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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 307: Jian Wushuang Was Killed?

Chapter 307: Jian Wushuang Was Killed?

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Composed, Jian Wushuang had made up his mind.

A cold voice rang out. “Swordsman, are you going to fight to the death? Just to be my sister’s guard for five years. It’s much better than death.”

Upon hearing this, Jian Wushuang glanced at the voice behind, but he just snorted without stopping.

“Too stubborn.” Leng Rushuang stared at Jian Wushuang with a cold look.

“Big Brother…” Leng Ruxue was worried.

Jian Wushuang was chased by Tan Feng. Now they were already far away from Heartless City. Soon after, a lake appeared before Jian Wushuang’s eyes.

Jian Wushuang had once comprehended World Origin by this lake, where he met Leng Rushuang and her sister.

His eyes lit up. Then he jumped into the lake.

Tan Feng was a bit surprised, but he immediately sneered. “You think that I cannot attack you in the lake?”

Then Tan Feng casually launched an attack. His huge palm violently slapped against the surface of the lake. A large amount of water splashed out, causing the lake to lower its level.


Jian Wushuang immediately flew up from the bottom of the lake.

“Still want to escape?” Tan Feng’s shout resounded through the whole area.

He was less than 1,000 meters away from Jian Wushuang. They were so close that Jian Wushuang was immediately surrounded by the waves Tan Feng emanated.

“Shit.” Jian Wushuang’s expression changed.

He was originally slower than Tan Feng. Now he was stuck in his Domain. As a result, his speed decreased sharply so that Tan Feng almost caught up with him.

“Brat, go to hell!”

Tan Feng wore a scary smile while appearing in front of Jian Wushuang. His tried to directly slap Jian Wushuang’s head with his deadwood-like hand.

At this moment, Jian Wushuang seemed to go mad. He ate several elixirs, which could greatly improve his aura. Then he crazily swung his Triple-kill Sword to block it.

Obviously, he was on the edge of a precipice and was struggling for survival.

“Want to fight back?” Tan Feng sneered.

He did not put Jian Wushuang in his eyes. In an instant, the power of Domain gathered in his palm. Then…

Boom! Boom! Boom! He struck three blows in quick succession, each of which contained the energy of splitting the heavens.

His eyes filled with madness, Jian Wushuang tried his best to block, but he only deflected two strikes. He could only watch the third blow relentlessly flash toward his head.


The blow hit Jian Wushuang’s forehead. As its power spread, his mouth, eyes, nose, and ears were bleeding. His breath disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Eventually, the whole world went still.

Tan Feng saw Jian Wushuang lie on the ground. He sneered. Then he waved his hand and took the body, Interspatial Ring, and the Triple-kill Sword away.

Tan Feng used his blood to bind the ring to him and wanted to find out what Jian Wushuang held in the ring.

“Hum?” Tan Fen was a little surprised.

Then he grinned. “Haha, the boy was quite rich and had so many treasures. That’s right. He killed Man Yan and must have grabbed those things from him.”

Then Tan Feng looked at the Triple-kill Sword.

He held it and immediately sensed a stream of powerful killing intent, while the sword was shaking madly as if it was above to leave.

“Good Sword!

“I’ve recognized that his Long Sword is unusual. It’s really powerful. It’s a second-grade magic weapon, the Sword of Killing!” Tan Feng said with a flicker of delight in his eyes.

A second-grade magic weapon was much more precious than all the treasures in the Interspatial Ring.

The superior third-grade magic weapon Holy Emperor Palace promised to give him was not comparable to the Triple-kill Sword.

“If Holy Emperor Palace goes back on their word and doesn’t offer me my reward, I will still have gained a lot with this sword.” Tan Feng smiled.

Suddenly… A surge of coldness covered the whole place, as if time had stopped.

Tan Feng’s expression froze. He tried his best to raise his head.

A frosty woman in white, beautiful beyond description, was walking toward him.

“Leng, Leng Rushuang!”

Tan Feng was shocked.

He was afraid of her from the bottom of his heart.

It was terror indeed!

It was true that he was very powerful in the whole Nanyang Continent. Few people were his match. Even the strongest experts from some old sects were weaker than him.

It seemed that he only held the three valleys and four temples, Alchemy School, and Holy Emperor Palace in awe.

But Tan Feng thought that the white-clothed woman was more terrifying than the Alchemy School and Holy Emperor Palace.

After all, as the super forces, the Alchemy School and Holy Emperor Palace had a lot of scruples, so they would not offend an expert of the Saint Realm who mastered Domain. Instead, they would try to maintain a friendly relationship with him.

As for Leng Rushuang…

She only cared about her sister. Moreover, she was powerful, so she could kill anyone at will.

Tan Feng recalled an expert who came from the Tianhe Valley and ranked fifth on the Bloodmoon List, a bit stronger than him.

Leng Rushuang easily killed the expert without hesitation.

At that time, Tianhe Valley originally wanted to take revenge for the expert. However, after a month, the Tianhe Valley changed their attitude and even apologized to Leng Rushuang.

“You killed him and have taken the Interspatial Ring, but you have to leave the sword,” Leng Rushuang said coldly, with a cold look.

Tan Feng’s face changed.

Sword? Triple-kill Sword!

It was a second-grade magic weapon.

After a while, Tan Feng let out a sigh and threw the Triple-kill Sword to Leng Rushuang. “Since you want it, I can give it to you.”

Tan Feng did not dare to refuse. He feared that Leng Rushuang would kill him once he said “no”.

“You can go.”

After she took the Triple-kill Sword, Leng Rushuang slightly withdrew her aura. Then time began to flow as usual.

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