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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 373: Jiuqu Waters

Chapter 373: Jiuqu Waters

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Divine Land, located at the center of the world, known as the land of experts.

It’s much more vast than the Nanyang Continent, with many more experts as well.

But, life here is even harder than in Nanyang.

The clear sky was as pure as a porcelain plate.

However, under such a clear sky, a fierce fight was taking place on a piece of land near the Boundless sea.

“Lei Yun, take Miss Lan’er and escape! We’ll hold them off.”

“Run, now!”

A desperate roar resounded through the air.

On the side the roar came from, there were four guards and a cyan-dressed lady, who was somewhat pretty. She seemed to possess a bit of a heroic spirit as she tightly gripped her Aquamarine longsword.

On the other side was a group of black-robed men, all wearing black masks. From the looks of it, there were dozens of them, all with a strong aura. Especially the leader, who was a Half-saint.

At this moment, three of the guards swallowed an elixir that could temporarily double their strength at the cost of their lives, attempting to hold off all the black-robed men. But, unfortunately, some of their enemies managed to break through and chase after the lady and the guard.

“You won’t be able to escape!”

The killing intent of the Half-saint leading them continued to surge forward.

The lady and the guard, a burly middle-aged man with purple hair, had a grave look on their faces as they tried to escape.

“Damn! We’re just out on an ordinary trip, why are we being targeted? We didn’t do anything to draw attention, did we?”

“Who are these black-robed men, and who sent them?”

The purple-haired man roared, with a twisted expression on his face.

As for the lady, though she looked pale, she managed to stay calm.

“Few in my family knew my whereabouts. Among those who were informed about this trip, the only one that might try to kill me is her,” the lady said in a cold tone.

“Miss, you believe she ordered these men to kill us?” The purple-haired man asked with a stunned look on his face.

“She is the only one who desperately wants me dead,” said the lady.

“Damn!” The purple-haired man was livid and clenched his fists.

“We’re still far from our residence and we’re slower than these guys, so we’ll probably be killed before we make it back. There’s no way we will survive if we keep rushing towards home,” The lady pondered while glancing around. Finally, her eyes fell on the sea in the distance.

“Right now, there is only one way can save ourselves,” the lady said with a glint of frenzy in her eyes. “Uncle Lei, follow me!”

Having said that, the lady headed towards the sea.

“Miss, what do you…” The purple-haired man was confused, but he quickly understood her intent.

He gritted his teeth and followed her.

They quickly appeared above the sea and continued rushing forward. Ahead of them, as far as they could see, was a sky covered with dark clouds, being lit up by thunder and lightning.

“Is that place… Jiuqu Waters?”

The Half-saint among the black-robed men that were chasing them narrowed his eyes sharply.

In this world, there were many dangerous places formed by nature. Jiuqu Waters was one of such places in the Divine Land.

But it was more like a prison than a region, as the vast Divine Land was encased by it.

Any expert that wanted to leave or enter the Divine Land had to pass through Jiuqu Waters first.

However, not everyone could make it through.

The Jiuqu Waters was so dangerous that normally, an expert below the Saint Realm had no chance to break through it.

“They are escaping to the Jiuqu Waters!” The black-robed men’s expressions all changed.

The Jiuqu Waters was a forbidden area to them since they were only in the Yang Void Realm. If they entered the region, they would almost definitely die.

With no chance of surviving the chase, the lady and the purple-haired man chose to test their luck in the Jiuqu Waters. It was the best choice they could make right now.

“After them! Don’t let them enter the Waters.”

The Half-saint ordered grimly, coldness shining in his eyes as he began moving faster.

Yet, before the lady and the purple-haired man could enter the Waters, something strange suddenly happened.

The clouds that covered the Jiuqu Waters began to separate at an amazing speed.

The whole region seemed like it was being split from the center, along with the disappearance of the clouds and lighting. Where the clouds had parted, an unblocked path led directly to a black figure who was drawing closer slowly.


The lady and the black-robed men were all startled.

“This man… walked out of the Waters?” One black-robed man shouted.

“The Jiuqu Waters are full of danger, but he safely broke through it by simply splitting the clouds. He’s at least in the Saint Realm.”

“This is the Divine Land?”

Jian Wushuang, the black dressed figure carrying a longsword on his back, exited the Jiuqu Waters.

Starting from the Nanyang Continent, he had crossed three continents and finally arrived at the Divine Land. It had taken him a year and three months!

Standing up in the air, Jian Wushuang looked around, gaining a sense of the surroundings.

“The Spiritual Qi here is so pure!”

That was his first impression of the Divine Land.

The Spiritual Power in the Divine land was 10 times richer than the Nanyang Continent. This land was indeed the core of the world.

No wonder it was home to so many top experts. The resources here were incomparable to that of the Nanyang Continent.

In the next instant, Jian Wushuang noticed the lady and the others standing in front of him.

“People of the Divine Land?”

Looking at them, Jian Wushuang smirked.

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