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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 337: A Monstrous Battle Intent

Chapter 337: A Monstrous Battle Intent

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Mo Yun’s message caused Wine Master to frown and remain in thought for a long time before he heaved a sigh.

“My swordsman young friend.” Wine Master looked toward Jian Wushuang. “I’m sorry. I cannot help you with today’s matter.”

“Master.” Yang Zaixuan’s complexion changed at once.

“Junior is very thankful for the help that Senior has already offered.” Jian Wushuang cupped his hands to express the gratitude he felt in the bottom of his heart.

When the experts from Holy Emperor Palace appeared, the Wind and Rain Immortals, Old Weirdo Yunyang, and Chi Mei did not dare to get involved and left immediately. It was not bad at all of Wine Master that he remained behind Jian Wushuang and only left helplessly when Holy Emperor Palace raised the favor he owed to Second Holy Master.

After all, the cooperation between Wine Master and Jian Wushuang was only because of Yang Zaixuan’s presence. It was extremely rare of Wine Master to have done what he had.

“First Brother Wang Yuan and Second Brother, please take care of Fourth Sister.” Jian Wushuang handed Su Rou to Wang Yuan.

“What about you, Third Brother?” Wang Yuan and Yang Zaixuan looked over at Jian Wushuang.

“Don’t worry. Go and prepare some good wine and wait for me.” Jian Wushuang laughed placidly. However, he then turned his body and calmly stared at the seven experts of the Saint Realm ahead. With a flip of his hand, a Triple-Kill Sword appeared in his grasp.

“My comrade, may both of us have fun killing today.” He stroked the Triple-Kill Sword while his only remaining companion capered joyously.

Next, Jian Wushuang once again raised his head and looked at the seven experts. He inhaled a deep breath and stepped forward slowly.

With every step he took, an invisible wave formed in the space he left behind.

“What does he want to do?”

The attention of the surprised crowd turned towards Jian Wushuang.

Holy Emperor Palace’s seven experts of the Saint Realm were each of exceptional strength and a master of a Domain. Jian Wushuang might have stood a chance against this lineup if he had the assistance of the six experts.

But now… the six experts had made clear their position.

None of them would assist him in this fight. The only person who might still act was Yang Zaixuan, but his strength was insufficient to help Jian Wushuang.

That meant Jian Wushuang was alone. Unless the sword in his hand counted, of course.

One person and one sword. Nevertheless, despite facing seven experts of the Saint Realm, he decided not to run away at the earliest time, and instead walked over to them slowly.

While he was gradually advancing forward, a monstrous battle intent suddenly burst forth from his body, as if a dragon which had been hibernating for millennia finally woke up.

The monstrous battle intent reached directly for the heavens.

It grew stronger and stronger with every forward step of Jian Wushuang.

It rushed beyond the heavens and caused the world to change color.

On the Drill Ground, thousands of experts revealed expressions of absolute horror and cast their disbelieving eyes on Jian Wushuang.

His face was stone cold while battle intent continued to surge out of his body like innumerable flood dragons which roared frenziedly between heaven and earth.

His body carried a gush of determination, a gush of heroism, and a battle intent which filled the entire sky.

Subsequently, his body transformed into a giant black hole.

A violent and utterly terrifying power swept out maniacally from this black hole.

Devourment of Heaven and Earth!

All things of the universe shook with fear.

From miles and miles away, a vast amount of natural power surged toward the black hole at a breathtaking speed.

In a short time, the bodily aura of Jian Wushuang, who was positioned at the center of the black hole, expanded to its peak!

The monstrous battle intent had amassed so much force that it reached an absolute maximum!

Boom~~~ a giant storm was created by the soaring energy.

As it swept through, the trees which bordered the Drill Ground, as well as the tables, flagons, and goblets which were placed not far away, turned into ashes and debris and were blown by the winds up into the nine heavens.

At the heart of the storm, Jian Wushuang’s body floated upwards. His hair was as disheveled as a madman’s, while his eyes had turned red as he emanated the monstrous battle intent.

“So what if it’s Holy Emperor Palace?”

“You want to kill me?”

“Let’s see who dies first!”

Jian Wushuang let out a roar which shook the sky and resounded all around Ice Nether Valley. Everyone in the vicinity who heard the roar revealed an astounded look while their hearts shuddered.

“Does he really want a life-and-death battle with the seven experts of the Saint Realm?”

Everyone who witnessed this scene widened their eyes.

An expert of the Peak of the Yang Void Realm versus seven experts of the Saint Realm who were each a master of a Domain… yet the former conceded not an inch and wanted to take on the latter head-on!

What sort of courage was this?

And what sort of drive?

Throughout the world, was there anyone else who had this sort of courage and drive?

“Fight! Fight! Fight!

Everyone began to rave uncontrollably at this moment. A passionate excitement had been born in their hearts!

The seven experts of the Saint Realm from Holy Emperor Palace had seen the battle intent and force combine together in front of their eyes. Their hearts began to waver slightly as they thought about fighting against a war god as powerful as Jian Wushuang was seeming to be. But then, Mo Yun humped grimly and sneered, “Reckless idiot!”

“Come on, kill him!”

As soon as he spoke, the seven experts acted unhesitatingly and spread out their Domains. They then transformed into seven beams of Flowing Light and charged murderously toward Jian Wushuang.

Attacking simultaneously was no less than seven experts of the Saint Realm who had each mastered a domain!

A wicked sparkle flashed from Jian Wushuang’s eyes. His battle intent soared and burst forth once more.

“Asura Secret Skill, Road to the Underworld!”


A blood-red river abruptly extended forth. It was endlessly long and led toward the Underworld. It shrouded the entire Void in the blink of an eye.

Jian Wushuang, who was in the middle of the river, was behaving like a Matchless Asura. He seemed to chant something in his mouth before a Slaughter Domain began to sweep out.

Subsequently, the boundless Sword Essence formed a massive ocean.

It was a Perfect Combination of the Road to the Underworld, the Slaughter Domain, and the Sword Sea!

The seven experts of the Saint Realm found themselves in the middle of the river as well. Although they could feel that the power of the Blood River was exceptional, they seemed to not mind at all. They were not afraid of a Peak Expert who had reached the “Pinnacle” Level like Wine Master, let alone an expert of the Peak of the Yang Void Realm like Jian Wushuang.

They were not at all inhibited by the Blood River, and swiftly appeared in front of Jian Wushuang.

It was only at this moment that Jian Wushuang raised his head and flashed a bloody light from his eyes.

“F*ck off.”

A roar shook heaven and earth, and the very next moment, the power of the Blood River burst forth.

The power of the three combined Domains was earthshaking. Previously, when Chi Mei fell into the Blood River and summoned her Domain, her strength was nevertheless suppressed by close to 70 percent by Jian Wushuang.

And this time, Jian Wushuang had used the Soul-Devouring Secret Skill to expand his strength before combining the three Domains.

What Level has this Power attained?

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