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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 335: Departing Unhurt

Chapter 335: Departing Unhurt

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When they saw Ye Chen’s dantian being destroyed and him lying on the ground like a dead dog, everyone on the Drill Ground became speechless. The experts who were fighting intensely in the Void above also paused their actions.

Many pairs of eyes began to look downward.

“Chen dear!” Like a raging lion, the Valley Master was especially furious.

There was nothing he could do even though he had taken notice of the fight scene between Jian Wushuang and Ye Chen.

As for himself, he had been fighting with Old Weirdo Yunyang, who was good enough to master the Third-stage Domain of the Saint Realm. Although he was able to hold his own against the latter, he was always at a disadvantage, and thus did not have a spare hand to assist Ye Chen.

The situation of the other Ice Nether Valley experts was similar to his.

They did not have a spare hand and could only watch on helplessly.

“Fourth Sister.” Jian Wushuang fastened his eyes on Su Rou.

At present, Su Rou’s blood-red pupils remained emotionless. She slowly took a few steps forward and appeared beside Ye Chen.

Ye Chen, whose dantian had been destroyed and body had been severely injured by Jian Wushuang, flailed maniacally on the ground and was completely unable to stand up. When Su Rou appeared beside him, he painfully raised his head and took a glimpse at her. His eyes no longer had the same tender affection and fondness as before, and instead contained nothing but madness.


Grunted the man who had already gone completely insane.

Su Rou remained expressionless as she looked down at him. In her hands was a huge stream of Spiritual Power which was forming into a long sword.

Without saying a word, she pierced the sword into Ye Chen’s chest after it had taken shape.

“How dare you!”

The Valley Master roared more furiously than ever from the Void in the distance. However, his roar and fury seemed utterly powerless, for there was not even a slight pause in Su Rou’s actions.


The Spiritual Power long sword perforated Ye Chen’s chest and ran through his entire body.

Ye Chen’s eyes widened and seemed to express an intention to break free from this ordeal. Subsequently, the grunting noise he was making began to dissipate.

Master Saint Ye Chen… died right at this moment!

“Is he dead?”

Having personally killed Ye Chen, Su Rou could only mutter an inaudible response, following which she revealed a trace of smile which contained immense grief and forlornness at the corner of her mouth.

Soon, the dark aura on her body faded away at an astonishing speed.

Her eyes began to shut before her body collapsed abruptly.

Jian Wushuang acted quickly and held her up. His face sunk when he saw her ghostly pale complexion and completely defunct aura. He hurriedly took out a few elixirs and forced them down her throat.

“How is she?” Yang Zaixuan arrived beside Jian Wushuang.

“Not too bad. I should be able to preserve her life.” Jian Wushuang replied in a deep voice.

“That’s good.” Yang Zaixuan faintly nodded his head.

They had known early on that Su Rou’s sudden exertion of strength would cause massive harm to her own body. It was fortunate enough that her life could be preserved.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Wine Master, Lady Black, and co. appeared in succession behind Jian Wushuang’s back.

The Ice Nether Valley experts also gathered together as they embraced Ye Chen’s body in devastating grief.

The Great Elder of Ice Nether Valley, Feng Daoyang, looked over at Jian Wushuang’s team with an extremely cold expression on his face. “Can you people leave, now that Ye Chen is dead and your aim has been achieved? If you feel that it’s still not enough, we can continue to fight. Ice Nether Valley will definitely play along to the end!”

Feng Daoyang’s heart was bleeding as he said these words.

It must be understood that this time, it was Jian Wushuang and co. who came with killing intent to Ice Nether Valley, destroyed the Array Core of Ice Nether Valley’s Protective Array, and murdered Young Valley Master Ye Chen. After everything they had done, Feng Daoyang had absolutely no way to detain them, and could only allow them to leave on their own?

How embarrassing and humiliating was this?

Yet, what could they do about it?

Jian Wushuang’s lineup was too powerful and brutal. Though they were short of Su Rou currently, they were not afraid of Ice Nether Valley in the least bit. If a life-and-death battle really transpired, Ice Nether Valley might possibly be able to keep them back for a while longer, but it would certainly be the end of the former.


Completely helpless.

A group of people had dropped in and killed their young master in front of so many people, yet there was nothing Ice Nether Valley could do.

Having witnessed this scene from the Void above the Drill Ground, many experts sighed emotionally.

“Ice Nether Valley has truly suffered a huge loss this time.”

“Hmph, they brought this on themselves, or rather, Ye Chen brought this on them!”

“A bunch of people came to murder the Young Valley Master and are able to depart unhurt. Has the great Ice Nether Valley ever suffered such a huge loss?”

Amid their sympathy, the experts knew for sure that if they had taken the place of Ice Nether Valley’s leadership, they would be equally helpless as Jian Wushuang’s team departed.

Standing on the Void among the crowd were the three people of Alchemy School who remained silent throughout. Their leader, Wang Yuan, had unemotionally watched everything that took place.

This was because everything was just as he had anticipated.

“Since nothing unforeseen has happened, the plan shall proceed normally.” Wang Yuan laughed frostily. However, his expression suddenly twitched and his eyes turned to look toward the adjacent Void.

Only for him to see that there was not a single person in the adjacent Void.

The three experts of Holy Emperor Palace had remained in there all along, yet they were now completely missing.

“Where are the people of Holy Emperor Palace?” Wang Yuan frowned.

On the Drill Ground, the Ice Nether Valley experts held back their anger as they stared at Jian Wushuang and co.

Even the Valley Master, whose canthi nearly cracked from all the angry staring, restrained himself from acting out.

While holding Su Rou in his arms, Jian Wushuang glanced at the Ice Nether Valley experts and laughed grimly. “Today’s matter shall come to an end for now. If, at any time, you feel disgruntled and wish to take revenge, feel free to act. Us four siblings shall comply.”

“Let’s go!”

After speaking, Jian Wushuang followed his team as they slowly headed toward the exit of Ice Nether Valley under the watch of countless pairs of astounded eyes.

Regardless of which party they were from, the experts focused their admiring sights on Jian Wushuang’s team.

The team had come to kill the Young Valley Master and were now departing unhurt… the experts began to question themselves whether they had this level of ability.

However, before Jian Wushuang’s team reached the edge of the Drill Ground, something unforeseen happened!


An intense windbreaking noise was heard. The crowd subconsciously looked over to where it came from, only to see that seven figures had appeared in the Void at the edge of the Drill Ground.

The seven people calmly stood upright in the Void, when all of a sudden, the auras on their bodies surged forth.

“The Saint Realm! Seven experts of the Saint Realm!”

The experts from various sects and parties were greatly surprised.

The people of Ice Nether Valley raised their heads and also revealed bewildered expressions when they saw the seven experts of the Saint Realm who had suddenly appeared.

The only person whose expression became piercingly cold when these seven people appeared in front of him was Jian Wushuang.

“Holy Emperor Palace!”

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