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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 304: Tan Feng

Chapter 304: Tan Feng

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Jian Wushuang looked at the childish girl and said seriously, “I don’t have time to play with you.”

“Hum, then I can play by myself,” the scruffy girl said and snorted. Then she haughtily walked toward the doorway, while throwing a meaningful glance at the other experts.

The Master of Heartless Sect and the other Protectors all had a surprised look on their faces.

After the girl left, The Master of Heartless Sect could not help but ask, “Swordsman, is she your friend?”

“Friend? No, she isn’t.” Jian Wushuang shook his head.

He had met the girl and her elder sister once, so he did not count them as his friends.

“The girl has a powerful background. Even I’m afraid of the person behind her,” Jian Wushuang said.

“Powerful background?” The Master of Heartless Sect was surprised.

“Master, if the girl wants to stay here for several days, please let her do whatever she wants. As long as she doesn’t go overboard, just leave her alone,” Jian Wushuang said.

Upon hearing this, the Master of Heartless Sect wore a wry smile.

Obviously, they had to treat this girl like a young master.

The next day, the renewed Bloodmoon List showed that Jian Wushuang ranked 21st, taking the place of Man Yan.

The news shook the Tang Dynasty.

The experts on the list often challenged each other, so their rankings often changed. That was why the Bloodmoon List was renewed every day.

The rankings on the list often fluctuated between the Half-saint experts and experts at the Peak of the Yang Void Realm.

Top 30 of the list consisted of 26 experts of the Saint Realm and four experts who had the battle strength of the Saint Realm. They rarely fought with each other, so their rankings seldom changed.

Every change would arouse the attention of the public.

Not only many experts of the Tang Dynasty, but the old sects of the Nanyang Continent kept an eye out for this list. When it was renewed, the old sects immediately knew that Swordsman ranked 21st.

Holy Emperor Palace also received the news.

“Swordsman is only in the Profound Yang Void Realm, but he killed the Lord of Skywave Prefecture in a face-to-face battle. He is young and adept at Sword Principle.”

“Our Holy Emperor Palace has offered a reward for killing Jian Wushuang. When he was in the Initial Yang Void Realm, he fought two experts of the Saint Realm. Moreover, he is good at Sword Principle… This Swordsman from the Tang Dynasty is probably Jian Wushuang.”

“We finally found him!”

“Go kill him right now!”

Holy Emperor Palace issued an order.

The next day, two figures appeared outside of Heartless City.

One of them was a fat middle-aged man. He wore a mild smile while standing beside the other respectfully.

“Sir Tan Feng, Heartless City is not far from us. Our target is there right now,” the middle-aged man said reverently.

A bald elder stood there with a cold look. He did not emanate any aura as if he was air.

Divine Transcendence!

This bald elder was a true expert of the Saint Realm.

Anyone that heard his name would be shocked.

Tan Feng ranked 9th on the Bloodmoon List. He reached Divine Transcendence 100 years ago and had already mastered a Domain.

“Swordsman poses a threat to our Holy Emperor Palace. Sir, he is powerful, so you need to use your full strength to kill him. Don’t give him any chances,” the middle-aged man added.

“It’s not a big deal to kill him.” Tan Feng narrowed his eyes and nodded. “I care more about the thing Holy Emperor Palace promised to give me after killing him.”

“Don’t worry, sir. As long as you kill him, our palace will offer you the superior third-grade magic weapon and the superior second-grade Origin manual you want,” the middle-aged man replied with a smile, but he was somewhat reluctant in his heart.

There had been friction between the Holy Emperor Palace and the Alchemy School. The latter kept an eye on the top experts from the palace, so they could not kill Jian Wushuang by themselves and had to turn to Tan Feng for help.

After all, the superior third-grade magic weapon and superior second-grade Origin manual were also important for Holy Emperor Palace.

“Since it’s decided, let’s go,” Tan Feng said. They moved fast and immediately arrived in the area over Heartless City.

“This is the lair of the Heartless Sect. Swordsman is there. Sir, let’s do it.” The middle-aged man spoke.

“Hum.” Tan Feng nodded. Just as he was about to descend, he suddenly stopped.

“That is…” A flash of light caught his attention. He instantly saw a beautiful figure standing above a tower. The figure also coldly looked in his direction.

“Sir, what’s wrong?” the middle-aged young man asked.

“Wait a minute,” Tan Feng frowned and replied seriously, “I didn’t expect her to be here.”

“She?” the middle-aged man also frowned.

Tan Feng’s expression became a bit unnatural.

“She” was Leng Rushuang.

She was powerful and ranked 1st on the Bloodmoon List.

Tan Feng did not know Leng Rushuang’s real strength, because he did not have the guts to fight with her.

“Sir, hurry up,” the middle-aged young man said.

“Shut up.” Tan Feng scolded him and thought. “She came here for Swordsman? Does she have some kind of relationship with him? If I kill him, will I be courting death?”

Tan Feng was not sure why Leng Rushuang came here, so he did not dare to take action.

Leng Rushuang was standing there, like the Ninth Heaven Goddess. Then she looked away from the bald elder.

“An expert of the Saint Realm came for Swordsman?” Leng Rushuang murmured. Then she moved toward Jian Wushuang’s courtyard.

At this moment, Jian Wushuang was practicing his swordsmanship, while Leng Ruxue was sitting on the stone stool and eating a chicken leg, with her mouth covered in grease.


A gust of wind blew and the whole yard immediately became cold. Then, Leng Rushuang appeared before their eyes.

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