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Legend of Swordsman (Web Novel) - Chapter 379: The Lin Family’s Hunt

Chapter 379: The Lin Family’s Hunt

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Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

Even though it was early in the morning, the entire Lin family was very busy.

The annual hunt was a big day for the Lin family. Naturally, that day was very boisterous. Even the rarely seen Master would be present today.

A large number of Lin family disciples gathered in the Martial Arts Practice Field, while the top senior experts of the Lin family sat in the front section of the grandstand.

Although Jian Wushuang was not a member of the Lin family, he still had a seat in the grandstand because he had entered the Saint Realm.

Among the disciples, Lin Lan’s eyes were cold and clear. She stood there, carrying a long sword on her back, like an iceberg. Many of the Lin family disciples in the area were looking at her strangely.

“I heard that this Lin Lan’s cultivation level fell again three days ago, back to the Profound Yin Void Realm. How dare she still take part in the family hunt? ”

“If I were her, I would just stay at home and wait to marry Luo Hai.”

“Hum, she is a genius with a proud heart.”

“Genius? That was many years ago.”

Many disciples of the Lin family were whispering to each other. Although their voices were low, Lin Lan could still hear them.

Lin Lan’s had an indifferent expression on her face as she turned a blind eye to these disciples.

“Hey hey, my dear sister! I heard that you failed your breakthrough three days ago, and that your cultivation level greatly decreased again?” An obviously sarcastic voice was heard.

Lin Lan turned to look at the source of the voice. It was a beautiful purple-clothed lady with good facial features and a very enchanting figure. However, it was a shame, there was a hint of darkness and coldness in her eyes, which had a negative effect on her overall temperament.

And this person was Lin Lan’s half-sister, Lin Yu!

Seeing Lin Yu, a hint of icy coldness appeared in Lin Lan’s eyes, but she still did not speak.

“My good sister, hasn’t your cultivation level fallen to the Profound Yin Void Realm? Gee, I reached the Peak of the Yang Void Realm when I was 18 years old. You were once praised as the top genius of the Lin family, so it’s really pitiful to fall into such a situation,” Lin Yu said casually, then lightly sighed.

“I think it would be better if you just stay in your room and wait for your marriage to that Luo Hai. He has a bad personality, but he’s quite good in other respects, and his father is the Great Elder of the Luo family. If you marry him, it will be regarded as one last contribution to our Lin family. It’s like recycling trash.”

“You are so vicious. Whether you can marry someone in the future, I’m afraid, is still a problem?” Lin Lan glanced at Lin Yu.

Li Yu was stunned. A flicker of haze appeared in her eyes.

Lin Lan’s words were like rubbing salt in her wound.

She was already nearly 30 years old and had loved many young talents. Unfortunately, none of them cared for her at all.

“Even if I never get married, I would still be better off than someone who is marrying Luo Hai. I heard that Luo Hai once had three wives and nine concubines, but now only has two wives and six concubines. It’s rumored that the missing wife and concubines were killed by him in bed!”

“My good sister, you mustn’t follow the footsteps of that one wife and those three concubines.”

Lin Yu smiled grimly and said no more.

At that moment, at the very center of the grandstand, there was a man in a loose robe and a graceful woman. The loose-robed man, who looked gaunt, was the Master of the Lin family, and also Lin Lan’s father, Lin Xian.

As for that graceful woman, she looked like Lin Yu to some extent. She seemed to be Lin Yu’s mother, and also the First Madam of the Lin family.

“Let’s start,” Lin Xian commanded.

Lin Zong, who was standing at the front of the grandstand, nodded, and then began to host the hunt.

The rules of the Lin family’s hunt were very simple. The disciples would go to the Blue Cloud Mountains near their mansion, kill some spirit beasts, and bring back their bodies. The hunt would last for half a day, and the ranking would be decided based on the number of bodies and the strength of the beasts that were brought back.

The top three would get corresponding rewards.

The numerous disciples of the Lin family, who were taking part in the hunt, quickly set off towards the Blue Cloud Mountains.

Before leaving, Lin Lan looked at Jian Wushuang, who was seated in the grandstand.

“Remember what I said before!”

Jian Wushuang spoke softly. Although his voice was too low, Lin Lan could still understand what he said by reading his lips.

Lin Lan nodded heavily, then headed for the Blue Cloud Mountains.

As for the numerous high-level experts of the Lin family, as well as Jian Wushuang, they quietly waited at the Martial Arts Practice Field.

“I have been in secluded cultivation for a long time, so I didn’t know there was a guest in our family. You are?” Lin Xian noticed Jian Wushuang, who was a stranger, in the grandstand, so he couldn’t help asking.

“Swordsman,” Jian Wushuang said in a cold voice, very indifferently.

“Master, this Mr. Swordsman was invited by Miss Lan ‘er. Miss Lan ‘er met with danger when she was outside and Mr. Swordsman saved her,” Lin Zong said on the side.

“So that’s how it is.” Lin Xian raised his eyebrows and said politely, “Since you are a guest, we should entertain you well. If Mr. Swordsman needs anything, please do not hesitate to tell us.”

“Thanks.” Jian Wushuang responded unenthusiastically.

Lin Xian didn’t say any more, but the First Madam sitting next to him took a deep look at Jian Wushuang.

Half a day passed quickly.

“They’re back!”

All the people in the grandstand were staring off into the distance, watching as the disciples of the Lin family rushed back through the air, quickly landing on the Martial Arts Practice Field, one after another.

Most of these disciples were very tired. Obviously, they had done all they could in the past half day.

Only Lin Lan, however, looked very relaxed. There was not even a trace of blood on her body, and she looked extremely calm.

“The spirit beasts in the Blue Cloud Mountains were originally captured by the elders of the clan. The weakest ones were at the Initial Yang Void Realm, but Lin Lan has fallen to the Profound Yin Void Realm. I’m afraid that she didn’t even have a chance to capture a single spirit beast once she arrived at the mountain. Is that why she looks so relaxed? ”

Many of the surrounding Lin family disciples secretly laughed at Lin Lan when they saw her.

“Come up one by one and take out the spirit beasts you have killed, as well as their Spiritual Cores,” Lin Zong said in the Martial Arts Practice Field, speaking in a grand fashion.

Immediately the disciples of the Lin family came forward, one after another, and took out the dead bodies of the spirit beasts they had hunted in the Blue Cloud Mountains for the last half of a day.

Some took out two or three bodies, while some had as many as six or seven spirit beast bodies. The strength of their spirit beasts, however, were all very ordinary. There were no bodies that attracted any kind of special attention.

At this moment, Lin Yu stepped forward and waved her hand. Immediately, nine dead spirit beasts appeared, one after the other, in the Martial Arts Practice Field.

Moreover, none of the dead bodies of the spirit beasts were common. Among them, eight were at the Exceptional Yang Void Realm, while the remaining body was actually at the Peak of the Yang Void Realm.

There was a commotion when these dead spirit beasts appeared on the Martial Arts Practice Field.

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