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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 315: Impossible!!!

Chapter 315: Impossible!!!

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Thump… A boundless Blood River surged forth, forming waves that rippled along the surface of the river.

Tan Feng was surrounded by the Blood River and felt an astonishing killing intent from all directions. His complexion changed slightly.

But at this time, while holding the Triple-kill Sword, Jian Wushuang gave him a cold look. Meanwhile, his Slaughter Domain and Sword Realm also began filling the area.

The combination of Road to the Underworld, Slaughter Domain, and Sword Sea.

“Suppress!” Jian Wushunag shouted in a low voice.

Rumbling… The boundless Blood River surged and began to suppress Tan Feng, directly and crazily.

Tan Feng also released his Domain. However, the suppression from the Blood River was pushing him backward. He felt an unprecedented effect on him and was even out of breath.

“What?” Tan Feng’s eyes dilated as he sensed how difficult it was for him to move. He could no longer remain calm.

“60 percent, my strength was suppressed by 60 percent! How is this possible?”

Tan Feng gave an astonished look.

He was a top expert who mastered his Domain. Yet his strength was being suppressed by 60 percent, even when he used his Domain at full power. Without his Domain, he might not even have 10 percent of his strength.

“What on earth is this Blood River? How can it be so powerful?” Tan Feng was astounded.

However, he had no idea that the power of the Blood River was the combination of Road to the Underworld, Slaughter Domain, and Sword Sea.

One of them was a secret skill, while the others were an Origin Domain and a Sword Skill.

All three were Domains. Therefore, their power could be superimposed.

Among them, the strongest was Road to the Underworld, followed by Slaughter Domain, with Sword Sea being the weakest.

Road to the Underworld was powerful enough to shatter Tan Feng’s Domain and suppress his strength. Now, with the combination of the three, its power was unstoppable and suppressed 60 percent of his strength even when Tan Feng executed his Domain.


A series of blasts were heard. Jian Wushuang held the Triple-kill Sword, while radiating a dense killing intent, like a Shura from the boundless Underworld. His eyes contained a glimmering red light when he appeared in front of Tan Feng. With an overwhelming power, the Triple-kill Sword slashed through the air at an odd angle, stabbing towards Tan Feng.

The moment the sword light struck outwards, the Triple-kill Sword’s strength surged and it began radiating the power of a first-grade magic weapon.

Surrounding Blood River crazily churned and an intangible power reinforced Jian Wushuang’s strength, causing the power of the sword light to surge once again!

A gloomy dignity appeared in Tan Feng’s face. Seeing the exceedingly powerful sword light piercing towards him, he was no longer being careless. He waved his withered palms and focused the power of his whole Domain towards his palms. At the same time, the center of his palms began gleaming with a dazzling golden light.

“Mountain Crusher!” Tan Feng roared.

His palm surrounded by the dazzling golden light slapped against the space in front of him.

The whole area jolted and the space his palm passed through was shaking crazily.

Then, there was a collision.


A loud thundering sound was heard throughout the whole area. Then, there was a subtle sound, at which time Tan Feng’s eyes immediately widened.

The dense golden light from his palms formed crack that began to rapidly grow larger. An instant later, the golden light disappeared and the sword light continued forward without losing any power.

Tan Feng had a frightened look. The next moment, he covered his body with the Force of Gale and Thunderbolt.

Swoosh… Tan Feng seemed to turn into a lightning and then he disappeared.


Jian Wushuang frowned because his sword lost its target. While looking around, he noticed a lightning flashing through the Blood River, rushing towards the perimeter of the Blood River.

“You want to escape?”

Then the Blood River rose and formed a blood-red palm before the lightning. The blood-red palm contained a mighty power as it slammed down towards Tan Feng, just like swatting a mosquito.

“What’s this?”

The sudden change caused Tan Feng’s expression to changed sharply. He had no time to parry the bloody palm and was forced to move backwards.

While moving, Tan Feng did his best to maintain his balance. However, he suddenly sensed an unprecedented danger coming towards him. He turned his head and realized a cold sword light had appeared behind him.


The sword light contained an explosive force that easily pierced his body, leaving behind a hole that ran straight through him.

“I, I…” Tan Feng murmured unwillingly. Before he died, he firmly stared at Jian Wushuang’s longsword. He knew the sword.

“That sword…”

“That sword… should belong to Leng Rushuang.”

Tan Feng’s eyes were empty as he thought about that.

Jian Wushuang coldly stood in the center of the Blood River, watching as Tan Feng’s life faded. Jian Wushuang had a peculiar smile on his face. Then he said, in a relaxed manner, “A month ago, I was completely miserable as you chased me. Your death at my hands today was fate.”

Hearing this, Tan Feng was shocked.

A month ago, wasn’t it Jian Wushuang that he had chased so miserably?

With his strength, he would seldom chase someone. This year, he had only chased two people. And a month ago… what was his identity?



Tan Feng crazily shook his head and roared furiously from the bottom of his heart.

Impossible! He had no reason to believe that this person was the man he had chased to death a month ago!

He had definitely killed that man a month ago and his corpse had been handed over to Holy Emperor Palace.

How could he still be alive?

Jian Wushuang said nothing as he stretched out his hand to take off his wicked blood-red mask. Then a young and handsome face appeared.

Seeing this familiar face, Tan Feng was utterly muddled.

“Yes, it’s him!” Tan Feng muttered. Although his breath grew weaker, he was still shocked.

He definitely remembered killing Jian Wushuang and handing over his body. However, he was still alive?

Not only did Jian Wushuang not die, he had also killed him today!

It had only been one month!

A month ago, Jian Wushuang was thoroughly defeated, even after desperately executing the secret skill which could devour natural power.

But now… with only the strength of one person and one sword, Jian Wushuang absolutely overpowered Tan Feng, without even executing his trump card. Tan Feng was unable to escape and was eventually killed.

“One month…”

Tan Feng closed his eyes and a self-deprecating smile appeared on his face. The bottom of his heart was filled with one sentence.

” What kind of monster did I provoke a month ago? ”

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