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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 318: Wrath of Gale and Thunderbolt

Chapter 318: Wrath of Gale and Thunderbolt

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“He’ll barely be able to contend with Tan Feng?” Jian Wushuang felt both surprised and frightened.

They had been apart for no more than two years. During this period, Jian Wushuang made great progress in such a short time because of the Heavenly Creation Skill and opportunities from the Ancestor’s Land and Nature Residence.

But Yang Zaixuan had also made frightful progress.

“Truly worthy of being my Second Brother.” Jian Wushuang laughed, feeling proud of Yang Zaixuan.

Yang Zaixuan was inherently a peerless genius with an impassive character and an indomitable spirit.

Previously, in the Tianzong Dynasty, which was just a weak and small Dynasty, he had cultivated by himself with very little guidance. Thus, his talent could not be completely revealed. It was not until he acknowledged Wine Master as his master that his true potential talent had been realized.

“So, why are you here today?” Wine Master asked as he sat down on the chair, smiling and looking at Jian Wushuang.

“Senior Wine Master, why I am here today is for the same reason Tan Feng came that day. I want the Divine Wood of Gale and Thunderbolt,” Jian Wushuang said directly.

“Hum.” Wine Master nodded slightly and was not surprised. “Tan Feng got the Wrath of Gale and Thunderbolt, so he needed the Divine Wood of Gale and Thunderbolt to assist him in cultivating it. Now, you have killed Tan Feng and his Wrath of Gale and Thunderbolt belongs to you. It seems that you are quite interested in that superior second-grade manual.”

Jian Wushuang smiled faintly and said, “I sincerely hope Senior can help me!”

“It’s just a piece of Divine Wood of Gale and Thunderbolt. It is not of great use to me. If not for my disciple, I would have exchanged it with Tan Feng when he brought those treasures here.” Wine Master smiled and said, “You can have it.”

“Thanks a lot,” Jian Wushuang said with surprise, “I will also give you plenty of treasures.”

Wine Master frowned, then he suddenly lowered his voice and said, “Yesterday I was informed that the Alchemy School has something urgent to consult with me and my disciple about. In a few days, Alchemy School experts will pay a visit here.

“It is normal for them to consult me. After all, their master and I are good friends. I have turned to the Alchemy School for help several times and I owe the Alchemy School. It is natural for the Alchemy School to ask me for help when something inconvenient happens.

“But it also involves my disciple, which is interesting.”

Hearing this, Jian Wushuang could not help smiling.

The Alchemy School had a good relationship with Wine Master, but not with Yang Zaixuan. But now something out of the ordinary was happening, so there was only one answer.

This implied that Wang Yuan was involved in it and he was coming here with Alchemy School experts in several days.

“Wang Yuan has something urgent to speak about with Yang Zaixuan?” Jian Wushuang asked while touching his nose.

“Young guy, stay at the Ditian Prefecture for a few days. My disciple will finish his seclusion in two days,” Wine Master said.

“It would be my pleasure,” Jian Wushuang said and nodded seriously.

That day, Wine Master gave the Divine Wood of Gale and Thunderbolt to Jian Wushuang in exchange for some treasures.

It would be much easier to cultivate Wrath of Gale and Thunderbolt with the assistance of the Divine Wood of Gale and Thunderbolt.

Jian Wushuang also had found a secret chamber to begin his comprehension.

Three days later, in the center of a huge Martial Arts Practice Field of the Ditian Prefecture, Jian Wushuang calmly stood, surrounded by a heavy Force of Gale and Thunderbolt, as well as a vague cracking sound. A hint of sharp light was shining in Jian Wushuang’s eyes as he suddenly moved.


A flash of lightning flashed and appeared at the end of the Martial Arts Practice Field. But, in the very next moment, it came back to its original position.

There was a 1,000-meter distance between the starting point and the ending point, but the lightning finished its journey there and back within the blink of an eye.

“How fast!”

“It’s so fast!”

Jian Wushuang was very excited.

The Wrath of Gale and Thunderbolt was worthy of being a superior second-grade manual. It was very powerful.

Although Jian Wushuang only had an initial mastery of it, his speed after transforming into the lightning was threefold faster than his normal peak speed.


That was a huge gap.

Because of this, Jian Wushuang realized that Tan Feng hadn’t mastered the Wrath of Gale and Thunderbolt previously. If he had, he would have been much faster. Even with the suppression from Road to the Underworld, Jian Wushuang might not have been able to kill him

“Wrath of Gale and Thunderbolt is a body skill. The greatest advantage is not the instantaneous speed but the flexibility of movement.” Jian Wushuang looked up and released the Force of Gale and Thunderbolt again.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

A lightning flashed in quick succession and changed directions several times. For a moment, weird shadows clothed in lightning appeared on the Martial Arts Practice Field. All of them were residual shadows caused by Jian Wushuang’s speed.

In an instant, hundreds of residual shadows appeared on the Martial Arts Practice Field.

Those residual shadows were all the same, making it impossible to figure out where Jian Wushuang was.

Boom… A thick cloud of thunderbolt landed on the ground of the Martial Arts Practice Field, immediately causing the ground to crack. Jian Wushuang finally appeared from inside the lightning.

“Wonderful. The feeling is wonderful.” Jian Wushuang clenched his hands.

It really was quite wonderful.

When a person zoomed through an area and made a sudden pause or changed their direction, their speed would normally slow down a little. But, by using the Wrath of Gale and Thunderbolt, he would not suffer any obstructions. His movements were as smooth as a fish swimming in water.

Instant speed!

Instant change of direction!

Instant deceleration!

No obstructions. Everything was smooth!

“If, in the future, I meet an expert who is stronger than me, and I can’t defeat them, at least I will be able to flee or fight with him using the speed from the Wrath of Gale and Thunderbolt.” Jian Wushuang felt secretly happy.

At that exact moment…


An aura abruptly surged toward the sky from inside the Ditian Prefecture.

The aura possessed a force that seemed to look down on everything and contain an overwhelming pressure.

It seemed that the owner of this aura was an immortal king who could impose his will on everything.

“That’s…” Jian Wushuang immediately looked towards the source of that terrifying aura.

“What an imposing aura!” Jian Wushuang thought while gazing.


Generally speaking, only those with a high-status, like the monarch of a dynasty, some Sect Masters, or some powerful leaders, would naturally have such an imposing pressure.

But this pressure didn’t usually come from someone’s aura.

Now, this rising aura possessed an overwhelming pressure!

It was really amazing.

“Is Yang Zaixuan about to exit his seclusion?”

Jian Wushuang was looking forward to it.

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