re winning!”

“The bastards of Demons Island must die!”

“Send them to hell!”

The experts of the Heartless Sect roared, overly excited.

“Baldie, your Island is going to lose!” The cold voice of the Master of Heartless Sect reverberated from above, where a pitched battle was going on between the seniors of the two forces.

“Lose? Will I?” The bald man asked while smiling weirdly.

Seeing that smile, the expression of the Master of Heartless Sect immediately changed and uneasiness arose in his heart.

This battle was instigated by Demons Island. Their strength was similar to the Heartless Sect, so they wouldn’t start a war without a special reason. Everyone knew that, once the battle started, it would cause destruction to both sides. But, Demons Island still started one.

There was definitely something fishy about this.

As the Master of Heartless Sect was lost in his confusion, a flowing red streak of light plunged into the battle at an amazing speed, quickly reaching the side of a Protector.

The red figure began attacking the Protector.

“Holy God!” Shocked, the Protector waved his scythe in an attempt to defend. The scythe collided with the flowing red light and was knocked away. The next second, the flowing light grabbed at the Protector’s head.

“A Half-saint!”

Fear gripped the Protector’s heart. With a cracking sound, his head was twisted off by the flowing light.

Finally, the flowing light revealed itself, a red-robed old man with a goatee. His withered fingers and sharp nails made his hands look like a falcon’s talons.

With a head in one hand, the old man smiled rather strangely.

“Damn it!”

In the air above the battle, the Master of Heartless Sect stared fixedly at the old man with a gloomy expression.

“Xue Ying!” He recognized him.

Xue Ying, a Half-saint expert, ranked 131st on the Bloodmoon List, only a little lower than that of him. If they were fighting face to face, he was confident that he could beat him. However, at this moment, he had another Half-saint expert to deal with, the Lord of Demons Island.

With him being forced to fight with the Lord of Demons Island, there wouldn’t be anyone who could hold Xue Ying back.

“Bastard, you asked Xue Ying to help you?” The Master of Heartless Sect looked grim.

“Haha, did you really think that I would have waged a war against you without Xue Ying’s help?” The bald man replied back and sneered.

On the battlefield, after killing a Protector of the Heartless Sect, Xue Ying turned to his second target, Wu Jiu, another Protector.

“Oh, no!”

Seeing Xue Ying rush towards him, Wu Jiu was so scared that he thought of nothing but escaping and leaving the battle.

But, Xue Ying was so fast that he easily caught up with him and killed him in the very next second with cooperation from one of the Devils of Demons Island.

“The second one.” Coldness flashed in Xue Ying’s eyes, which then fell on the third target, Protector Leng Yang.


Xue Ying flew towards his target like a flowing red streak of light.

Back when Xue Ying first plunged into the battlefield and killed the first target, the Triple-kill Sword in Jian Wushuang’s hand began to fiercely tremble, signifying that a breakthrough was coming.

“The Triple-kill Sword made it!” Jian Wushuang could feel the power of the sword bursting, and a glint flashed in his eyes.

The Triple-kill Sword had been upgraded from low second grade to middle second grade. Small as the upgrade might be, it still brought the power of the sword up a level.

Jian Wushuang had seen Xue Ying kill two Protectors of the Heartless Sect, so he decided to take action.

“A Half-saint, so what!” Jian Wushuang narrowed his eyes and his battle intent became stronger.

“Since my Sword Skill, as well as the power of the Triple-kill Sword, are better and stronger than before, these normal experts from the Bloodmoon List are no longer a threat to me because of my current power. Only the upper-level, Half-saint experts are worthy opponents.”

“Xue Ying, 131st expert on the Bloodmoon List. I can’t wait to feed my sword with your blood.”

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