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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 293: In One Year

Chapter 293: In One Year

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In the Tang Dynasty, there was a prefecture called Ninth Heaven Mansion, which was one of the 21 large prefectures.

In the Mansion, there was a force named Thousand Nether Palace, the Master of which was a Half-saint expert named Huo You.

He ranked 138th on the Bloodmoon List, much lower than Xue Ying, who was killed by Jian Wushuang.

Among the Half-saint experts, Huo You was at the bottom of the pile.

In the Thousand Nether Palace, a middle-aged man with purple hair, wearing a purple robe, lay on a bed at ease, with two beautiful maids serving him, fine food, and even fine wine within his reach.


Boom! A fierce and loud thunder sound was heard throughout the palace, followed by a low voice.

“You sure are comfortable, Huo You.”

Hearing the voice, Huo You’s expression changed quickly. With a move, he reappeared up in the air and saw the uninvited visitor.

The visitor was wearing a red robe and a red wicked mask on his face, with a long sword in hand.

The man’s overwhelming killing intent brought an icy cold feeling to the palace.

“Who are you?” Huo You stared at the visitor, frowning. He was a bit scared of the killing intent he sensed from the man.

“You can call me Nan,” Jian Wushuang’s Slaughter Doppelganger replied and continued, “I came here to battle with you. Let’s start fighting.”

“Haha, ridiculous! How dare you, a nameless man, not even on the Bloodmoon List, come here to challenge me?” Huo You said and smiled coldly.

“All I have to do is kill you and my name will be added to the List.” With no more words, the Slaughter Doppelganger began to attack.

“You’re courting death!” Furious, Huo You began to directly battle with the Slaughter Doppelganger.

Just a short while later, the battle was settled.

The Half-saint expert, Huo You, was killed on the spot.

The next day, a new name “Nan”, as well as his battle results for killing Huo You, was listed on the revised Bloodmoon List.

Jian Wushuang’s Slaughter Doppelganger, Nan, wandered around the Tang Dynasty, challenging experts everywhere.

In terms of strength, the Slaughter Doppelganger was weaker than Jian Wushuang’s true body, but just a little. But, since the Doppelganger could also display the skills that Jian Wushuang mastered, like Sword Realm, in addition to carrying the Triple-kill Sword with him, he was able to kill ordinary Half-saint experts.

Most of all, the Slaughter Doppelganger was comprehending Slaughter Origin, which required a lot of meditation in killing. However, comprehending World Origin didn’t require this, so Jian Wushuang could carry on his comprehension leisurely, by himself.

This was also the reason why Jian Wushuang had separated himself from the Slaughter Doppelganger.

The Doppelganger comprehended the Slaughter Origin by killing in different areas, while Jian Wushuang himself sat down to comprehend World Origin in the Heartless Sect.

The two kinds of comprehension were going on simultaneously, yet independently. In this way, he was yielding twice the results.

How time flies! From spring to winter, one year had passed.

During the year, several staggering events had happened in the Skywave Prefecture.

The first event was the demise of Demons Island. Its territory had been annexed by the Heartless Sect and two other forces. Having gotten the most benefits from the demise, the Heartless Sect had become the most powerful force in the Skywave Prefecture due to both the Master of Heartless Sect as well as Jian Wushuang, who ranked 99th on the Bloodmoon List.

The second event was the sharp rise of the Willow Leaf School, an organization established by the Half-saint expert Liu Ye. It took the place of the Demons Island, becoming one of the great four forces in the Skywave Prefecture. Outshining the other two forces, it almost stood on equal footing with the Heartless Sect.

The third one was the fall of the Willow Leaf School. After Liu Ye was killed, the Heartless Sect swallowed up the entire domain of the School, and without difficulty, it soon eradicated another force. At last, the Heartless Sect was recognized as the top force in the Prefecture.

All three of these events had caused huge sensations, especially the last one.

The Sect Master of the School, Liu Ye, was very strong, strong enough to be listed in the top 100 on the Bloodmoon List.

After its sharp rise and before its demise, the School had provoked the Heartless Sect and the two sects had engaged in battle many times. Liu Ye had even fought head-on with the Master of Heartless Sect and almost killed him.

After surviving the battle, the Master of Heartless Sect came back and personally asked Jian Wushuang for help.

He had planned to cooperate with Jian Wushuang and fight against Liu Ye. But, on the night that he asked for help, Jian Wushuang broke into the Willow Leaf School alone. Most of the experts of the School, even Sect Master Liu Ye, were all killed by Jian Wushuang that night.

For a time, the whole Skywave Prefecture was in shock.

The next day, Jian Wushuang’s ranking on the Bloodmoon List was revised, raising it to 86th.

After that night, no forces in the Skywave Prefecture dared to provoke the Heartless Sect.

There was a lake outside the Heartless City, remote and unfrequented. Since Jian Wushuang first went there half a year ago, he had been there every single day, fishing by the lake.

Along with him were two experts.

The sun was going down, and the whole world was quiet.

Jian Wushuang closed his eyes, feeling the peace around him.

He enjoyed it very much. In such tranquility, he was able to comprehend the World Origin much more efficiently.

In the recent half year, he seemed to spend every single day fishing there. But, instead of fishing, he was actually concentrating on comprehending the World Origin

During the “fishing”, he had made great progress in comprehending the World Origin. Though his comprehension was still at the level of Momentum, he had still made good progress.

Momentum could be used to activate the Origins of Heaven and Earth. But, how much of the Origin could be applied depending on the individuals level of comprehension.

Although Jian Wushuang had already reached this level and was able to use the Origins, he could only apply two-tenths of them. After a year of comprehending them, he now could apply at least eight-tenths.

There was no doubt that the power behind eight-tenths of the Origin was much stronger than that of two-tenths.

Besides, his cultivation had broken through from the Initial Yang Void Realm to the Profound Yang Void Realm during the year.

Any breakthrough in the Yang Void Realm could make a huge difference in one’s strength. Jian Wushuang reaching the Profound Realm, together with his progress in comprehending the Origin, made him much more powerful than before.

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