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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 297: Swordsman, Come Accept Your Death!

Chapter 297: Swordsman, Come Accept Your Death!

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In the huge residence of Skywave Prefecture, a muscular middle-aged man, with big eyes and bushy eyebrows, sat in the chair, tapping the armrest with his fingertips. The man had a deep, scary knife mark on his forehead and he was surrounded by a violent aura, similar to a monster.

This man was the Mansion Master of Skywave Prefecture, Man Yan.

In front of Man Yan stood a person, the black-clothed elder who was afraid of Leng Rushuang.

“You didn’t get it back?” Man Yan’s eyes widened like copper bells as he stared at the black-clothed elder.

“I’m incompetent,” the black-clothed elder answered in terror, “I caught up with the girl, but I didn’t expect that she was Leng Rushuang’s sister. Leng Rushuang showed up to save her, and I did not have an opportunity to strike back. She wanted me to tell Mansion Master that you could go find her if you are not convinced.”

“Leng Rushuang?” Man Yan squinted.

Even he held Leng Rushuang in awe, so he did not dare to pick a fight with her.


Man Yan stood up while violently slapping the armchair into dust, then said, “I’ve cultivated the Three-colored Spiritual Vine for dozens of years. In order to get it, I paid a high price, let alone years of cultivation, but now…”

Man Yan was furious, but he had to bear the resentment in his heart.

The Three-colored Spiritual Vine was precious. More importantly, it was the main ingredient for refining a Saint Breakthrough Elixir.

A Saint Breakthrough Elixir was the only hope for him to reach the Saint Realm. He had been collecting the materials needed to refine it. As of now, he had gathered all of them, except for the Three-colored Spiritual Vine, which had yet to mature. He never expected the girl to steal it right after it matured.

That was the reason why he was so filled with rage and resentment.

However, he could do nothing, as it was Leng Rushuang’s sister who took the Three-colored Spiritual Vine away. Her sister seemed to have already eaten it. What could he do?

The black-clothed elder was secretly in shock. He was afraid that Man Yan would vent his anger on him, because he knew the Three-colored Spiritual Vine was important to the Mansion Master.

Suddenly, the black-clothed elder raised his eyebrows and spoke. “Mansion Master, in fact, I originally had a chance to get the Spiritual Vine back.”

“What do you mean?” Yang Zaixuan looked toward him.

“I had already caught up with the girl. When I was ready to catch her, I was blocked by Swordsman, the First Protector of the Heartless Sect, so I could not grab the girl,” the black-clothed elder replied.

“Swordsman? You mean the man who killed two Half-saint experts in our Skywave Prefecture?” Man Yan said in a low voice. He was the Mansion Master, so he knew about the things that happened in his prefecture and had heard of the name.

“Yes.” The black-clothed elder nodded and continued, “I could have caught the girl and gotten the Spiritual Vine back. Then I could have released the girl and made an apology to them when Leng Rushuang arrived. However, Swordsman blocked us.”

“He dared to block you?” Man Yan said, with killing intent gushing out.

“Moreover, when I bumped into him, I used Mansion Master’s name, but he did not care,” the black-clothed elder added in an attempt to fuel his anger.

“Hum, how dare he!” Man Yan snorted, with endless fury in his eyes. “It’s true that I don’t dare to piss off Leng Rushuang, but even a little expert doesn’t put me in his eyes. He is courting death!”

Man Yan had no place to give vent to his anger, so he could only vent it on Jian Wushuang.

“Huangfu Ming,” Man Yan shouted.

A figure immediately appeared in front of Man Yan and spoke respectfully, “Mansion Master.”

“Go to Heartless City right now and bring me Swordsman’s head.” Man Yan gave the order.

“OK.” Huangfu Ming nodded.

“Let me go with you,” The black-clothed elder said, then followed him.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Led by Huangfu Ming and the black-clothed elder, a large number of figures flew up into the air in the Skywave Prefecture.

“Bro Huangfu, you must be careful when fighting with Swordsman. His cultivation is low, but he is really powerful. Previously, dozens of experts at the Peak of the Yang Void Realm and I were repelled by him with one stroke,” the black-clothed elder said.

“Hum, do you think that I am a trash like you?” Huangfu Ming said while glancing at the black-clothed elder.

The black-clothed elder paused with an embarrassed look and then coldly replied, “I hope you win the fight.”

Huangfu Ming lifted the corner of his mouth up, ignoring it.

“Swordsman has killed two Half-saint experts, but the two experts’ strength was ordinary. He was able to kill them because he used a trick to slow down their speed. It isn’t because of his real strength. “

Huangfu Ming poured scorn on Jian Wushuang.

Over the past year, Jian Wushuang rose rapidly in Skywave Prefecture. Many people thought Jian Wushuang was the most powerful Half-saint expert, besides Lord of Skywave Prefecture, but Huangfu Ming held him in contempt.

“In Skywave Prefecture, I am the strongest Half-saint expert. Swordsman is a nobody, and today I will take his head.” Huangfu Ming snorted in private. Shortly after, they arrived at Heartless City but remained floating in the air above it.

Huangfu Ming let out a cry, which resounded through the whole city.

“Swordsman, come accept your death!”

He repeated it three times; his voice thundered and reverberated through the whole city.

The voice caused a stir in the city, and a large number of experts began to rush towards the sky.

“Who dares to pick a fight with Protector Swordsman?”

“Whoever dares to challenge Protector Swordsman is courting death!”

“Hum, those people…”

Many experts of the Heartless Sect became furious.

Now Swordsman was comparable in status to Master of Heartless Sect. Many experts idolized their First Protector. The moment they heard someone tell their idol to come and accept death, they could not help but get angry.

It didn’t take long for them to recognize the challenger’s identity.

“People from Skywave Prefecture?” The experts of the Heartless Sect were shocked.

At this moment, the Master of Heartless Sect Voidwalked and appeared in front of Huangfu Ming.

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