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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 338: A Frightening Speed like a Fish in Water!

Chapter 338: A Frightening Speed like a Fish in Water!

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The Blood River surged in all directions.

Shortly after, the seven experts of the Saint Realm, who were originally not inhibited by the river, began to change facial expressions.

Their Domains were overwhelmingly crushed by the river’s force. The seven of them immediately felt as if a mountain which weighed a million tonnes was pressing down on their bodies and suffocating them.

“How is this possible?”

“My Domain was crushed just like that?”

“This is not good. My strength has been suppressed by 70 percent!”

Every one of the seven experts was shocked and outraged by what was happening.

They were finally feeling the terror of the Blood River!

The power of the Blood River had exceeded their imaginations. Their Domains showed completely no resistance and were quickly swept away.

If they knew that Jian Wushuang had suppressed Chi Mei’s strength by 70 percent without using the Soul-Devouring Secret Skill, they would perhaps not have found this surprising at all.

“This little fella is very strange, and he seems to have an incalculable number of unique methods. Don’t tussle with him. Just kill him directly,” Mo Yun howled.

The expressions of the experts turned solemn. None of them looked down on Jian Wushuang any longer.

They began to display their Killing Moves one after another.

“Arc Light!”

A black-robed woman with gloomy eyes evoked an incomparably dazzling black light from the blood-red soft sword in her hand. It replaced all the light in the world and blitzed across the Void beautifully.

“Sky-covering Palm!”

A blue-robed middle-aged man roared as he exerted his palms, and immediately, his body grew bigger. His palms all the more enlarged infinitely until they shrouded half of the sky.

“Death Sickle!”

A scarlet-eyed bald man unleashed Spiritual Power from his body, and sent the ferocious and bloody sickle he was holding in his hand flying through the Void. In an instant, three Blood Shadows appeared in succession, and a terrifying Death Aura began to suffuse the air.

“Snake Shadow!”

“Dragon Raises His Head!”

“Bloody Stab!”

The seven experts did not hold back anything. They exerted their Killing Moves and charged toward Jian Wushuang.

The spectating crowd held its breath at the sight of this.

Despite having their strengths suppressed by more than 70 percent in the Blood River, the seven different offensive forces remained terrifyingly powerful.

Clutching the Triple-Kill Sword in his right hand, Jian Wushuang stood at the very center of the Blood River. The sword throbbed frenziedly and emitted a fascinating gas which caused the air to freeze. When he saw the seven offensive forces coming upon him, Jian Wushuang hardened his gaze and unleashed the maximal force he had built up.

“The eighth move of the Selfless Sword Technique!”

Jian Wushuang grunted softly and unleashed World Origin. The Triple-Kill Sword began to strike out furiously.

The eighth move of the Selfless Sword Technique was called “Boundless”!

A boundless world!

A boundless Sword Essence!

A boundless power!

Jian Wushuang’s battle strength had reached its maximal peak by using the Soul-Devouring Secret Skill, and specifically in the Blood River. Thus when the sword cleaved…

Boom~~~ an explosive and piercing sound was heard in the Void, which seemed on the verge of breaking apart as a result.

A terrifying sword shadow swept across and met the seven offensive forces head-on.


A huge explosion which sounded like a crack of thunder was heard between heaven and earth.

In the middle of the river, a crackling sound began to ring out wildly, as if space was being compressed and eventually popped. The immense and surging force transformed into a frightening storm which had the power to sweep through and destroy the world.

The experts who were watching the battle from the edge of the Drill Ground were quite a far distance from the battleground, but nevertheless, they felt the effects of the storm and could not help but shut their eyes. Only the top-tier experts who had attained Divine Transcendence were forcibly able to keep their eyes open.

When the storm subsided, the crowd hurriedly look over at the battleground. They saw that the Blood River was still flowing, while the seven experts of the Saint Realm remained in it. However, Jian Wushuang was missing.

“Where’s he?”

“Could he have already turned into ashes?”

“Is he dead?”

The spectating experts began to wonder.

The seven people from Holy Emperor Palace were also scratching their heads.

“Careful!” Mo Yun, who was looking at the black-robed woman, suddenly bellowed.


The woman turned her head in great surprise, only to see that a heavy bolt of lightning had unknowingly appeared. The very next moment, an icy sword shadow, which seemed as if it could pierce through anything in the world, drove toward her throat.

She frantically shifted her body to one side and narrowly evaded the sword. When it struck the Void instead, a deafening explosive noise was heard, causing the woman to swallow a mouthful of cold air.

She knew full well that had her reaction been slower by the slightest, the sword shadow would have perforated her throat and killed her.

Having been fruitless the first time around, the bolt of lightning reappeared and flashed toward the bald man.

“Such speed!” The bald man was greatly frightened.

“It’s too fast!” A few other people from Holy Emperor Palace were equally frightened.

The experts who were watching from the fringes of the Drill Ground also swallowed cold air.

It was indeed too fast, way faster than they could possibly imagine.

They could not make out Jian Wushuang’s figure at all. All they could see was the bolt of lightning.

It could move about freely and appear anywhere it wanted in the Blood River. While the river greatly suppressed the strengths of the Holy Emperor Palace, it instead boosted Jian Wushuang’s strength. He was like a fish in water!

His original speed was already shocking, as seen when he used the Wrath of Gale and Thunderbolt and turned into a bolt of lightning. With the assistance of the Road to the Underworld, the consequent speed could only be described as…


That was the only word to describe it.


The seven experts were watching the bolt of lightning continually shuttle through the Blood River. Even if they had not been affected by the river, they would probably have felt powerless against such an outrageous speed all the same.

Moreover, since their strengths were suppressed by more than 70 percent, their speeds were naturally much lower than usual, and thus they had absolutely no chance of keeping up with Jian Wushuang’s speed.

By making use of his speed, Jian Wushuang could easily smash them one-by-one!

“Quick, gather together and don’t spread out,” Mo Yun hollered angrily.

The other six people nodded their heads in agreement. The seven experts immediately converged while keeping guard on the surroundings.

An uproar started among the spectating crowd at the sight of this.

“It’s one versus seven, yet he holds the advantage?”

Many experts were spooked.

They could tell from the brief exchanges that the seven experts had already used their maximal strengths, whereas Jian Wushuang held the upper hand without being direct in his approach.

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